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A jam submission

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A Rebondissements Playing Game
Submitted by DoctorZ — 6 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline

Play Pinball

Bump's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gameplay · Systèmes de jeu#73.7863.786
Overall · Note globale#333.0713.071
Aesthetics & Mood · Esthétique et ambiance#422.8572.857
Theme interpretation · Interprétation du thème#462.5712.571
Storytelling & Writing · Écriture et narration#601.9291.929

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.


YEP_ButtonCommonEvents v1.02 by Yanfly (

TMJumpAction by tomoaky(


Team members
Sound Designer: Stratton Chloe Game Designer: Zede Chahine-Nicolas

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Haha bien joué d'avoir reproduit un flipper avec RPG maker !
Après j'avoue que la maniabilité pas évidente et les game over vraiment punitifs ne m'ont pas encouragé à vraiment essayer de faire des high scores de folie ! (Surtout que y a pas moyen de les sauvegarder...)

Mais bon, c'est original et vraiment pas mal, surtout pour un jeu fait en 72H !


Merci à toi d'avoir testé mon jeu <3 Qu'est-ce qu'il t'a le plus gêné dans la maniabilité ? La disposition des touches ou le contrôle de la balle ? On va vraiment rebosser l'affichage du score ^^

Dommage qu'il y ait un Game Over direct quand on perd, je sais même pas combien de point j'ai fait à la fin ! Pas évident non plus à contrôler au début... mais sinon c'est bien fichu, c'est joli et ça reste cool, bien joué ! :)


Merci beaucoup^^ 

On a eu pas mal de retour sur l'écran de game over,  je vais surement mettre un système de vie multiples à débloquer, histoire que les parties durent un peu, pour afficher le score, il faudrait presque que le game over ne soit soit qu'une image laissant le score affiché suivi d'une remise à 0 


It's awesome that you made that kind of game in RPG Maker. That's make this game very original.
Well about the theme though... :p But I had fun !


Ah I'm glad you enjoyed the game ^^ idk why I decided to made an pinball though X


After playing Bump for 10 minutes I can safely say it's a great concept piece. Pinball in an RPG Maker system is something that made my brain say "WHAT!?" when I first saw this so it was definitely an immediate download. Hitting the zombies for points is a wonderful mechanic and I would love to see more interaction with them; maybe some timed events where you have to rescue people from them by hitting them with the ball? I think Bump could have been a really great game but there are noticeable issues that are just too hard to look away from:

1. On multiple plays my ball got stuck going up and down until a Gameover screen appeared. I think the game could really benefit from having a feature which shakes the screen to move the ball similar to real pinball machines.

2. The intro plays every time you restart which seems to really make restarting drag on. I think you could probably have an options box that would say something along the lines of "FIrst time playing?" with yes or no that would then trigger the intro. 

3. You get a game over for the first time your ball sinks which imo really slows down the game.

4. If a ball hits your paddle it will bounce up and down freely until you decide to hit it. I think this mechanic could be abused in some ways to get perfect shots.

5. the sound was very repetitive and I found myself muting it after play 3. The SFX were great but maybe a longer song wouldn't hurt.

I think with some of these changes "Bump" could be a really great game but right now it feels more like a proof of concept rather than a playable game. Looking forward to seeing the progress in this.


Wow @.@ firstly thanks you for playing our game and for your big comment <3

I'll try to answers everything and I will certainly reworked this game ( adding story, boss, some level ect) ^^"

 the zombies are the latest feature added to the game ( mostly for the them XD ) and that's that I didn't work with them a lot, good idea to save people, because that's th main purpose in the story and it didn't appear ingame X)

1) Yeah shaking the screen isn't hard and maybe give a lot of "impact"

2)I wanted to play the intro only once (that's why you save just after) but each death mean a return to the tittle screen so continue is here to "skip" the intro, an auto save will be better (but take time to program I guess) I think of rename new game>tutorial and continue>play 

3)Having multiple balls could resolve this problem, once your ball fall and you still have one in reserve, your ball immediatelly respawn to the launcher 

4)The paddle are the most stressfull to made for this game XD due to their shape and their hit box,  I could improve them as well now with more time  ^^ 

5) the music and the SFX are custom ^^  the music is already 7min long, maybe you find the beginning repetitive, I didn't worked on this part so I can't say it'll be reworked 

Once again, thanks for your proposition and tbh I didn't touch RM since the jam, I'm taking holydays  XD but I'll gladly upgrade the game, ^^


I didn’t mean to sound so harsh in my review I just wanted to list the issues I saw so that you can make the game the best to your ability.


Oh don't worry ^^ I know that's for help us and I just list how to improve each elements :)

(1 edit)

Sound girl for this game here - maybe a simple "Press Space to Skip" so that anyone can see it again, but have an option to skip it quickly?

(1 edit)

RE: sound, I made that track 7:32secs.  Was it not that? Did the dev get a glitched file or some shit? My musical capability isn't perfect, but I know that track wasn't short. Would it help if the track played from where it left off each time you lost a ball? I don't know the feasability of coding that but I can ask the dev. As for the track - I don't have any immediate plans to rework it. There are a few mistakes in it, but likely not what you're referencing since you're apparently not hearing the whole song. The variation increases and also becomes more apparent later in the track. In the beginning it's just in the chord progression for the chords and not the melody. It's potentially possible if payment becomes a possibility, or after the 18th if i have more time. I'm fairly attached to the track as a whole, and it's not possible to rework it much, but in college my intro to mix professor always said "kill your babies" so... maybe it could be time for that. We'll see how time and prior committments go along with general attachment to the song as is.


Un jeu franchement cool, perso j'ai passé 10 minutes dessus, et faire un flipper sur RM c'est osé mais plutôt réussi, pour le coup :D

Félicitations, donc x)


Haha ^^ Grand merci d'y avoir joué !  Et je suis content qu'il a plu