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Merci à toi d'avoir testé mon jeu <3 Qu'est-ce qu'il t'a le plus gêné dans la maniabilité ? La disposition des touches ou le contrôle de la balle ? On va vraiment rebosser l'affichage du score ^^

Merci beaucoup^^ 

On a eu pas mal de retour sur l'écran de game over,  je vais surement mettre un système de vie multiples à débloquer, histoire que les parties durent un peu, pour afficher le score, il faudrait presque que le game over ne soit soit qu'une image laissant le score affiché suivi d'une remise à 0 

It's a very interesting game and caracters :) I was going full dark power, I love playing the "vilain" ^w^ but I still didn't beat the final boss ^^" 

thks ^^

Oh don't worry ^^ I know that's for help us and I just list how to improve each elements :)

Ah I'm glad you enjoyed the game ^^ idk why I decided to made an pinball though X

Wow @.@ firstly thanks you for playing our game and for your big comment <3

I'll try to answers everything and I will certainly reworked this game ( adding story, boss, some level ect) ^^"

 the zombies are the latest feature added to the game ( mostly for the them XD ) and that's that I didn't work with them a lot, good idea to save people, because that's th main purpose in the story and it didn't appear ingame X)

1) Yeah shaking the screen isn't hard and maybe give a lot of "impact"

2)I wanted to play the intro only once (that's why you save just after) but each death mean a return to the tittle screen so continue is here to "skip" the intro, an auto save will be better (but take time to program I guess) I think of rename new game>tutorial and continue>play 

3)Having multiple balls could resolve this problem, once your ball fall and you still have one in reserve, your ball immediatelly respawn to the launcher 

4)The paddle are the most stressfull to made for this game XD due to their shape and their hit box,  I could improve them as well now with more time  ^^ 

5) the music and the SFX are custom ^^  the music is already 7min long, maybe you find the beginning repetitive, I didn't worked on this part so I can't say it'll be reworked 

Once again, thanks for your proposition and tbh I didn't touch RM since the jam, I'm taking holydays  XD but I'll gladly upgrade the game, ^^

The game is ambitious, and even if it isn't finished, it's great to choose to follow the story ;), the design for the tittle screen and the ennemies is neat ^^ it's also original to really fight for the other instead of you ! Good job for the music too  ^^

J'ai testé pas mal de combinaison nombres de pilules/ pnj ^^, l'ambiance lovecraftienne est très réussi ! On sent l'urgence de la situation avec les pilules XD et Bravo !

Well, it's a very good game ! The gameplay is fun, the writting too XD  The art ( and having the  cat on the head ) is cute   <3 Great job :)

Un jeu assez court, on veut la suite du scénario , qui est plutôt efficace ^^

L'ambiance est assez réussi et on flippe vraiment que le brouillard nous rattrape ^^, il y a quelques bugs parfois qui fait que la caméra s=avance à droite alors que l'on suit une discussion.

Really fun game :) and woops,  I team up with the boss, I didn't want to XD

C'est vraiment un jeu super, court mais assez intense dans les événements, les boîtes de dialogues customs sont un plus agréable :) et les musiques sont bien choisi ! Bravo ^^

J'ai essayé de jouer à ton jeu mais je n'ai pas réussi à l'ouvrir, tu devrais le réupload sans winrar

Haha ^^ Grand merci d'y avoir joué !  Et je suis content qu'il a plu 

Super concept !  Ca me rappelais Alice au pays des Merveilles, et bravo pour tes graphismes !