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Glad to see you took the requests to heart <3

Thank you!

thank you!

I didn’t mean to sound so harsh in my review I just wanted to list the issues I saw so that you can make the game the best to your ability.

Love - it's contagious actually managed to suck me into completing the game. Upon first look at this game I never thought it would, but I managed to make it to my evaluation which went terribly wrong lol. 

I thought the writing was pretty well done and enjoyed the banter between the characters and their punny names. The game plays a lot like a visual novel and includes many different outcomes to each scenario which I enjoyed and might go back to try for a better score. I think the game with some updates and length to pad out the twist at the end could actually be pretty good! 

I really enjoyed the twist at the end but felt like the choices weren't really clear as to what would happen.

Not a lot of bugs but I did notice that the book on Chase's table actually triggers the cake event which was confusing. The doors sometimes open upon touch in some places but require you to press an action key to access at others. The car chase mini game has an issue with one of the buildings that I got stuck in and there seems to be a couple text issues here and there but nothing game breaking! 

I feel like the maps could have been padded out a little more as most of the maps seem to feel empty and devoid of life or scenery.

The music was nice but I feel like there were certain parts that didn't warrant the upbeat music playing in the background.

I noticed this seems to be using the RTP heavily that comes stock with RPG Maker MV which was a turn off. Some better assets would really make this game shine.

Combat seemed to be extremely repetitive with me failing the first encounter solely by having all my party members "observe" on the first round which I thought would do something other than having my characters just wait. A little more flavor here would have really spruced up the game.

Lastly a dash button would be great especially for parts like the switch maze.

Overall I think the game has a unique charm and has been created in a way that caters to replayability which I find great for short games like this. The game does have some shortcomings but that is to be expected from a game jam. There were parts of this game that I really did enjoy including running from the stabber and the dating possibilities (poor nicole). I think an extra coat of polish would have taken this game a long way and I would definitely play through this again once it's updated!

I'll follow you to track the updates!

The premise in Tank Time seems to be going from one level to the next while using your reflexes to perform attacks on the other tanks. I played this game for 10 minutes but found myself getting bored due to repetitive gameplay. I really enjoyed the concept and haven't seen anything like this done in RPG Maker before but the only variation in gameplay comes from using items and the different tiers and troops of tanks you encounter. For the first 6 or so levels I found myself getting a perfect shot every time while pressing "Z" over and over again. I really think this game would have benefited from mixing up the speed at which the wheel spins forcing you to concentrate more on what you're doing. I also think some animations would have really helped this as well, I wasn't aware what I was doing the first round but quickly noticed there just weren't any attack animations. I think this game is a great exercise in game design as it's very original for the engine but the time spent on ironing out the mechanics and graphics for this game seems to have really sliced into the overall gameplay. I'd like to try this again once it has been updated.

After playing Bump for 10 minutes I can safely say it's a great concept piece. Pinball in an RPG Maker system is something that made my brain say "WHAT!?" when I first saw this so it was definitely an immediate download. Hitting the zombies for points is a wonderful mechanic and I would love to see more interaction with them; maybe some timed events where you have to rescue people from them by hitting them with the ball? I think Bump could have been a really great game but there are noticeable issues that are just too hard to look away from:

1. On multiple plays my ball got stuck going up and down until a Gameover screen appeared. I think the game could really benefit from having a feature which shakes the screen to move the ball similar to real pinball machines.

2. The intro plays every time you restart which seems to really make restarting drag on. I think you could probably have an options box that would say something along the lines of "FIrst time playing?" with yes or no that would then trigger the intro. 

3. You get a game over for the first time your ball sinks which imo really slows down the game.

4. If a ball hits your paddle it will bounce up and down freely until you decide to hit it. I think this mechanic could be abused in some ways to get perfect shots.

5. the sound was very repetitive and I found myself muting it after play 3. The SFX were great but maybe a longer song wouldn't hurt.

I think with some of these changes "Bump" could be a really great game but right now it feels more like a proof of concept rather than a playable game. Looking forward to seeing the progress in this.

Also if you could list some of the bugs you found that would be realllllly helpful! Thank you again it means a lot!

Thank you for your review! :D

Thanks for the review, I really appreciate it! You actually can swap through a quick menu by using Q and W! I believe the mayor speaks to you about it.

Loved everything about this game