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definite nostalgia, good music, could have benefited from better mixing but i do understand you were crunched for time. Could have benefited from some pew pew sounds or something. I try to do a loop for music and then focus on sfx so i have music but can come back to it if i have time, yet still have audio for everything or most everything. Consider that approach in the future maybe? The art was perfect. I was pretty invested in the gameplay too! 

it was kind of objectifying honestly

it crashed my computer!

it crashed my computer!

hey all, i'm a sound girl, i make things go beep boop beep.

Sound girl here, before covid hit and stopped our studio dead in it's tracks I was the lead audio engineer for Headpin Studios, that's to say I do sound design and I did music too. I might also do voiceovers if you need. 

Sound girl here looking for a team of awesome devs to perform the dark ritual required to summon me.

discord server anyone? 

sound designer, audio engineer, idm producer, synthesist. I'm actuall kind of the swiss army knife of sound and I also have real world experience in the sound industry (until covid hit). Ask questions. I'll answer them unless they're shitty. Do a dark ritual and I'll go beep boop beep and make sounds for your game.

is there a discord server?

I loved making this game and had THE BEST teammate! Here's hoping that we make more!

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RE: sound, I made that track 7:32secs.  Was it not that? Did the dev get a glitched file or some shit? My musical capability isn't perfect, but I know that track wasn't short. Would it help if the track played from where it left off each time you lost a ball? I don't know the feasability of coding that but I can ask the dev. As for the track - I don't have any immediate plans to rework it. There are a few mistakes in it, but likely not what you're referencing since you're apparently not hearing the whole song. The variation increases and also becomes more apparent later in the track. In the beginning it's just in the chord progression for the chords and not the melody. It's potentially possible if payment becomes a possibility, or after the 18th if i have more time. I'm fairly attached to the track as a whole, and it's not possible to rework it much, but in college my intro to mix professor always said "kill your babies" so... maybe it could be time for that. We'll see how time and prior committments go along with general attachment to the song as is.

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Sound girl for this game here - maybe a simple "Press Space to Skip" so that anyone can see it again, but have an option to skip it quickly?

Super shamey ):            not ok man.  We need the game dev industry to be more progressive, not less. 

Missing a font ,i was very interested in this. Please upload the font.

sound designer here too

FloppyJam community · Created a new topic sound designer

sound designer here looking for a team. I like this game jam idea, seems super fun, and i kinda wanna pop my game in an old machine with a floppy drive at the end for funzies. I've got 15 years of experience in the audio industry, 7 professionally. I like making things make weird noises. Let's hang out and make video games with weird requirements. Don't waste your space with cheap midi sounds. Get audio appropriately designed around appropriate encoding schemees with file size in mind. Want a smaller file? use a lower bit depth and sampling rate. Want it to sound good still? Make sure to design the sound with those limitations in mind. Easy peasy.

I'd think that means that you have permission to use them from the creator, or at least got them from a place where they're being sold or given away for licensed use.

Any of y'all need a sound girl? For ideas on what kind of music I make see the music on my itch or check out Sandwich:VOID. For my dialogue editing skills check out the main narrator in The Tour in Trans Gal Jam 2. I've been doing sound for almost 15 years now , I've done voiceovers for projects with google, and you might find my voice, music, and sound effects/sound design in various video games, corporate audio projects, and films. Really I just wanna make some weird sounds and glitchy synth music for some games so i get my name out there.


anyone wanna team up?

let me know

is this going to be in an actual album? Maybe we could put it on itunes or something and put the proceeds towards a prize for the next tune jam, or maybe towards cd production?

i tried hard

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I love your game! Also I got a perfect score just now! (btw i really had to work for that)

I have the PO-12 Rhythm and the PO-20 Arcade. The arcade has been a boon to my sound design with retro stuff. The rhythm has been just what I need for easy drums combined with my all analog signal path Korg Monologue. Now just to start implementing the Emu Proteus 2000, pick up a drum synth, another sequencer, a mixer and a few fx units and I'll be doing awesome. Really my current process has been to not spend too much time on fx and design, and just keep going. That way I get lots of stuff recorded. I can always mess with it later in software. It's been super good for my workflow.

I'll make a tune or two, these new pocket operators are making music too easy. I'm almost afraid they will replace my expensive synthesizers.

obligitary first post!

Do like a title screen, a level, and an end screen. (make sure you can get to it with some sort of goal, even if it's temporary for the jam) You'll be a lot more satisfied if you get something finished than if you don't.

Sound girl here, needs team. I make the cool sounds and music. All of the cool sounds. Things that go beep boop beep. Things that go beep beep boop, and everything else. Check out the game "Sandwich: VOID" by PinheadStudios where I did sound for Shenanijam. All original.  Check out my assets page. Whatever I make for your game will be ours alone, it won't go on my assets page or anywhere else for sale. You may see a special sound track version, but it won't be licensed for use in any games. So if you want a lot of awesome original sound for your game get in touch!

You may have gotten the old version.  Last minute I mixed all the audio a bit better. I'll probably work on it more with the crew if we decide to flesh it out. 

well I certainly want to, hell, i made like 3 or 4 more tracks already.

What are you looking for in your game?

i feel foolish . Oh well, I'm a sound nerd. I'll always nerd out.

Yup, queer and trans af here, loved the game. 

Thanks for encouraging me, it was really helpful when i was tired from mixing that show the night before and i just wanted to give up and sleep all day.

I'm dedicated to having fun, making music, memes, and money.  And promoting the gay agenda. If our directions line up your project will have awesome sound. If not...please don't pick me. That would be unhappy times, and I like all the happy times. So who's down to make some badass games? 

About me:

15 years in sound

University educated in Recording Engineering

Prior chairperson of PsychWardMedia LLC

Won top 3 in first ever WWE 72 hour game jam

Credited as sound designer in multiple feature films

Voice over artist on short film "Emic" by Google and Matt Brodie

Professional live sound engineer

Cisco and Unix networking background 

Some coding knowledge (microcontrollers)

Protools11 system, native instruments package, plenty of rad vintage synths

Queer af, trans af (it still matters, it shouldn't but it does)

Super laid back and all the fun. might not find fun anywhere else because I took it all.

Passionate for sound design

Despite my laid back attitude, super dedicated to a fault. I love audio, the places it takes me, and the things I do and learn in the process of making a good game, show, track, or film. There's nothing like it. 

I look forward to speaking with you.


Chloe Stratton

Psych Ward Media