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Wired - Power SimView game page

Ever wanted to work for a power company? This is probably nothing like that.
Submitted by PrimevalWorlds — 1 hour, 17 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Design#43.8573.857
SFX & Music#63.1433.143

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice one. Could be very polished with some small additions to gameplay, like fixing poles, different weather types, or some added visuals when you click on a pole (connectable poles highlight or something). I like the humor and especially the graphic setting. The music gets repetitive quite fast. Great work though. 


Thanks for playing! There are definitely a lot of things that could be added, and I've got a list of features I'm working on now!


Interesting idea and fun little game.  How do you fix the poles on fire?  Fired pretty quick.


Thanks for playing, and you can fix the poles yet. Probably going to add that though.

Pretty good game, I made it over two minutes after failing within a minute the first time. The text was a little hard to read( AKA AssetJesus has some good free CC0 pixel style fonts), and I wish we could restore the poles in some way, losing a key one makes fixing the grid in 5 seconds difficult lol, maybe money gained slowly for keeping power on, but they cost a lot to fix. 


Thanks for playing! Over 2 minutes is a great score! And yeah, that font is super hard to read, so I definitely will be looking for a new one. And I like the money idea! That might have to somehow make it into a future version of the game.


Thanks for the feedback! Yes, there are a few things I plan to fix, but I ended up with approx 12 hours or so to build the game so there are things that I do want to change/add. After voting ends, I plan to push another update and I want to have some sort of way to restore power lines without making things too easy.


Nice concept, a bit more feedback of how well you've done so far, like timer. Didn't know I could make diagonals until I read in this section, and confused why only the left pole give power to the house. Maybe give the player a chance to repair poles, and increase the difficulty by ramping up the thunder strikes - I would say this removes the feeling of being cheated on by receiving diagonally struck houses that kills entire lines that can't recover.


Wow, fantastic work! This feels really polished in pretty much every respect, and a great idea too. I only found out that you could connect wires diagonally on my third try, maybe mention that in the instructions :)


Thanks for playing! And yeah, I didn't think to mention that.. But I've added an entire "how to play" paragraph to the game page for future players!




Great score, and thanks for playing! And I agree, the power poles are a tad small. They do have fairly large colliders though, so you should be able to click near them and they'll work. I might scale them up a little bit more though...


Great little puzzler! Was a little confused with the controls at first but worked it out in my second game. The art is really good, but the lights are really hard to see and click on on a larger screen. The 5 second limit is a little brutal as well but i didn't mind it. Made it to 147 on my second game.