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Enjoyed the game, if you decide to make more I’m here for it!

I like the atmosphere and the pixel art my dude.

Absolutely! I actually meant to do that for this build, but I must have not. Thanks for playing!

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No problem, I really did enjoy it!

Really enjoyed this one, I need to know more!

I commented on the video as well, but thanks again for playing!

Oh nice, I bet it’s worth it!

Oh! I love everything Ian Hubert puts out, so entertaining (and quite educational on the blender videos)!

Love the style of the game, and the visuals are very nice! Things got really fun when I realized I could deflect the projectiles.

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I’m always shocked at how well Houdini works, it’s too powerful! Thanks for playing!

Hahaha thanks so much for playing!

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Had a good time hunting ratman once I found the guns, I was in business. Great work!

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It was a spooky lodge for sure! WHY WAS THE EYEBALL EDIBLE?!

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beat itproof

(edit: had a screenshot of the winning screen but it's not showing up)

Aw, thanks man!

This game has come such a long way, and I love it so much!

I didn't find it on my PC either

Very spooky! When he started chasing it was really frightening!

I think my brother nearly had a heart attack on that door jumpscare! Awesome work! :D

I really enjoyed this one, great job!

I really enjoyed this, didn't expect the baby! Great work!

This game was insane, a lot of effort went into such a nasty premise! 🤣

I really enjoyed playing, good job!

This was so much fun (and scary)! You made a fantastic horror experience!

I loved this game once I figured it out! Great work, that ending was so cool! Timestamp is 06:15 if you're interested!

Very nice atmosphere! Judging by the comments below, I believe I missed a lot of things! Timestamp is 00:35 if you want to jump to it!

Not sure what just happened, but it was interesting. Played it at 01:35 if you want to skip to it!

Hahaha I had way too much fun with that thumbnail!

I found the fishing to be quite fun, you could actually make a silly fighting game with these mechanics. Your game is at 09:06 if you want to skip to it.

Really enjoyed the style of this one! Your game is at 04:21 if you want to skip to it.

Really enjoyed this one, quite the twist! Keep making stuff!
P.S. if you want to watch just your game, it's at 01:03


Nice! Very difficult, but after I realized the audio cues things got a bit easier!



Aw, thanks so much!

Aw, thanks! You have no idea how motivating that is to hear! :D

This is awesome! What are you using to make it?

Thanks for playing! There are definitely a lot of things that could be added, and I've got a list of features I'm working on now!

Thanks for playing, and you can fix the poles yet. Probably going to add that though.

Thanks for playing! Over 2 minutes is a great score! And yeah, that font is super hard to read, so I definitely will be looking for a new one. And I like the money idea! That might have to somehow make it into a future version of the game.