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Wow, thanks for the great feedback, much appreciated :)

Very nicely done! You made quite a few levels, a cool menu screen, gamepad support and more in such a short time. Despite having some trouble with the fluidity and precision of the controls, I kept replaying over and over to try and finish each level at least once. Thanks for the game!

This is really great! Especially the writing, it builds up a world of strange opposites. A good example of minimalism done right - everything in the game exists for a reason, nothing is extraneous. Thanks for the game!

Wow, such a high level of polish on display here! Not quite sure how it relates to the theme though? I noticed a slight bug that enemies are invisible when replaying the game without quitting.  Anyway, thanks for the game!

Wow, really in depth puzzle system here! A bit hard past level 6 though. Thanks for the game!

Very nice aesthetic! I'd love to see it with some more fleshed out gameplay. Thanks forthe game!

Really well polished overall, had a bit of trouble with the metal box telling me to drag it, but not being able to, but worked it out eventually. Thanks for the game! 

Great presentation! Quite difficult though, we struggled to get past the first few levels. Thanks for the game!

Guitar hero, move over! My house guests and I all had a go and competed for the best score, thanks for the game!

I liked how each character had their own personality and story, it would be great to add some player choices or dialogue options as well. Thanks for the game! 

Really inventive idea making a game in powerpoint, I never thought of that,  thanks for the game!

Still haven't worked out the iframe issue, but you may be able to play it by going straight to the iframe src page (no idea how long this link will stay valid):

Wow, this was really great. I really like the art in the light bar and the doors, and the soft lighting on the balls of light that you shoot. Those light balls could do with a slightly wider lighting radius, I ended up spamming F to reach the end.

Very foreboding and atmospheric, I kinda want to find out the storyline behind this, why am I arrested? Why are there robots with the police? Also, the second level was a nice surprise, I didn't expect that to happen.

Short, but sweet. I'd play more of this - I get a real indy-puzzle  vibe from this. I like the art style and music a lot too.

Highly addictive, I tried many times to reach violet, but never managed it. If anyone does, let me know if something happens! It might help being able differentiate between non-interactable electrons and real ones if you reduce the saturation on the smaller ones. Nice use of colour and sound too!

Great work! I love the atmosphere the flashlight gives it, coupled with the high enemy speed it brings a lot of frantic tension. It would be great to add a couple of HP/Lives, so you can survive a few hits before dying.

Thanks, I didn't think about that - only tested in chrome. Appreciate the feedback, my aim this time was to write a base engine that I can reuse for later games as well, and I'm pretty happy with the result (would have been nice to get sound working, but doing it properly was going to take too long).

Thanks! I intended to let the player drain small amounts of extra energy from the wall lights in the hallways, but unfortunately didn't make it that far.

Fantastic, I love how the powerup coins gradually open up the building mechanic to different uses. Brilliant design and great levels!

Wow, fantastic work! This feels really polished in pretty much every respect, and a great idea too. I only found out that you could connect wires diagonally on my third try, maybe mention that in the instructions :)

Thanks! I knew the lighting was bad, but ran short on time to fix it. Next time I'll put the level design as an earlier priority. Appreciate the feedback :)

The tradeoff with having to stop to charge up jump energy works really well, and the difficulty starts off seeming simple but slowly creeps up on you. Very nice work!

Pretty solid simulator, and considering it is 100% realistic, clear proof that I shouldn't try for my forklift licence just yet. Great fun.

Hard and addictive, as promised, I wish I could get a bit further to see if the mechanics develop further in, guess I'll just have to keep practicing.

I really like the deep bass thud when you collect energy. Art style is gorgeous, and great menu screens. Excellent work!

The addition of music and a nice start menu really give this an air of polish. The simple game play is challenging but straightforward to get into. Beautiful art, love the light coming through the window shifting as the day goes past.

Really enjoyed the core idea here - anxiously trying to put the pieces together as the timer counts upwards. Quite different to be trying to close a door, normally in games you find yourself trying to open them.

The enemies will get harder and more numerous as you reopen closed doors (blue).