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Friday Night Death SlotView game page

6-second platforming levels make for a frantic race to the finish line in this TV show themed game!
Submitted by despedite (@heydespedite), Ariel Kim — 45 minutes, 41 seconds before the deadline
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Really well done!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Where to begin? Art and sound on this one are stunning. The spritework is gorgeous, the title screen really draws you in, and the character designs are great. The splash art instantly communicates their personalities, or at least how they feel about the situation. The host feels very gregarious, and the contestant looks comically panicked. The level art is also really appealing, and the studio props and such really tie together the setting.

This is definitely one of the stand-out submissions for me: FNDS has tons of charm and challenge. But I have a few gripes.

Maybe I'm just a n00b, but I felt like the difficulty here was just a little bit too punishing for me, and I couldn't complete the game. Sometimes I wasn't sure what counted as a platform, and I mostly got better by just memorizing the stages and hazards. I'm also guessing you tuned the controls for a gamepad since it's recommended, but with a keyboard, the precise movements the game requires are really hard to make.

I will probably revisit this one again with a gamepad, but despite how tough it was for me, I still adored this game. Your team made something really special here. Congratulations. :)


Thank you so much for the feedback! While the game's difficulty in my opinion is what makes the game fun, I'm working on making the game more accessible for people that might not be into this difficulty thing. Also, I've received a lot of feedback on keyboard controls - gamepad is mainly recommended because it's more comfortable to use and it has more feedback with the rumble feature. I'll work on some tuning for the people who don't have a controller at hand, which seems to be the majority. Thank you for playing! :)


Love the concept idea for the game where you're a contestant for a game show! Even just the ticking timer in the background was a nice touch to ramp up the tension of getting through rooms. It was super hard for me to play though due to constantly dying and tough controls on the keyboard. I'd kinda like to see a ramping in difficulty so that you can get used to the controls a little first before it throws you to the wolves. But I think players who are really into a challenge will love this. Good job! 


Very nicely done! You made quite a few levels, a cool menu screen, gamepad support and more in such a short time. Despite having some trouble with the fluidity and precision of the controls, I kept replaying over and over to try and finish each level at least once. Thanks for the game!


Pretty fun game! Intense... haha. I did in fact die a lot, but it's still fun. I like that you don't know what level you're gonna get next. This game really keeps you on your toes!

Some of the walls/floors are difficult to distinguish from the background. It would be helpful to make it extra clear to the player what they can and can't step or climb on, especially since they don't have a lot of time to process what they're seeing.

On the options menu, the controller would skip from the first option to the last option (I'm guessing it was too sensitive?) I had to barely nudge the thumbstick and it would still move two or three options up or down the menu.


Thanks for playing! I've been working on the Settings menu for longer than I'd like to admit, and couldn't get analogue scrolling sensibility right - D-pad controls are available as a workaround. I'll keep in mind the foreground - background thing! :D