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The floaty jumping controls combined with the tight layout of the mountain platforms forced me to play carefully. But the ability to jump through the undersides of platforms was a nice affordance, and I ascended the mountain twice. I wasn't sure if anything changed from run to run, and I had no way of knowing how many times I would need to replay that section to see all of the dialogue or beat the game, so I stopped there.

Congrats on your first jam game, and I really hope you continue to make more. :)

This was a really imaginative way to use the Extra Media challenge! The color puzzles were fun and simple. Yell.wav startled me but I probably should have seen it coming, lol. Overall I felt the length and challenge were just perfect for a jam game. Very great work!

Quite a novel idea. I had fun with this one. Great work!

Very enjoyable! I love the concept and had a great time solving puzzles one hand at a time. I think the only thing I would like to see in a future version is some kind of indicator (visual change on the cord, sound effect, etc.) about when you're about to unplug yourself.

Great work!


This was really enjoyable! I liked brushing on a lot of clouds and watching plants grow, then adding lots of herbivores and watching them spread, and so forth. Really relaxing experience in a jam-sized package.

If you want to improve on this in the future, I think some more camera controls would be cool: Being able to fix the camera without having to hold RMB, maybe a slider to control the speed of the passive rotation. And also a way to zoom in to see your little creatures on the surface. Maybe even click one to have the camera follow it around?

Overall though, I felt it captured that chill, Bob Ross-y feeling of just kicking back and having fun on the canvas. I'll be following to see what you come up with next. :)

Cute game!

Loved this. Loved the text animation being tied to paper rotation. 100x more fun than real life stapling!

> "Press space to wah"
> "Press F to WAHHH instantly"
Tutorial: 9.95 / 10. Only thing that would have made it better would be a "waaah" sound effect added to those actions. I mean, if we're gonna have a laugh, might as well go all out, right?

In all seriousness, this was a fun little game. Music and art were a nice Mario facsimile, the main gimmick was enjoyable, and it wasn't too long or too difficult. Perfect length/challenge for a jam game. Great work!

I was floored by the audio and visuals here! Everything on display really sells the grim fantasy of the setting. It feels a bit Alice in Wonderland: vibrant imagery contrasted with fascinating but untrustworthy characters to create a sense of unease, of ambiguous danger. You can almost read each character's type straight from their designs. Alma is knightly, almost princely; Crocodile is witchy, elegant, and yet monstrous. And the painterly style really sets it apart from, say, an anime-style VN, making it more unique just at a glance. Also those auras? What are those about! I can only speculate.

(Possible spoilers:)

I enjoyed the theme of relationships. I found myself trying to strike a delicate balance between being sensitive to others' needs without surrendering my own. In the last scene, when compromise just didn't seem possible, I felt that. Ivy's acceptance of her nature in my ending, and letting go of what she wanted... that was bittersweet. That felt real.

All in all, thanks to this team for the oustanding submission. This was among my favorite experiences from this jam.

A fun entry. I would have liked shorter delays in between waves. Also, sometimes I felt like I was hitting an enemy with only 1 hp left, but it took him many more hits to fall than I expected. Not sure what was going on there.

Interesting that you added posters (?) of other people's games! I assume that was for the crossover challenge. I'd love to see more of that in future jams!

The setting of a small midwestern town flush with ghost stories was very familiar to me. Hailing from the Pittsburgh area, Erie is not too far from me. I enjoyed exploring the locations and was nice and creeped out, especially when the text would appear on delays. Also, having the player fall asleep and start back at the hotel really upped the suspense when trying to investigate something. Overall, a great submission! Thank you for your hard work. :)

I think I mentioned this to you in Discord, but the chilled-out music is a must-have for such a tough game. The best score I could get was 21/50 on normal mode. I think you nailed the limited scope and the cycle theme. Everything feels complete: good control and hit detection, audible feedback, and clear end states are things that a lot of games end up not having due to the time limit.

Overall, one of the standout submissions I've seen so far. :)

It should be in the rotation of daily Coolness Pact or whatever it's called, but if you want to check it out sooner:

The first thing to acknowledge is that this itch page's styling is perfectly suited to your game's visuals. Nice touch. :D I also just love the pink/cyan color scheme in general.

The title screen music feels like disorientation or unease. Very neat. The bass-riffy main game music also suits the action.

I didn't really feel like my attacks were doing anything. I didn't read the description until afterwards, so I wasn't aware what the meter in the middle of the screen was: my health, or the enemies'. Having the player's bullets colliding with enemy bullets cause damage is an odd choice, but I think it has the potential to be interesting!

I can't say much else in fairness about a game that is admittedly incomplete, but what you managed to put together here is good and shows a lot of promise. Given more time, I bet you could really flesh out the unique ideas here.

Lovely visuals and music. It took me a little bit of experimentation to understand how some of the puzzle mechanics worked. I also couldn't find a way to close the game without alt-tabbing.

Makes excellent use of the Cycles theme, and what levels I did manage to see were well-designed and challenging. I felt a bit stumped by the level with the elevator and (R) block, but overall a fun experience!

This took me some time to understand, but I enjoyed what I got out of it. If not having a restart button and/or not clearly communicating the game's "fail state" were conscious decisions, I think they work well here. A simple concept executed really well.

As soon as I saw the thumbnail for this game, I thought "I need to play this." Was not disappointed. I had some issues with the resolution, even in fullscreen mode, but it was still playable. Great work!

I drew a couple of sprites to animate some of the tiles like the decorated trees and flowers, but never got around to implementing those animations. The way I set up my entities, each object on screen that animates or is interactive has to be instantiated in code. So it's a bit tedious to add new ones. But now I have an idea to modify the map data directly, which is usually just static tiles. I'll definitely be including that improvement in my next project. Thank you for playing and for your feedback. :)

Yep, or Carol of the Bells if you prefer. :b

I did! My submission is called Presence, if you wanna check it out.

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So at first, I thought "Hm, not much of a Metroidvania, just a platformer really." But then there was backtracking! I think having to move along with the moving platforms is fine -- it's an extra challenge where otherwise I would just be waiting to jump to the next one. Having some small progression of player abilities would have really solidified it into the Metroidvania genre you were going for. Maybe adding a double-jump that you acquire in one room and need to get to another? That could replace the keys as a way to gate progress. It would also open up more possibilities for platforming challenges. As it is, the challenges on offer are a bit samey.

Overall, great work on this submission. I think you definitely have a foundation here that you could build on, if you wanted. :)

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Where to begin? Art and sound on this one are stunning. The spritework is gorgeous, the title screen really draws you in, and the character designs are great. The splash art instantly communicates their personalities, or at least how they feel about the situation. The host feels very gregarious, and the contestant looks comically panicked. The level art is also really appealing, and the studio props and such really tie together the setting.

This is definitely one of the stand-out submissions for me: FNDS has tons of charm and challenge. But I have a few gripes.

Maybe I'm just a n00b, but I felt like the difficulty here was just a little bit too punishing for me, and I couldn't complete the game. Sometimes I wasn't sure what counted as a platform, and I mostly got better by just memorizing the stages and hazards. I'm also guessing you tuned the controls for a gamepad since it's recommended, but with a keyboard, the precise movements the game requires are really hard to make.

I will probably revisit this one again with a gamepad, but despite how tough it was for me, I still adored this game. Your team made something really special here. Congratulations. :)

Writing was super witty, and the multitasking felt like a good mechanical metaphor for social anxiety. Great work on this one!

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The spritework and audio were really well-done, and the mechanic of scouting ahead with your double was interesting. The controls felt a bit unresponsive at times, especially on the segment with 4 gears you have to jump over, but nothing felt like it required pixel-perfect precision. Overall, I had a good time with this one. Congrats to your team. :)

I liked your interpretation of the theme, moving the player back through their onion-skin-trail when they take damage. The art was appealing and the animations on the character and props were smooth. It feels just long enough to explore the ideas you had without dragging on. Short as it is, it feels finished, which is great. I had fun with it! Cool submission!

I felt that too, like it needed a bit more challenge or branching paths. I hope to keep expanding on this game's foundation. If you're interested in seeing this concept grow, feel free to follow my page. :)

Mostly, it's in case you decide you want to open the 100 coin gate near the beginning. There's no Easter Egg to backtracking, but now I wish I had made one. As for PICO-8, I thoroughly enjoyed it! It has semi-realistic 8-bit constraints and lots of helpful resources that made getting into it pretty easy. TIC-80 is another very similar engine that I also considered using.

The writing in this game really shines. I can tell there was a very personal touch put into it, and I appreciated the emotional little vignettes you get by reading the letters. Thank you for this sweet experience!