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Hey, I found the dude by the door who wouldn't stop talking. Lot to unpack here...

  • If you don't play something before you critique it, and also if you critique something based on what you assume to be the author's intentions, you are arguing with yourself.
  • An autobiographical, anecdotal account is valuable. It exists within context amongst other similar accounts. It brings together people who experienced similar things without the need for every one of them to make art about it. Men like me can empathize with the fear and discomfort these experiences cause, and turn indifference (maybe even hostility) into solidarity.
  • Why are you taking such issue with a woman -- doing what exactly? Not using her artistic platform to the fullest potential for reforming an industry? It's hard to tell, and I even read your stupid comment. Multiple times! -- Yet you have nothing to say about the gross and demeaning stuff that was said to her by grown-ass men who should know better?

You sound like the dudes depicted in this game. Please self-reflect on this and consider listening before you talk. Failing that, just shut up altogether.