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The first thing to acknowledge is that this itch page's styling is perfectly suited to your game's visuals. Nice touch. :D I also just love the pink/cyan color scheme in general.

The title screen music feels like disorientation or unease. Very neat. The bass-riffy main game music also suits the action.

I didn't really feel like my attacks were doing anything. I didn't read the description until afterwards, so I wasn't aware what the meter in the middle of the screen was: my health, or the enemies'. Having the player's bullets colliding with enemy bullets cause damage is an odd choice, but I think it has the potential to be interesting!

I can't say much else in fairness about a game that is admittedly incomplete, but what you managed to put together here is good and shows a lot of promise. Given more time, I bet you could really flesh out the unique ideas here.

Hi wow thank you so so much! :D Yeah i really liked how the page turned out! I found that sticking to a simple color scheme that works together is really effective :) Great to hear you liked the music too ;)

Yeah i didn't have time to implement the enemies getting hit, my prioritizing for this jam was pretty poor and I've definitely learnt from that. A tutorial section would probably solve this. As mentioned in one of my previous answers the "the bullets are you're enemy" i came up with really last minute but if you think it has potential i might try and explore that aspect a bit more :D

Wow man again thank you for all the feedback, ill try and check your game out too when i have the chance! ;D


It should be in the rotation of daily Coolness Pact or whatever it's called, but if you want to check it out sooner:

I played it and have left a comment! Really liked it :)