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Neat concept! I like the idea of the player potentially leveraging their own life against saving other characters, or risking getting weakened before avoiding enemies.

Man, the player runs really fast! It seems like the game should either enforce a time limit somehow, or make the hallways longer. I kept running into walls because I was so speedy. Maybe you could do something like, the player's health slowly depletes while they're in the maze, so they have to rush to save people/get out. I think the way it is right now, the best strategy is to go slow and look around corners. But it's really hard to go slow XD

Also, cute character design! :D

Oh jeez, I'm so sorry about that you're right. I thought I pressed the esc key but I guess I didn't. Your game is working fine! My bad.

It's an interesting concept. This time of year, I'm very familiar with the feeling of struggling to buy gifts for people.

At one point, I thought, why isn't it letting me buy this item? Oh, it's because I spent like $30 on chocolates for my mom and I have no money left XD. I made my family reasonably happy, so that's nice. Maybe if you try to buy something but you don't have money there can be an error sound or a notification that you don't have any money.

Took me a second to figure out what was going on, but I got there! Road rage is no joke, you guys.

Quick and fun little game! I would say there's a few places you can communicate more information to the player. The bullet hell began section with a very abrupt change in mechanics. You could start that part slowly, maybe one person comes out at a time and starts attacking. You can have more audio feedback too, like an "ouch" as the player or enemies get hurt.

Thank you so much for playing! We're really glad you enjoyed it :D

What a neat idea! I like that your audience for the presentation are in the EC style.

I didn't realize before the presentation that you are "judged" on your pace. I was told I rushed the beginning and middle. Since I was only told in the practice not to go over the time limit, I didn't realize that my overall pace could be too fast. Of course, in real life you need to pace yourself, but it might be a good idea to let the player know it's a feature of the game too during the practice.

It looks like the game is not actually up on the page, there's just a still image.

Well, at least you can say my family's not boring!

It's a neat idea for a game, and simple enough. It's a shame you had to cut the visual results due to time constraints as that's the main thing I think this game is missing.

Dang, Santa means business! What exactly is he putting in those presents? XD

Fun little game! Works reasonably well, plus the mechanics and objectives are clear.

It might be helpful to have more visual feedback on the alien spaceship. I hit it many times and I couldn't tell if it was taking damage or not. Eventually I was dropped back to the start screen. Since my health was full, I'm assuming the game ended because I won. You can use a win screen, or even a second or two of showing the spaceship dying to let the player know what happened.

Jams don't always turn out the way you want, but it's good that your concept works start to finish. Thank you for using your project to motivate other jammers! Keep going! :D

Appealing graphics and a fun mechanic setup. 

I intended to play through to the end, but I hit a point where I could not figure out how to progress (shown in the screenshot). I don't know if I missed anything or if it was a bug so I'll include the specifics. The first gear was spinning fast, the second gear not at all, and I was being prompted with "space + F" alternating. I cannot phase through this clock. On top of that ledge there's a platform that looks like I'm supposed to jump to it but it's too high up. Below that there's a semi-transparent, long pipe platform that has another red lever on it. I can't do anything to that lever. At the end of the transparent pipe there's a wall of pipes I can't pass.

I tried both browser and windows versions and it was the same... is there something I missed? It seems like I should have been able to phase through that clock.

Thanks for letting me know!

(I ain't no cheater, don't worry!)

Pretty violent game here! I still beat every state (not including Alaska and Hawaii, of course). A compelling puzzle game, although some states were noticeably much easier than others (what the heck, Colorado??). In particular the timing of the roots moving and attacking was very satisfying. I especially liked how the roots would move slower when they were winding back and forth, but a long straight root would snap forward almost instantly. 

My one complaint is that the game doesn't seem to allow replaying once you beat it. Before you beat it, you can redo any level you've already done, but once you win you're stuck on the win screen. I even closed the game and reopened it and it stayed stuck on the win screen.

This game is fairly random conceptually, visually, and mechanically. It's nonetheless a complete experience with charm :) I enjoyed the voice-over and the humor in the dialogue.

It's a bit difficult to tell what the hitboxes are or what the enemy animal's health is, but it's still beatable.

Fairly challenging! Still, I managed to win, even though I sacrificed many smaller plants to protect my one nuclear one, haha... probably don't put me in charge of energy production irl.

Sometimes when attempting to buy land or plants I wouldn't be allowed to, even though I had enough money. I had to click off the tile and then click on it again before the button would work.

Originally, my antivirus gave me a popup alerting me to a "suspicious" file. I told it to allow, but comparing the .zip directory to the unzipped game directory did show that there was a missing folder. Weird! I re-unzipped it and made extra sure to allow the app through multiple warnings and was able to play the game!

So with that, it's an interesting mechanic! I'm pretty bad at buying things for other people, so I definitely get the anxiety of it. I like that the two friends don't always agree on what's a good present or not.

Sometimes, it would be difficult to move around the other people. I never got stuck, but it felt like it could happen easily.

I love the donuts poster.

Really creative use of mechanics!

I was not expecting this game to be so sweet by the title, but it's actually kind of a heartwarming game. Santa and Blitzen are really cute, too :)

Of course this game could use some more visual elements, but even so all the fundamental pieces are there. Great job!

Cute little game :D I love the consistency of the style, even in the snowy UI! It's very cute.

The repairing mechanic confused me a bit at first, because when I clicked on a broken machine, the magic glow, SFX, and the fact that I couldn't move for a period of time made it seem like I was getting electrocuted by the broken machine. I did figure it out, though!

I love that your jam game is about a jam c:

Pretty fun game! Intense... haha. I did in fact die a lot, but it's still fun. I like that you don't know what level you're gonna get next. This game really keeps you on your toes!

Some of the walls/floors are difficult to distinguish from the background. It would be helpful to make it extra clear to the player what they can and can't step or climb on, especially since they don't have a lot of time to process what they're seeing.

On the options menu, the controller would skip from the first option to the last option (I'm guessing it was too sensitive?) I had to barely nudge the thumbstick and it would still move two or three options up or down the menu.

What a cute little game! There's a really good balance between challenge and successful play.

The only issue I had was some of the plots of land didn't want to grow the seeds. It could also use more visual feedback for when a seed has been successfully watered (darker soil or something).

Great game :D

Unfortunately, I was unable to play this game. When I try to run it I receive and error message and the game does not load. :(

The dialogue is a lot of fun. But the "Are you having fun/We are watching you" person did not pay me! Gimme my money >:(

I think the "slow" feeling of the game was in part that the characters walk slowly to and from the booth, so it takes awhile to get the next question, and partly because you can't tell how many questions there are in total. Some games have a feature where you can speed up the game pace by pressing a button (while holding space characters walk 2x faster, for example). Personally, I don't think this game needs a feature like that because the walk speed adds to the atmosphere.

I do think it might be good to have more of an indication of how many questions are left. There are a lot of them, and I almost stopped playing because I didn't know how much longer I would be answering questions.

Cute little game!

For the presenting arms game, I love the creative interpretation of the theme and the expression "present arms". It would be good if you could individually remove any part. The controls are unusual, too. You could have a "bank" on the side where you can see parts and click/drag them into place.

For the second game, it works well and is a simple, fun game. :)

Great job! Keep going and making games <3