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What if you could have a different version of the present time?
Submitted by Nielisson, Naphtalene, Jorge Baptista (@JorgeBaptista_) — 22 minutes, 17 seconds before the deadline
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Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

The good: Nice aesthetic, cool mechanics! and a nice, well done tutorial.

At one point early on I was running out of time for my shift clone to activate a switch so I was mashing "E" while running to it and I managed to activated the switch, but then the player character didn't respond to any key presses so I couldn't continue. I'd love to be able to but I am a bit worried that could happen again after a really frustrating puzzle.

Really, that glitch was the only thing that was bad about what I managed to experience! It's just... quite a major thing.


aww, thanks a lot. we will look into it. we will release the final version soon. did u participate in the jam? id love to give u a feedback, too. ty


I did! "Nothing Can Harm You"


would u b able to printscreen the area where u had the problem? pls


It was this puzzle that gave me problems. I think it might be in part that the main pc was right up against the clock? I managed to sorta replicate the problem by mashing the e button as I approached the switch (didn't reach it though) and this time when the timer ran out the pc jumped and then started walking endlessly into the clock, once again not responding to keypresses.


Hey @icecheetah,

thanks a lot for giving us feedback and going all the way to replicate the bug and printing it back to us. 

We will look into it! :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

The spritework and audio were really well-done, and the mechanic of scouting ahead with your double was interesting. The controls felt a bit unresponsive at times, especially on the segment with 4 gears you have to jump over, but nothing felt like it required pixel-perfect precision. Overall, I had a good time with this one. Congrats to your team. :)


aw, thanks a lot for your feedback. This is a very good and constructive feedback. Have u participated in jam yrself?


I did! My submission is called Presence, if you wanna check it out.


Super cool entry into the jam! Loved the steampunk aesthetic and pixel art. Even the little bit of animation on the little character guy came out well! The chill music fits well with everything too.  Haven't reached the end yet, I had to restart a few times when the movement keys got stuck. Really fun though! I'll definitely come back to finish it.  


thanks, mifu!! did u participate in the jam, too?


Yes! I created the little visual novel one called "Once Upon a Doll Story", first time making a game and entering a jam so I learned a lot from the experience. I'm typically the person just doing the art and designs for stuff, so it was super fun learning a little coding to create it.  


awesome, i will check it out and leave a comment later on =)


I can't believe this game was made in such short time, its really polished, the tutorials are really good and beautiful, its a clever and interesting game. The artwork is amazing, keep going!


Thanks, Sabiarts!! Did you participate in the game jam? id love to try yr game, too


Yes, give it a try haha


Appealing graphics and a fun mechanic setup. 

I intended to play through to the end, but I hit a point where I could not figure out how to progress (shown in the screenshot). I don't know if I missed anything or if it was a bug so I'll include the specifics. The first gear was spinning fast, the second gear not at all, and I was being prompted with "space + F" alternating. I cannot phase through this clock. On top of that ledge there's a platform that looks like I'm supposed to jump to it but it's too high up. Below that there's a semi-transparent, long pipe platform that has another red lever on it. I can't do anything to that lever. At the end of the transparent pipe there's a wall of pipes I can't pass.

I tried both browser and windows versions and it was the same... is there something I missed? It seems like I should have been able to phase through that clock.


Hey Tigerparrot!

Thanks a lot for trying our game. The version you played was probably the original jam version, sadly we couldn't finish the whole level in time. We decided to keep working on it post jam until we make something optimized and fully finished (at least level 1).

We still hope you enjoyed your experience anyway. Thank you again :)