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The controls are:

Space or Z: Interact.

WASD: Move

Arrow keys: Move the direction of the torch/flashlight

C: View Credits.

Thank you.

Hey I'm wondering if it's okay if the horror parts are mostly in the endings?

I have a lot more horror planned for the middle of the game but don't think I'd have time to implement those parts. But I do have two endings that are accessible right now, one with hints, the other a bad ending.

The last five minutes of me playing:

"No... no... I failed the first time and yet the game asks about the most watched tv show again???? I survived the 'moonwalk' pun!

Oh I got it right this ti... ... ... ah.. ."

That was actually kinda nervewracking. I was expecting either a very simple game or a 'game killing bug' at the end. At times I was also wondering if the answer I'd choose would be right or a previous record would be right, as if the questions were made a long time before 'release'. Boy am I glad that doesn't seem to have happened.

Interesting idea altogether!

It's missing the point but I before the end I just kept on thinking about how in 1983 no one would be able to easily get all the facts! This probably is not meant to be the most immersive experience.

I quite liked the atmosphere, the lack of music I actually felt is helpful to it. I also especially like the part about the lava following the player's path, feels a bit like that is the 'passage' one is creating.

I found that it was quite hard even in the first level. In like, half of my attempts  I would be RIGHT NEXT to the pipe when the timer would run out and I'd just have to wait for the animation to play out, even though the time it took for the lava to reach the bug would have been plenty time for the bug to escape. It got a bit frustrating to just have to sit there.

Also oftentimes the lava wouldn't even reach the bug, it would just go a certain distance and then play the failure noise (which is a good failure noise, I have to admit. Clear. To the point. Short). Sometimes the bug could pass through the rocks as well.

Also I had to zoom out because I was playing the browser version and it's literally too tall for my screen to show it. Even though I have my taskbar to one side. This is really a game where you need to be able to see the whole game window to play it right.

No problem!

I don't think I would have been able to kill them if it wasn't for the weird hitbox, and being able to strike them while being outside their range . I don't know if you'd want to fix that or somehow make that a feature (like, if you get the right distance for that effect some sort of visual effect happens to make it look like the player is hitting the monster rather than awkwardly swinging the air).

Interesting! Very visually pleasing.

I found I was able to kill the monsters from quite a distance. Like, I'd stand there clicking and they'd just 'take it' and die without even attempting to kill me. 

Also the story snippets are just enough to spark some curiosity.

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First playthrough: "Oh! this control scheme is like sunless sea! I can get used to this." "I've managed to dodge everything but where are the soldiers? Are they around here? No, this is a dead end and now all I can do is reverse while that turret is free to fire at me. And now I died having saved no one."

Second playthrough: "It's raining when I'm in the middle now? And there's soldiers in the sea! And... what is this shiny circle? That's a lot of people on my ship. what if I go back now? FOUR THOUSAND SOLDIERS?"

anyway I ended my first playthrough with nothing, my second with 8400 soldiers saved. It was fun! The only thing was I was surprised that I didn't take any damage when I rammed the pier at full speed.

Nice pun too.


I don't have any critisisms that weren't already covered, can only say that more would be nice!

I did! "Nothing Can Harm You"

It was this puzzle that gave me problems. I think it might be in part that the main pc was right up against the clock? I managed to sorta replicate the problem by mashing the e button as I approached the switch (didn't reach it though) and this time when the timer ran out the pc jumped and then started walking endlessly into the clock, once again not responding to keypresses.

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The good: Nice aesthetic, cool mechanics! and a nice, well done tutorial.

At one point early on I was running out of time for my shift clone to activate a switch so I was mashing "E" while running to it and I managed to activated the switch, but then the player character didn't respond to any key presses so I couldn't continue. I'd love to be able to but I am a bit worried that could happen again after a really frustrating puzzle.

Really, that glitch was the only thing that was bad about what I managed to experience! It's just... quite a major thing.

Thank you! I passed your comment on the music to Ahmaykmewsic!

I didn't intend for that connection with Telo being represented by a black box, it was just a time thing. I figured I wouldn't really have time to do animation and a black box sliding around looks better than a single frame of a person sliding around, but now I kinda want to figure out how to keep that metaphor in a more polished version of the game!

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I'd watched a video recently that really reminded me of this game and, like, I am a bit overwhelmed after this. I don't know if this video would have affected me like it did if I hadn't played your game, and experienced this, first.

Why Danger Symbols Can't Last Forever.

Edit: I checked and the version I had was from before the update that added the title and downloaded the new version and... well in the old version realising that the 'patterns' on the ground were maps of the world felt like an achievement in that version. Just a note rather than anything else.

This is a very good one!

I manage to get what is probably the true ending on my first try, and given some of the talk in the warnings, I am a bit scared to try again even though I usually love 'the fourth wall will not protect you' type stories, and I somehow managed to avoid all that sort of stuff. If this game is any indication though, I love this world.

You need to e-mail the Dev because isn't automatically giving out keys. There are instructions on the download page.