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It stopped being fun once I realised that nothing aside from your own memory and lack of observation puts you in danger. So, not sure if you quite managed 'unfun' game entirely, but that's what puts it more in frustrating because there's something CLOSE to something I wanted but it was just a repetitive experience.

It might even have been fun if when you died a new map was generated or something, in a rougelike way.

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Yeah, this is ideal for a roguelike which I would have loved to do, of course, but it was just made in 3 hours so I did not have remotely any time for that haha...

It was also supposed to have a lot more mechanics, puzzle stuff, teleporters, and especially enemies that chased you and you had to trick into killing themselves / each other, but I did not have time to implement those in the 3 hours.


Indeed. I wouldn't even dream of attempting to get as far as you did in three hours!