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Submitted by Circus Horse (@circushorseid) — 1 day, 4 hours before the deadline
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This was a very unique game! I liked that you had to call them with a video to see if they would like the gift you were going to get them. For improvements, maybe make the objective a bit more clear and give the player more notice that there is a gift to interact with. It is a very cute game, Well done!



Yeah, we'll figure out how to make the gift noticeable

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I have a low spec PC and I cant play it :( but it looks great!

Unfortunately, I was unable to play this game. When I try to run it I receive and error message and the game does not load. :(


What error message? can you give us the screenshot?



Hmm.. it might be a problem with antivirus deleting false flagged files on the game folder. Do you use one? If so, can you put the game folder to the exclusion folder of the antivirus or maybe disable the antivirus and download it again?

And to make sure, you're playing from ExtraCreditsJam2018.exe not the Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Game-Win64-Shipping.exe right? :o


Originally, my antivirus gave me a popup alerting me to a "suspicious" file. I told it to allow, but comparing the .zip directory to the unzipped game directory did show that there was a missing folder. Weird! I re-unzipped it and made extra sure to allow the app through multiple warnings and was able to play the game!

So with that, it's an interesting mechanic! I'm pretty bad at buying things for other people, so I definitely get the anxiety of it. I like that the two friends don't always agree on what's a good present or not.

Sometimes, it would be difficult to move around the other people. I never got stuck, but it felt like it could happen easily.

I love the donuts poster.


Great! Glad to hear you can play it now :)

Agreed about the collision, we didn't touch that and it's something we can improve on. Thanks for the feedback!

Nice art! But I think this should only played with better graphic card because the frame rate on my computer is slow....



We'll try to learn more about optimization in the future.


I love the aesthetic! I got stuck for a while because I couldn't figure out when the phone works, but there were plenty of dancing NPCs to entertain.


Hello Kennington, thank for your feedback!

We will figured it out how to improve it.


Update: I showed a friend, and he was able to figure it out a lot faster. And then he played it over and over again to see what happens after purchasing each gift (and what happens when time runs out without making a purchase).


Ooo, glad to hear your friend played this thoroughly XD