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Thanks for playing my game! I will be sure to watch the video :)  This is currently a prototype, so there will be a bigger game (hopefully) on the way!

Ok, thanks. I was looking on the list and one of the games said 2011 so i thought I would ask

I might be able to make it look and feel like one of those games but I doubt I could make a game that runs on one.

Thank you for the reply. I am glad you enjoyed playing! I wanted make a small trading game with a bit of randomness to it to give it a bit more replayability.  I am happy with what I came up with  but I did want to add  a small crafting system where someone wanted you to make them a few objects with everything else.

I wanted to try out randomizing levels. I am happy with the prototype given the time frame but I do wish I was able to do a bit more. I wanted there to be a crafting system and more of a survival element to the game.  The time limit was based off of the darkness in the game jams theme. I had the whole trading thing down before I added that to the game so it was a bit of an after thought.  Thank you for your feedback.  May I ask what type of decision-making you would have liked to see?

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Thank you for playing. I did have an idea to add while developing that was to add a syrup that some of the slimes would've liked on their waffle. I do plan on taking this idea and expanding on it, possibly making it into a mobile game. The 3 colour constraint made the art easy to make  but it doesn't look as good. So better art would be in an updated version