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Really fun game!  I enjoy puzzles like this.  Really nicely done.

Really simple and fun.  The music feels icy and it was a very good idea.  Good work!

Really enjoyable platformer.  I really liked that when you got near the text it would go semi transparent.  I am not much into the 2D platformers but this one was fun. The controls felt really nice. The ice sliding and the wind also felt very polished on smooth.

Good job!

Thank you for playing and thanks for the feedback!  I made this over the course of a week to get a feel of how a tower defense game is made.  I hope to add more enemies and towers in a future release, along with sound effects, some music and of course the upgrade mechanic.

I had a few laughs during the game and the end was very unexpected! Really nice questions and replies to the advice. I was wondering how the theme fit until I got to the end. Great work!

Amazing! I really liked all the puzzles that you had to solve to open the presents. It was also quite funny! Really well polished and feels like a complete game too. Great work!

This was a very unique game! I liked that you had to call them with a video to see if they would like the gift you were going to get them. For improvements, maybe make the objective a bit more clear and give the player more notice that there is a gift to interact with. It is a very cute game, Well done!

Good luck with the other jam as well!

Thanks! I was using a different engine than I normally do. I was hoping to add hair that would grow back over time. Thanks for playing!

Quite fun! I like the art and the simple game play. I had fun spamming space when in range of a house to try and get more points. I like the Christmas theme, it feels like the right way to take the theme beards.  The world kind just ended and turned into a black void, which is the only thing that I can think of that needs to be fixed. Maybe make the presents limited too, I noticed that the number only went down when I had missed a house. Good game!

It was fun while I got to play it! Unfortunately my anti virus software isn't letting me play it again.  That aside, I really enjoyed cutting the guys hair. It is a really nice game and it is simple too which is good!  If you were to continue with this project it would just need some updated art and I think it would be a better game. Nice work!

Fun game, nice and simple. I like that it is like Rapunzel but with a beard. I sometimes found the fireballs hard to dodge but it was still easy enough to get to the top. It is a nice little game that feels complete.  Good work!

I really enjoyed this game! I like the puzzles based around having a long beard. I did run into a bug where I would get stuck on walls.  If you were to continue this project, I would add some animation to the character and definitely add more to the story that you started. It would be interesting to see what other types of puzzles you could come up with based around having a long beard. Great work!

Fun game, a very nice twist on a classic. I did find it to be a bit fast, which is good because there is a lot of bouncing but I also lost a lot of lives quick.

Once I got a hang of how the movement worked I liked the game more. I did have fun with it at first but after a couple runs it became less fun. The art and music worked well with the modifier.

Very interesting game. The controls were cool but made it hard to win. It is definitely a game I could see playing in a group of friends.

Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed it

Thanks! I wanted it to feel like a mess more than an empty field. My favourite part of my game is my music. I wanted to add a few more things to make it more of a mess but I feel like the final result was good. I wanted to add more to the end of the game but I focused more on the actual game play.

I originally had it at 8 when I was testing it and it looked cool to me, I turned it up to 10 when I released it. I ended up taking out of the updated versions for now

True, I kinda wanted people while playing to accidentally open up other apps like I did while testing the game. Now what would you say about the frame rate cap, get rid of it or lower it? I kinda wanted a laggy feel to the game but if it bothered you it might have bothered others too, and I want the game to still be fun

Thank you for playing! I might fix the mouse capture thing, wasn't sure how bad it would make the game

Thanks! I had a lot of fun coding and working on every part of the game. I am happy with how everything turned out in the end too!

Thanks for playing! I am glad you had fun!  I actually had Rhythm Heaven in mind while I was working on this game.  But the idea of having 4 arms and 4 stamps to stamp 4 different rows of paper to the rhythm seems like it could also be fun too!

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Thanks for your feedback! I am glad you enjoyed playing too! I do wish I was able to do a bit more with endless mode to make it more than just a back and forth repeating task. I did want to occasionally change up the papers but I didn't know how well people would be able to react to different sheets without an extra audio cue. Now that I know one person wants something like that I will be sure to implement it in future projects!

I kinda got that Titan Souls arrow feel and I liked that motion. The only thing I can immediately think of adding would be sound effects to emphasize some of the actions that happen in the game.  I do feel like there could have been a bit more of an explanation of what was going on and what to do.  As you said in the description it is very bare bones and as it is now you probably have the best idea of where you want to take it. 

It does seem like an interesting idea, it would have been cool to see what the game could have been.  Where did the inspiration for the game come from and did you have a game in mind while working on this one?

It is a good prototype! My recommendation would be to make it endless and add a score to the end of the game so players can replay and try to beat their score.

Very nice game! I liked the little story behind the game and I found the controls to be very interesting, as I haven't played a game with controls like this. The music also fit the battle nicely

Thank you for playing, I am glad you enjoyed the game! 

Oh? I wish I knew how to help with that but I am still having trouble getting my games to be playable on the web haha. It might just  be a bug out of your control. You still have a good game here though!

I didn't even think about having to time the game if you made a change. I don't know much about how to balance the sound, but the enemies do have the exclamation mark appear which helps the player know they have been spotted.  There also seems to be a clicking noise at the end of the exclamation sound, I am not sure if it was intended or not.

Really fun game! I liked how the camera shook every step and that you slowly fall to one side if you keep on walking.

I enjoyed this game! It has a simple design and it is a game that can be replayed again and again. Very nice work!

I really enjoyed playing this game! I loved the music and the comedy in the battles. The game definitely works at stalling you but I felt like the battles were a bit long and repetitive, which is understandable because this was made in a week. The sound when you get spotted does seem a bit loud and the battle music seems quiet, so who ever turns up the volume to hear the battle music might jump at the sound of being caught later but that might just be me. Overall it was a really enjoyable game!

Thanks for playing! It is cool that you do compilation videos like this, keep it up!

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Thanks for playing my game! I will be sure to watch the video :)  This is currently a prototype, so there will be a bigger game (hopefully) on the way!

Thank you for the reply. I am glad you enjoyed playing! I wanted make a small trading game with a bit of randomness to it to give it a bit more replayability.  I am happy with what I came up with  but I did want to add  a small crafting system where someone wanted you to make them a few objects with everything else.

I wanted to try out randomizing levels. I am happy with the prototype given the time frame but I do wish I was able to do a bit more. I wanted there to be a crafting system and more of a survival element to the game.  The time limit was based off of the darkness in the game jams theme. I had the whole trading thing down before I added that to the game so it was a bit of an after thought.  Thank you for your feedback.  May I ask what type of decision-making you would have liked to see?