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Circus Horse

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Ooo, glad to hear your friend played this thoroughly XD

Great! Glad to hear you can play it now :)

Agreed about the collision, we didn't touch that and it's something we can improve on. Thanks for the feedback!

nice try


Yeah, we'll figure out how to make the gift noticeable

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Thank you everyone.

Please give us some feedback what can be improved :)

And don't forget to rate this game, cheers.

Hmm.. it might be a problem with antivirus deleting false flagged files on the game folder. Do you use one? If so, can you put the game folder to the exclusion folder of the antivirus or maybe disable the antivirus and download it again?

And to make sure, you're playing from ExtraCreditsJam2018.exe not the Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Game-Win64-Shipping.exe right? :o

What error message? can you give us the screenshot?


We'll try to learn more about optimization in the future.

Hello Kennington, thank for your feedback!

We will figured it out how to improve it.

Currently we have a known issue where the friend not showing but the song progressed and continue to the next one. If that happens, please reset the game :/

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Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for all the comments and playthroughs! It's so cool to see Lost Night still being played and how different people reacts to our game after all this time <3

Also, if you like games like Anxiety and Anxiety Lost Night, we have a good news! We're announcing a new game, Hollow Rhyme, and we plan to release it on here, Game Jolt and Steam. We're gonna do the Steam Greenlight process next week and we're going to need your help to make it through :)

If you're interested, stay tuned for more details early next week!

Yeah, it's tricky for us to balance what things we want to tell with what things we should tell to make the story enjoyable (and wrapped up). At one point, we decide that if we don't include the trigger to the story beyond (ex: flashback and the ending sequence), it'll make it less attractive to think about about after the players finished the game :<

Anyway yup, It's something we're struggling all the time and what I think we balance it better for our next game.

the version is the updated one :)

it's still the same build from game jolt :)