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I'll try to have it soon ;)

I love the aesthetics! It's really cool looking. The movement it's a little bit confusing. 2022 points for me :D

I love the dices! it felt great to trow them, and it felt even cooler that I could play with cool 1d4 "Bill Cipher" edition. Great game!

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I couldn't help but think about butter and delicious pastries when I played this game :P (I know that wasnt the plan but, it would be cool). I would snap to grid the pieces,it was quite hard to put the pieces in the right place, Good game! 

Good game! I would love to see more of it. As much as I love speed oriented puzzles, I feel that this game would improve with slow puzzles too, and swich between them! (but that's just my opinion) thanks for making it!

Great game! I like the approach you took and the layout is certainly a good surprise :D I was thinking about the game, and how it would be cool for the layout to get bigger and more twisted in later levels. Thanks for making it!

I would like to congratulate you for being the first one in submitting a game in this jam! I like the mechanic you used in this game, and you did a great job in the puzzle design. Thanks for making this game!

I love it! you have a great combination of music and artwork. I played the old and new version, I wasn't too sure about the wolfs as an enemy, until the new version, they where scary indeed! .The mechanic is cool, I would love to "see" how my babies are doing. I would also like more plants (for example, one that grow slow but produce lots of food, one that gave you seeds more seeds but it's fragile...). Great job!

It's awesome, I like the how you handle levels and challenges. The design and movement of the snake is awesome. It could use some music and sound effects, but other than that, you have a solid game here. Congratulations!

I got to level 4, but it gave me a "crash" on level 3 and 4, the game freezes. I like the aesthetic, the game is challenging and it feels smooth :D I would change the jump button,  It would be more comfortable to play it with both hands. Thanks for making it!

my thoughts exactly! Music is one of the main things I want to re-work in this game, thanks for playing! :D

Great game! Did you draw the bike? I like it :D I would change a few things. I would add some imput in the speed of the bike, and maybe some pitfalls and ramps to avoid them. Thanks for making it!

Thanks for playing!It's unfinished and I need to polish it A LOT :P  I have some good tunes in mind to put in the game. 

Cool Idea, but I got motion sickness and I couldn't keep playing. Sorry :(

That seagull! xD great game! I like the aesthetic, good job with the runing cycle, I would tune-up the hitbox collision detection (I have problems with that too :P) but other than that, you have a nice thing going on here.

I like where you went with this game, you have an interesting concept and those are some good tunes! Good work!

Thanks a lot :D ! I'll upload more stuff 

You have a great game here! It gave me the old Sonic vibe and I love that guy. I would love to see more levels.

420 points... huh! Great game! I love the animations in it. I would love to see more of it, a laundry quest with cleaning companions, sounds fun :)

I like this game, but I would correct the spawn point of the fire balls and add a little bit of range to the sword attack. Thanks for making this game! :D

Im not going to lie, I didn't know that this game would be so fun :D when the bottle start rolling, I was a kid again xD. There are great games in this jam, but I have a special place for this one

This one got me thinking! and got me a little dizzy :P  I would love to see more levels and maybe some textures for the puzzle. Thanks for making this game!

Extra points for Rolling Thunder 8) I like the game! but be careful, you can exploit the safety of the left corner. The design and artwork is awesome! 

Wow! that was complex,  I like the consept!and I would love to see more animations to it. Thanks for making it!

I liked it :) I would add longer levels, and winter was a leap of faith :P thanks for making this game!

I love it! I felt terrible every time the Cuckoo got caught in the gears D:
Thanks for making this game! I laugh, I cried and I won ;)

this game! 10/10 artwork, gameplay, tunes, and that banner! This is one for the front page. Congratulations!

I love the Idea! but I found something that I dont like in it, if a planet touches the "planet to launch" you lose. I would love to see a PvP kind of mode (red and blue plantes for example), each one has to add a planet to the same sun for turns, if you crash your planet in your turn you loose. Thanks for the game!

those cyclones! I love them, they look awesome. I like how it plays, but I would lower the size of the screen and make the sprites and titles bigger so we could see more of the artwork, I would love to read the Background story in game

2400 score! :D I love the Bru-shop <3  I would love to see more tools to fight tooth decay and why not, a plot for this dentist. Thanks for making this game!

Thanks a lot! I got lots of things to improve about it, including a tutorial, levels and enemies. I wanted to put haikus to give hints and tell the story of the moon sickle. Thank you! This kind of feedback means the world to me

You have a nice Idea here! I would add a score, and maybe It would be cool to get health by shooting the bullets to hard targets, the player would have more room to risk and improve. Thanks for the game!

Great game! I would love to see more of it, the walking cycle is adorable :3 and It has a big room for improvement! more levels, power-ups, characters, funky tunes. You have a great game here!

Good game! :D Some sound effects would add to the experience, I would recommend to check the collision with the borders. Thanks for making it!

I like the artwork, and I would love to see more of it! I would take a look on the walking animation. I suck at animation, but I got a little better with this tutorial. (I hope you dont mind me to share it)

I like it! I would take a look on the movement, it feels slippery. Thanks for making it! :D

it caught me off wha...rd
I had fun, thanks for making it!

I love the arwork and the tunes :D . But I have to give you bad news :/ 

I got a lot to polish :P the sprites are drafts, I went for a weird mechanic and I meant to make a Tutorial for it. I will finish it, and I hope that you can play it some day. Thanks for playing! :D

I got very Dizzy but I liked your game, thanks!