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Hey! It would be a cool idea to add it for sure! I should re-take the Idea one of these days.

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it!

I belive that there's more in this game, I would take out the "money" and put "resources", also I would put more detail in the people, there would be some people who wouldnt like the "racist guy with lots of resources" but maybe you need him for building the ark. It would be interesting to see what relations are the best one's to keep the ark in "armony". I think you could hook the player better with characters that goes beyond good and bad, maybe the poet is a drug addict that boost morale, but needs a drug dealer that cause disarray.

This game can be explored more and its awesome, thanks for sharing it! :)

It's a shame that this game got abandoned, but I think it has potential to be something great! I wouldnt gave the player HP, I would kill the player on any damage, but that's just me. Thanks for making it! :D

This game was cool and fun to play! :D I would add a score to keep track of how I did and maybe display it at the end of each run. Would be cool to add some items to boost your score too. And I think It would be a great Idea to start the game with the space key, that way you could help the player to jump right back in to action.

Thanks for making this game! :D

I like the artwork, and It was a nice surprise to see the animated wall in level two! It made the game "bigger" and it made me to think "whats the story behind it?" and I think its no small feat to make the player "wonder"

I had fun with your game, but I would work on some things:

-The aesthetic was the right one, but I wouldnt choose pink to stand out. I would rather keep the color palette simple, the grey black and beige are great to work with.

-I won the game! but I had the same "game over" that you get when you die. I feel that you should check that out, the end of the game should (and its a matter of opinion) "wrap up" the experience and I belive that you can exploit it better.

-Be careful with the hit boxes, it was hard to avoid the bullets but it also provide the player a chance to exploit the enemies and hit them from above or below. 

-I had nothing to stop me to beat the level. It has enemies and obstacles but I could avoid them and win the level without a fight. I belive its important to give objectives to the player and "kill all the enemies to win the level" its a simple way to give something to accomplish in order to keep the player engaged.

I like the sprites and I feel you had a story to tell here, and it would be awesome If you keep working on that. Thanks for making it! it was fun to play! :D

I got confused more than once with the levels but I managed to beat the game! :D and what I loved about this game was the music and the voice mechanic. I found myself trying to mach the beat and sing along with the ghost and making my own music. I think that when you find games withing games you have a great design going on. 

It was fun to play and the mechanics where easy to learn, I felt that the jumps where a little bit high but that's pretty much it. 

Thanks for making this great game! :D

The only feed back I can give this game its... "its awesome".

Polished, a simple yet touching narrative, great pixel art. The mechanics were simple to grasp and the game was responsive. The demons where awesome, the pitchfork mechanic was unexpected and added a new level of tactics to the game. 
I would add one thing and one thing only... I would add an upper slash and a down slash. The eye monster was hard to fight because he could attack you from above and It felt weird, because all the enemies atack you from the sides except that one.

But there is not much to say, this game its amazingly crafted. Well done!

thanks for making it! :D

I won! it wasnt easy, and that's great because it means that it had a good balance of level design, aesthetic, mechanics and difficulty.

I would look a little bit in the jumps and the collisions, they werent as accurate as they seemed and I found myself trying to jump on a platform and failing to do it. 

it had a great use of the green/yellow/orange and black.

Great game! I had fun all the way! thanks for making it :)

Did I win? I dont know.  

I feel that it's true what they say about leaving things to the imagination, minimalist graphics where a great choice and the collisions where well made (they could be improved but that's a side note). I would add some music to the game, it would enhance the ambience. The sound effect of the "spondges" (the yellow boxes) where oddly satisfying. 

I dont know if I won, but I had fun playing it and that's a win in my book. Thanks for making it! :D

It's fun to play and it s hard to master :D well done! 
I would add: 

-A score: It would help me to keep track of what i'm doing

-"Damage boosting":it means that if you get hit, you get some kind of invincibility for a sec. That would help me (the player) to feel less defenseless when I get cornered with spikes .

-Upgrades: It would be cool to "buy" upgrades for the player to choose, more damage, more speed, bullet types, more "damage boosting" time, etc... It would add a level of complexity and it would be more engaging for the player to see things that can be earned to ease the game.

You have a good game here. Thanks for making it! ;)

You had a great Idea here, It has great potential to explore mechanics as a narrative. I would like to explore things like "why would I give someone the torch?" "what would I do if I had two or more choices? why would I give the torch to one and not the other?" and "what would happen If I DONT need to give the torch". There are great questions to explore. Thanks for making it! :D

I couldnt beat the last boss. But I feel you have a great game here. It was fun to play! but I would change somethings.

-The hit box was too big, I had problems to avoid the spikes.

-The spikes didn't looked dangerous enough, and it was counterintuitive. I found myself more than once trying to walk on them to find that I got dead by doing so.

-The bazooka was too dangerous! and that's not a problem, but I would like to see the area of effect, I dont like to hurt myself to death :P

That being said, it has a good mechanics, and the objectives where clear enough for me to keep me figthing against the aliens and try to beat the game. Thanks for making this game!

Great pixel art and tunes! But I feel that  this game has more to offer, it was a short  game (and there's nothing wrong with it) but I think that if I had more concrete objectives and milestones to beat, it would give me (the player) more to do, that would give me a goal to complete and I feel that it could be more engaging. Example: "collect nº amount of x fish" (next challenge)-> "collect nº amount of fish in x time" etc... 

My opinion it's just that and feel free to discard it :P I'm just learning to make games and know little to nothing about design.

I like this game, I feel it's beautifully crafted and it's always a pleasure to play a game with great aesthetics and good mechanics. 
Thanks for making it! :D

I got fuel, I got scared and I got dead. Its a great game! :D but it's quite hard, I would like that I could stop the cart, and some plot would be nice. The aesthetic was out of this world! special Kudos on that. Thanks for making this game, it was quite refreshing and new. I love it <3

"simpson you are diabolical" that zoe lvl.... I beat it! you made a great game, the puzzles where misleading (that means you knew every part of your game) and fun! the only thing I would change... the power sound effect, it was too loud in comparison with the music, but that it. This game was fun, it made me think and it was creative. Thanks for making it! :D

These are things that you need to improve and that are a problem for all the beginners (Im in that group too) and can only be improved with practice.

- Collision box: the collision box wasnt right, and I got hanging by the side of the character and I could jump in places i didnt suppose to (it seems that you used the sprite as a collision). How would I fix it: I would make an invisible box arround the character and I would test the collision with it.  

-Music: It was unique, but the melodic line was a strange choise and it felt out of context with the harmonic line, It was distracting but that just me.

The art work was well made and I think your game has potential, thanks for making it!

I found the crash. Dont worry!

I'm not a fan of the thruster, it felt out of place. The pixel art aesthetic didnt match with the ship

I like the scanner! it was a nice touch, and it felt cool to use and it felt immersive. That being said:

-There is no point in lowering the turret, I feel that it can be improved if you had some "energy" bar, and the turret uses those points to stay active. Maybe the energy could be regained in time.

-The stations where too easy to kill, and the enemies too fast. By it self, it's not a problem that the enemies are hard to kill, but I could beat the level crashing the shield of the station and shooting it inside of it without the need of killing the other ships.

I liked your game, and I think it has potential. I have a Ton of suggestions because I love this kind of game, but I feel it's your job to choose what to put in it :P thanks for making it!

I hope to add more pixel art to the game, I had little time to make them, but great concepts for the future :)

I did think about using the mouse to move arround but i'm still thinking about it, I have plans for the mouse as well :P but yes, the controls where counterintuitive for some of the players (I think I fixed it, I'll add that in the next version). 

Thanks for leaving a comment and playing! 

Thanks for the feedback! I added an optional control arrangement and it helped me to think in new puzzles (thanks for that ;D) I'll be sure to add that feature in the next version (with more levels to test them of course).
Thanks for playing! I hope to add a DevBlog (with luck) to share some of my puzzle design choices, i'm trying to learn how to make more great puzzles and I think its a good Idea to learn together. I hope to see you in the next version!

Thanks for the feedback! there are more levels on the way. Im working on all the "death feedback", but for now I'm making checkpoints and adding some cool mechanics.
I would love to see you in the next version, I'll have more levels by then and (I hope) that many of these issues will be fixed by then. Thanks a lot for beating the game!  :D

it's a great idea to add those instructions at the begining of the game, I have a few ideas about that too and I hope to see you In the next version. Thanks for playing! 

This game has one of the best pixel art in this jam (if not the best) I really liked it, and great music too!. I managed to beat it and I found it fun to play! but I feel that some of the levels where hard to decode, and I feel that darkness made a great ambience, but it also made that some of the puzzles where hard to understand and pushed me to try to brute force some of them. It was cool to show the eyes of zoe to the player where the enemies where ,  but I think it would be wise to add more landmarks to the level to prevent players (at least some of them) to brute force the level. 
Thanks for making this game! 

Go team "puzzle wizard"! (my game is about a wizard and puzzles as well so) .

I really liked this one, the puzzles are good, I got the 31 shards (I got 29 and I had to backtrack some of them at the end of the game). That being said.

There is a mechanic at the end of the level that you have to use to end the last puzzle, and I dont think that it's a good Idea to do that. I would put that mechanic earlier in the game. Beside that, I think you have a great way to show the tools to the player.

Not a fan of the music. 
The sprites are awesome! and If the player was animated it would add a lot to the experience (but i'm  a fan of the wizard). I would add some speed to the player (not much).I understand if the movement speed is slow because the wizard is an old man and he walks slow, but would make at least the strong men go faster.

Great game! and I would love to see more levels and some of the plot. Thanks for making it! :D

I really enjoyed it! it's fun to play. This is the kind of game are the ones I love the most and this one has great potential. That being said, I would like to erase arrows (I found myself in a mess I couldnt fix and that was game over for me) and I would add some things:

-Load the ships with different kinds of goods

-Maybe add 4 seasons and change the value of the goods

-A bigger map and more ports 

-Some ports will pay you more (or less) depending on the cargo.

-I feel that the ships are too cheap, I would make them more expensive. It would add more difficulty to the game and would add a sense of "I cant loose that ship! it would wreck my operation!". 

-And I think it would be awesome if you could name the ships, I can imagine myself saying: "Little Bandit" is doing good... but i'm worried about "Unsinkable II"

(the more I write, more I feel that I should add more things and if I keep writing this could go on forever :P)

PD: love the artwork, thanks for making it!

The art is beautiful, well done and cute! (Valkitty won my hearth) I would suggest two things:

-The floor on the first level looks odd, and change when I move arround, I would put some plain title sprites on the floor and I felt distracted by it. (not in the second room, that one looks really cool).

-The sword swing was slow, and that's not a problem by itself but I found myself mashing ctrl to atack and I think it would be cool to add some kind of "action bar" (*look secret of mana for the SNES to see what I'm talking about). I feel it would help to plan my moves better in battle.

I think you have a good game here and I would love to see more levels! I hope that your team find this feedback useful (Sorry I cant give you more feedback on the art, It's not my strength). Cheers!

This is a great work! It was fun to play and it was really well made in many ways, I think it has great artwork and I envy the level of  polish in them. Thanks for making it! :D

I'll add more levels an mechanics in the future, thanks for playing! :D

Thanks for playing! :D

I have great Ideas to put "check points" and add more levels, I had to cut a lot to "finish" the game for the jam, but there is a lot more on paper. thanks for playing! :D and I hope to see you In the next version

I liked the plot and I feel that the game play could be improved. For example, the sprite of the player and the hitbox seems to be the same object and I think it could be great if they where separeted things. When you change direcctions it feels like the sprite is fliped by the x axis and teleports. BUT as TaiPrev said, I had the same problem with many of my games and I learned how to avoid those things, I hope to see you in the next jam! (or in the discord channel) :D

Close to home, I didnt knew that they would respond, but I found a way to get closer again. And this game made me remember that :) thanks

You made a great work Madness Factory, It was a really neat surprise. I dont know who had the idea to put rain in the game but it was a great touch and I loved that :D I feel that It would be good If not all the enemy's where presented from the beginning, I would also like a way to regain health. Thanks for making it!

Thanks for playing! I saw your game on the stream and I'll play it today, I love it so far, and I love the art in it, congratulations! :D

I got to the 10th lvl great game! :D

I really liked the music! I beat the game and it was quite hard to do it. It took me a while to learn how to use the bullets against them, I got the red key but I couldnt catch the secret Code, it went too fast. I managed to survive, but at what cost? Thanks for making this game! :D

that's a great Idea! :D I think it could work. I will put more levels and a few new mechanics. Stay tuned and thanks for playing!

I'll put some checkpoints and more levels ;) thanks for playing!

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Thanks for playing! I didnt put a scroll in the game but I suck at drawing :P It has no checkpoints (yet) but I have them on code to put some in the future. Thanks for the feedback! :D

PD: I played your game but I want to get the secret code to give you a full review, I'll be doing that later today :P