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I love it <3

A great and beautiful game!

Simply beautiful. Congratz on making a game so cute :)

I will return to challenge him >:)

Thanks for the game! I would put some tunes and the snow men where faster than you. I would put slower enemys and make them faster over time, but you have a nice game here :)

I love the art n.n

I will see that movie then! I played the browser version

Great game! I save the girl and found who was behind it ;) (no spoiler) I like the artwork btw

Thanks for the game! 

I found my self making some sick flying sounds when mounting rufolph :P  thanks for the game

FUN? Double check.

That Centaur was the end of me T-T I couldnt defeat him. I would love to see those awesome sprites bigger!

Thanks for the great game!

I like the mechanics and I think It can be a great game! but I'm not a fan of the music :/ sorry

I couldnt help but think (this game must have a deep meaning in it) I love the artwork, the tunes, the mechanic and the feel of it. But I had some collision problems and a bug when I spawn in the check point. Sorry to give bad news :/

Great game! It gave me a "chip and dale" for nes feeling (I love that game). 

But the timer was hard to spot at the begining, and got killed some times for reasons that I dont understand.

The arwork and the tunes were great!

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I have a low spec PC and I cant play it :( but it looks great!

I LOVE THE ARTWORK! :D thanks for the game! it gave me some nice monkey island game (a game that I hold deep in my heart)

Got a perfect 10 score :) I like the artwork!

good game! The restart button didnt work so I had to close and open the game to keep playing :/ but I had a good time playing it :D

Thanks for making it! I hope you get better soon and let us play the rest of the game

It puts you on a holyday spirit! :) thanks for the game!

Love the style! 

This is a "demo" I will put another version (v1) tonight. But In case that I couldnt do it, I put the "v0.1" Thanks a lot for the jam

Love it! thanks for the game!

It was super hard to defeat Mecha-Neko but I won! Congratz on the game guys! :D

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I won! man... the 2nd clift was hard. You got a nice game here :D

Cool wizard... we meet again >:C

Cool game!

I won! it was super fun!

I love it! and I love the art and music in it. 

I love it! the characters where great, the art look like it spoke by it self. I would love to see this game with voice actors. 

I got a bug :/ I killed the dragon, visit Hiens and got an "script error"

I found it rly cool! and poor space kitties!

I would love to see more lvls! :D great game

You made a great game, I beat the first boss :P

It was fun :D 

I like it! I would make the jump less powerfull

I love the art <3