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Blorpus's AdventureView game page

Blorpus wants to visit their friend Zoey's house. Unfortunately, the path there is a little dangerous.
Submitted by MonaTheHexadecimal (@Hex_Space) — 8 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline
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Blorpus's Adventure's page

Theme inspiration
I saw "Passage" and took it literally, a passage to move through.

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These are things that you need to improve and that are a problem for all the beginners (Im in that group too) and can only be improved with practice.

- Collision box: the collision box wasnt right, and I got hanging by the side of the character and I could jump in places i didnt suppose to (it seems that you used the sprite as a collision). How would I fix it: I would make an invisible box arround the character and I would test the collision with it.  

-Music: It was unique, but the melodic line was a strange choise and it felt out of context with the harmonic line, It was distracting but that just me.

The art work was well made and I think your game has potential, thanks for making it!


The artwork is nice. The music isn't bad. The second portion was much more difficult to get through than the later portions, but that's normal for a game jam. Here's some thing you may want to look into if you make another platformer or similar game:

  • The camera doesn't need to follow the character at all times. I would recommend either of 2 methods: 1. not letting the camera move up until the character is on a platform, then moving the camera up to match the new platform, and not letting the camera move down until the character is below a certain point on the screen, or 2. not letting the camera move up or down until the character is outside of a center area with height just a little more than the character's maximum jump height. Either of those methods will stabilize the camera enough so that ground and ceiling don't constantly go in and out of view
  • Having a single consistent jump height tends to not feel very good. It's better to find some way to let the player control the jump height within a minimum and maximum (with the minimum being high enough to not feel like the character is being pulled down immediately). I typically prefer to do this by having a downward acceleration due to gravity along with a second downward acceleration theoretically due to drag whenever the player is moving upward but not holding down the jump button. I've noticed more recent mario games tend to have a more linear jump though, with releasing the button being what causes gravity to set in at all (paired with having a maximum fall speed equal to the jump speed)
  • Doing the exact same jump repeated will get boring very quickly to anyone who plays platformers a lot. Even if it's just to fill in a vertical climb, it's better to vary the relative positions of your platforms more.
  • You can get away with a lot by slowing down the animations of a 2d character.