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Greg Szypko

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Really well done!

This is really interesting! I like how it forces you to multitask, just like someone holding a conversation while daydreaming. One issue is that it's pretty hard to play with a touch pad. Maybe the arrow keys could also be an option in lieu of the mouse buttons/scroll wheel? Excellent job, though!

Pretty good :) I really like the idea of damage causing you to go back in time, even if it didn't really make it to the final product.

Very nice! I really like the aesthetic style here.

Yeah, it sure is rough around the edges and there were a million more things I wanted to do with it. I guess that's what happens when you make your very first game in 48 hours! Thanks for playing!

This feels very polished! My only concern is that there doesn't seem to be any reason to not crouch the whole time. Well done nonetheless.

Very well done!

Very fun! Good choice of art, it doesn't distract from the mechanics of the game.

This is really fun!

Thanks for playing and commenting! I definitely agree with you. Next time I'll be sure to schedule in more time for balance :)

This is nice, I especially like the art style. Kind of plays like Downwell in reverse!

I was a little confused about how the gun swapping mechanism worked at first, but boy did you do a good job giving each gun a nice unique feel. Especially liked the feeling of the rail gun and shotgun.

It's cool how the 180-double tap you have to do to prevent yourself from hitting the edges (at least that's how I ended up playing) fits nicely with the music. Really hard, but it feels very polished nonetheless.

I like this a lot. It hints at a lot of interesting gameplay possibilities, plus the art and sound are really nice. (Well, nicer than my project, for sure)