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Wow, such a high level of polish on display here! Not quite sure how it relates to the theme though? I noticed a slight bug that enemies are invisible when replaying the game without quitting.  Anyway, thanks for the game!

Well, not polished enough if there's a game breaking bug still in. I discovered it after uploading the game, a bit too late to fix - you can always restart the game, so it's not that bad. As for the theme - it's 'meta'. I went for present as the act of presenting something (new?) and that's what the game is - a glorified, interactive intro, a presentation. I could have just made the enemies presents and call it something like 'No Presents for Christmas' to fit the theme better, but would that make the game better? Nah.

Anyways, thanks for commenting, and thanks for playing, I hope You like it!