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Thanks. You're right about the goal not being clear, it should be a different model for it or maybe at least colored. 

I'll definitely play Your game, I've added it to my 'to play' list, but the mobile device I'm currently on ain't happy about browser games (it's a potato with wifi) so it will have to wait a week or so till I'm back to my desktop.  

Cool idea, very good execution. The look, sounds, music, style - everything fits together and has this professional feel. The controls could use a bit more tweaking but I can't be sure how it should be improved - maybe the jump/fly should be smaller and the bird falling a bit slower? I died 40 times in the first 5 minutes and I think that's a bit high death ration - but kudos for showing that statistics :D

The gameplay is solid, just a bit too hard for my feeble skills, there's no place for errors, not even one.

I don't hate it. The character drawings are great but the general game concept... maybe just too meta for me?

First the bad thing - wall of text. Most visual novels break up the text into bite size chunks and there's a reason for that, many people have a very short attentio... oh, look a puppy! What was I saying?

The crossed out options are cool, the replay is great, choices feel meaningful, writing is good, the story is... too true.

The plot is kind of meh, is the floor frozen, everybody(including the zombies) is on skates? Why has the player character a helicopter blade belt? I feel a missed opportunity here, the mechanic could be incorporated into the plot!

The colors for the text - not the best, the dark gradient kind of blends into the background making it annoying to read, paragraphs would be nice too.

The game mechanic is ok. There's a bit of a challenge, but it starts easy so that's fine.

That's impressive! Especially for graphics made in PowerPoint. A bit hard to play on my potato-class-pc, but it's smooth enough to be playable, unfortunately not smooth enough to record a video.

Top 5 in best game ideas for the jam games I've played so far.

Thanks, added to me ever growing list of  bugs to fix.  

This is the one I've seen: probably the early submission by your teammate. There was some talk on the previous jam that one game has been copy-pasted to some other site. I wanted to let you know, just in case.

The art is great, the controls difficult but fair, but the game has some problems. The random levels are not fair, some obstacles are just more difficult to pass then others. The repair landing pad is a trap 9/10 times I crash when landing and most collisions with the obstacles will make you crash. It's a good game, but pretty frustrating.

I think the main problem is that the player character can only move in 4 directions but the monsters can go in any direction, the effect is that in most cases you can't hit anything because the monsters are coming in at an angle. 


The sensation of speed is good, the controls a bit slippery but responsive - when I hit a wall I know it's because I drove into it. UI looks cool, but I've seen the design before, but that's ok - what's not ok, is the fact it won't fit on my screen. I've also seen this game under a different name, I don't know if that's Your alias or someone is stealing your game, you might want to check that out.


I totally fell for the 'jump-scare' (the one involving LEFT and RIGHT keys). I know nothing about the characters, world or plot so a bit more exposition would not hurt. The 'parallax' background is nice, I don't see that very often, it's cool there's some character customization. On the down side - I'd like more choices, even non-meaningful choices.

Spoiler filled video:

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I plugged in my off-brand controller but none of the buttons or axis do anything. It only allows me to play in 640x480,  800x600  and 1024x768 windowed,  when fullscreen at 1280x720 the text is still off screen (I can read 'z sur start!\n ommencer')

I had to rename a folder to get this game running, but I don't get it how the game should be played. You gain hears when walking during the day and lose them during the night, but I don't know what the buildings are and what they do.

It's a good demo, some cool concepts, and a retro look, not much of a game tho. But having something working is better then having submitted nothing.

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I kind of like this. The style is something I'm into from some time so that's a big plus, the ball looks as if it's not rolling but more like sliding - maybe a geo-sphere with hard normals or a dodecahedron (d12) would work better. There's also something wrong with the shadows - can't put my finger on it, but I think there are shadows cast on the obstacles but not on the track. The camera movement is irritating at first, but I think it ads to the gameplay - it's like having to learn to play two different games at the same time. Yeah, I like this.


The game 'window' could be bigger, it would make recording easier. I'm not sure when and why I should rotate the Earth and while playing I forgotten that I even could. It's also not clear how the moon health works. Fun game anyway.

Video (YT butchered it even more then my recording skills, sorry):

I'm not getting motion (or rather simulation) sickness but the blur makes my eyes water, and that's Oblivion level of bloom;)

Clicking mouse buttons while moving the cursor proved to be beyond my skills, but I'm using a trackball so that may be some of the problem, I'd have to crank up the sensitivity because I need to use my whole palm to move the cursor fast/far enough and clicking isin't easy then. 


Some of the background is a bit fuzzy looking, probably scaled too much, but apart form that the visuals are very good. The concept is very nice, a cool idea. The bad thing- controls are mushy and there are blind jumps where you can't see where to go. 

Gameplay video:

I got the same thing as Colin EUMP the game is not fitting in its own window and not responding to mouse nor keyboard. Title screen looks good tho...

There's nothing to apologize about. As far as experimental games go, this one isn't bad. There are no technical problems, it runs smooth, it looks good, it sounds good it is visually appealing, it's just the gameplay that needs some tinkering. It's not clear to me if I should try to keep the ball rolling or falling/flying, should I keep it moving fast or slow, should I avoid or try to hit the top or bottom? The black walls seem to pop up unexpectedly and recovering from getting stopped is very hard.

I was a bit confused at first how to play it, stuck on game over screen without knowing it. The game mechanic is simple once you understand how to play it. I liked the concept more then I liked the game if that makes any sense.

'texture-power-2' it's a different setting, you have to add it in manually. It should be hardcoded in so the engine won't resize textures to the next power of two, but maybe for some reason it's not working as it should. If it's not that then probably something wrong with the shaders I've written or how your gpu drivers compile them. You can add 'show-buffers = 1' to see the individual filter buffers, but that won't fix the problem. I'll add options to disable some or all of the filters once the embargo on submitting changes lifts - for now I don't think there's much I can do. Sorry. 

That looks very broken. Can you try setting 'multisamples = 0' and 'textures-power-2 = 0' in the config.ini file under the [panda3d] section? You may also try removing 'gl-version = 3 2'.

If I ever hear anyone saying video games are not art, I'm gonna send them here to play this game and prove them wrong. Very nicely done.

Video with S P O I L E R S!

The game look great, the title screen is cool, the spell effects awesome, the main character design interesting. But unfortunately the game is very frustrating for me. The cursor has the same color as the vfx so after a while I can't see where I'm aiming, there's too much going on on the map I can't avoid both monsters and traps while shooting, I don't understand why sometimes I can't shoot, monsters don't stay dead, but they do get stuck on obstacles in a way that makes them hard to hit. 

I don't know why but the game asks for internet access. That always worries me. Anyway - this is one of those oddly satisfying physics game, nothing like rolling around with 30 bottles stuck to your spiky avatar-ball. I wish the ground texture was better thou - the rest of the models and textures are really nice looking but the ground not so much. I also wished I could disable motion blur or select at what resolution to run the game, my potato-pc is struggling to render and record at the same time, here's how it looks:

LA-LA-LA! Can't hear you, because the happy music is playing after I got the Happy Ending in my Imagination LA-LA-LA!

Good one button game, I sort of wish it had some checkpoints build in, restarting from the beginning is cruel and unusual punishment ;)

Recoding of one of my best runs:

Another good looking game! I'm either lucky or everyone's making nice games. The sock monsters remind me of the centaurs as seen in Fallout 1/2 (if that's unintentional - lie about it). The game while satisfying isn't all that well balanced, the SP attack seems like the best option at all times.

Some gameplay (score 2750):

It looks nice, the sounds are cool (but there's not a lot of them ), I feel like the repetitive music should be annoying, but it's not. The problem is it's a hi-score game, but it's not showing any score. Best strategy I found was to stay still, pump the space and shoot like crazy - until a dino spawns on top of you.


But I don't see any console to type anything in :(

This is all I see:

This is like Robotron only looking better and nothing like Robotron gameplay wise. Great style, good sound effects disorienting controls - but in a good way:

My attempts at plying the game, or How Not To Play:

I like that it tells a story, the visuals are good and music is also nice, but there's not much gameplay. I feel I'd defeat the Rippers one way or the other whatever I click, there's also a bit of the unskippable cutscene that I've already seen. 


I like the look and the concept, but I don't feel like having enough control over what's happening, it's a bit disorienting as  I keep rotating the screen in the wrong direction.

This is one of if not the best looking game in the Jam. I got a bit of mixed feelings about the music, a bit annoying at first, but it grows on you over time.  I'm not sure about one thing thou - some of the flowers have 'bees' you need to risk to get near them but there's plenty of other safer flowers, so why would one go for the dangerous ones? 

A bit of gameplay:

This is too short! I want a version with 20 levels, because this one is a lot of FUN!

Gameplay/ walkthrough:

It's a fun puzzle game, original as far as I can tell - never played anything quite like it. It shakes a bit back and forth when pushing blocks or keys (or bumping into walls) and that gets a bit annoying. Turning is fluid but moving up and down is quantized and you can occasionally push a key or black in such a way that the puzzle can't be solved - but there's a rest button so it's not a big problem. Graphics could be more diverse and interesting, but that's not the most important thing in these kind of games.

Short gamepaly video - S P O I L E R S -