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It was embedded in the gameplay itself. Not only did we do it by repeating patterns but also in the way it is required to play the game since it is impossible to beat first try but you have to repeat it many times.

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Good one button game, I sort of wish it had some checkpoints build in, restarting from the beginning is cruel and unusual punishment ;)

Recoding of one of my best runs:

Developer (1 edit)

That was actually pretty good. You lost in probably one of the two hardest parts so don't feel bad. I was the tester and it got even me quite a lot of tries actually.

And sadly yes, as it is so short checkpoints would take away from the difficulty. Because the jumping itself is not hard, the hard part is doing it after everything that came before it. So, we thought to better not have them and have a difficult game rather than a boring one  : )