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A jam submission

Reflecting on ChangeView game page

A game of mirrors and reflection.
Submitted by Neil Dickson — 33 minutes, 20 seconds before the deadline

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Reflecting on Change's page

Central to this game is a hall of mirrors, with cycles of reflection, and also looping pathways. However, it also centres around cycles of setting up expectations and subverting them.

Extra Credit Challenges

Extra Walpole
Extra Credits

Sensory information
On slower CPUs, the game can appear to flash as it draws, so I included a photosensitive epilepsy warning at the beginning. I included .bat files to select windowed gameplay at lower resolution, to mitigate the issue on slower computers.

Content warnings
N/A, though it might still feel creepy to people.

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That's impressive! Especially for graphics made in PowerPoint. A bit hard to play on my potato-class-pc, but it's smooth enough to be playable, unfortunately not smooth enough to record a video.

Top 5 in best game ideas for the jam games I've played so far.


Thanks for the high praise! :)  An additional secret with the images is that I screenshotted them, pasted and cropped in Paint, scaled them down 4x, then scaled them back up 4x, so that they'd be blurred a bit and it wouldn't have to take any more CPU time to do anti-aliasing at runtime. XD  I uploaded a new version today that by default renders at 1280x720 and scales up to fullscreen, instead of rendering at full resolution, but it's still pretty slow.  It did fix some key response issues, though.  I have an algorithm idea for how to render much faster, but I need to work out a bunch of edge cases first.


This was cool the whole room of mirrors thing was neat. But the movement was unresponsive and made me feel that I had to tap the button. But either way its a fun game thanks for making it!



and thanks for playing it! :)  I uploaded a new version a few hours ago that hopefully has much smoother keyboard input response, though the framerate is still pretty low, so it still feels a bit jittery.

Submitted (1 edit)

Those were some really neat effects! It was interesting returning to a previous spot to find that it changed or looped around in a nonsensical way. It gave my Stanley Parable vibes.

It would be a lot better if it was just more responsive. It was skipping frames for me even on the lowest setting (Although it didn't seem to do much worse at full screen ... weird), but also, the character doesn't start moving continuously until a second after you start holding the key, like it's set up to not recognize a held key until it is clear that the key was not just tapped. You may want to change how you are getting keyboard input, because that alone would be a huge improvement.

Also, I kind of like the use of signs on the floor. They give you something to read as you are walking, and they form some cool-looking patterns sometimes with the mirrors.


Thanks!  I'm hoping that I can fix the key input issue soon.  I used the automatic key repeat from Windows, which has a longer first delay, instead of checking the key state on a fixed interval, which is what I should have done.  The signs on the floor were initially just as a stand-in for a narrator, but I thought it looked neat to have something other than just the character and the floor tiles reflecting, too.  The part where all directions appear to say "Don't go this way" due to reflections was a happy accident, haha.  :D

Graphically, it's an impressive feat. I didn't feel very engaged though. I think it would've been better with a flat colored floor. The grid is hard on the eyes. Subtle changes in the coloring would have worked too to make it more interesting, or having the signs not be the same so much.


Thanks for playing!  Yeah, the grid and lag are why there's an epilepsy warning, so I hear you on that.  That said, if the floor were a solid colour, there wouldn't be much indication when the player is moving forward, so some sort of variation is definitely needed.  Most of the signs were primarily because there wasn't time to figure out how to add narration voice overs during the game jam, so in a full-scope game, I'd probably have gone that direction with it, instead of messages on the floor.