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Cursed DungeonView game page

3D endless roguelike for #extragamejam
Submitted by Fox Game Dev, CarbonFox, RabidOrange (@Rabbid493), Alejandro Royo, Patricia Lazaro (@PLazaroTello) — 7 minutes, 50 seconds before the deadline

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The theme of 'cycles' is applied by having the madness cycle (every 3 chambers the avatar gets the Madness effect) and by having endless chambers (so it is a cycle of entering a chamber, killing enemies and leave the chamber).

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I think the main problem is that the player character can only move in 4 directions but the monsters can go in any direction, the effect is that in most cases you can't hit anything because the monsters are coming in at an angle. 


The player should be moving in all directions, as the monsters do. If I have understood correctly, the problem lies with the player's attack, which has a tiny collision and can miss a lot. This is something completely true and you are right: we did not think about the attack and when we implemented it it was already too late to change it. I think a circular attack (full circle or mid circle) would have been better.

Also, the game was not clear enough. The green slime cannot be killed, so no matter how many times you hit it, it won't die.

Thank you a lot for the feedback, it helps us grow!


The attack seems to be totally useless, the madness lacks an explanation for why the player takes damage out of nowhere, and enemies have a tendency to spawn on top of the player at the beginning of a new room. The best I could do was just running from room to room ignoring enemies. That run I got 11 rooms cleared, 1 coin, 4 emeralds, 4 rubies, and a total score of 350.

The visuals aren't bad, but I think the floor tiles would be better if they aligned with the directions of movement.


Thanks a lot for the feedback!

We are aware of all the problems you listed, this was our first time doing a game in 3D, our first time using Godot, and our first time working together, so we ran into a lot of other problems too.

This was the best we could achieve with the given time, and we hope to get better in upcoming jams! Anyway, thanks a lot for taking the time to play our game! :)