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Patricia Lazaro

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Nice and original concept! Some controls' information would have been great (even if they are not in the game but in the page itself).

I am not sure about the 4-colors palette, maybe I have understood it wrong... There are always only 4 colors in the screen, but I thought the idea was to use only 4 colors in the entire game. If not, then this is thinking out-of-the-box!

Really cool concept! The ticking is stressful, but not in a bad way, and the art is simplistic and retro but very nice. It all fits together: music, art, sound effects, gameplay becoming more frenetic each time...

The player should be moving in all directions, as the monsters do. If I have understood correctly, the problem lies with the player's attack, which has a tiny collision and can miss a lot. This is something completely true and you are right: we did not think about the attack and when we implemented it it was already too late to change it. I think a circular attack (full circle or mid circle) would have been better.

Also, the game was not clear enough. The green slime cannot be killed, so no matter how many times you hit it, it won't die.

Thank you a lot for the feedback, it helps us grow!