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Patricia Lazaro

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A meta-game! :D loved it!

The Jim family is super dead haha with bags under their eyes, even the baby

Great innovative idea! Loved the soundtrack, very catchy


Very nice!

Thank you for playing!

Thanks! The dodge roll is a pet peeve of mine in this game, simple but funny :)

Thanks a lot for the comment!

Thank you for the feedback! :)

Thank you for the comment! We will add particles and sound effects when hitting/getting hit in future versions of the game. Thanks for the feedback! :)

Thanks! Yeah, we should have made clearer when the ultimate was ready. Taking a note for future versions!

Thank you a lot for the feedback! Really glad you liked it!

Thanks for the feedback! Difficulty is very important to get right as developers. We take note for future versions! :)

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it that much :)

Thanks for playing!

Thank you a lot for playing :)

Thank you for playing!

maybe it would be better to add an indicator of when it's possible to use the ultimate attack

Noted! Thank you for the feedback and the comment! :)

You should also be immune to their special attacks if you roll through it.
Since you can shoot non-stop, simpley holding J should be possible (or make a reload mechanic).

Very true! We'll keep those in mind for next updates :) And we'll see where to put the timer so it won't bother the player :)

Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for playing and the feedback!

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Thanks a lot for the feedback! Yeah the ulti was a bit bugged in the initial release, but hopefully it is fixed now :)

Loved your game as well! Very fun :D

Thank you for playing! Yes, the timer could be a bit distracting, so we have changed it on an update :D

Thanks for the feedback, it helps us improve!

Thank you a lot for your comment!

Amazing concept and art! Which art software did you use?

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Amazing art!

The options were a nice touch -- the credits, etc and the weapon choices. Gives the game replayability.

What software did you use to make the graphics?

Nice sound effects and a plus for the tutorial at the beginning!

The pear ship shot was a bit unresponsive though

Tried different combinations of noses, fuels, etc, but none of them work. Maybe this is why I am not an astronaut :P

Original concept

Fun graphics and interesting notoriety system! Loved the Donut man sprite

But you are the bagel! How could I kill my beloved doughnuts? :P

Nice art!

Really nice music!

Nice! The 3D movement was challenging for me

Nice game! Maybe the characters and bullets could stand out more against the background


Nice game, but very difficult to control

Needs some sounds to make it more enjoyable :)

Maybe the dragon can have a spherical collision to make moving the balloons easier? :)

Loved the art! The controls are difficult

Amazing music and sounds!

I said it on your game page, but again, difficulty scaling is very well done!

Great game! Really like the gameplay and the difficulty scaling up with each puzzle is very well done!

Have you tried clicking on the screen? It was hard to turn around for me too, but then I realized this and it went nice and smooth

Very good game!

My score: 4913