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Okay so after trying literally everything I could imagine of, I think I finally fixed it, by using my own Gitlab Runner:
- I installed Docker Desktop on my laptop
- I followed the instructions on Gitlab about installing your own Gitlab Runner with Docker and registered my Gitlab Runner
- In the project settings I disabled using shared runners and set it so pipelines only run using my runner
- Tried to execute the pipeline and butler push didn't fail.

So it might be a temporary Gitlab issue? I don't know, I do still have to test it on a few more pipelines I have but seems promising

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I am getting the exact same issue, I tried lots of things but no luck. I am building a Godot game so I am using baricello's Godot 3.4 docker image. Worth mentioning that I used his image from 3.3.2 on another project and that did not fail when I used it some time ago, but I re-tried that project today (with image 3.3.2 too) and failed with the same mysterious error. Tried to use -v flag to output info but nothing useful outputs (mostly directories, no real error message)

Could it be possible to implement importing midi to a track?

Thanks for playing! We got a few reports from family members also stating that they got random crashes between levels :( It's hard for us to track down the exact error because we have been all day testing the game but works on our machines... We will keep an eye to see if we can fix it though!

Yeah, we basically started late because we used friday and saturday testing out other ideas that weren't as fun as this one, so that made everything else get rushed 😅 But thanks for playing! Glad you like it :)

NOTE: Due to a bug after stage 3 the game closes itself. We are sorry about that :( It was supposed to show a congratulations message and then go back to main menu.

Yeah we couldn't figure out a better way to handle the limitation >.<

Thanks for the feeback!

Nice game, I think the best part was the audio for me. Really fits the ambient of the game :)

I agree on the ambitious part hahaha in fact, we wanted to do A* path finding but of course that ended waaay too far out of scope xD

- About the controls, yeah we didn't notice until the very end of the jam about the weird diagonal movement just with the arrow keys, thats why we added the A-D movement between hotels, but still does not fix the issue hahaha

- The money earning is random yep, we implemented it that way because it added a bit of spice. Green people are the only ones who give money tho, red people are angry grandpa's that only damage hahahah. Yellow people are the ones that repair the hotels

- About the money in the hotel, each time you press W you get the money that that hotel has accumulated by hosting green people. So yeah, sometimes you get 50$ and sometimes 200$, it depends on how much money that hotel has at the moment.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!!

Nice game! I really liked "SMASHING" through the space ahhahah

But I agree with Bunnywabbit13, the movement at some points is reaaaaally slow haha

At the beggining we were about to implement A* path finding but because we didn't have enough time, we ditched it in favor of just linear movement. And you are right also about the fonts, we didn't have anything better at the time hahaha.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! It didn't end up as we wanted (because sometimes it sounds a bit weird) but we did what we could!

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

We are aware of all the problems you listed, this was our first time doing a game in 3D, our first time using Godot, and our first time working together, so we ran into a lot of other problems too.

This was the best we could achieve with the given time, and we hope to get better in upcoming jams! Anyway, thanks a lot for taking the time to play our game! :)