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Great idea, this could do really well! It could use a slightly easier learning curve though. With some work I can see this being good on mobile.

The trick is to collect the four stars you can, then see which two you need to get rid of. Then the bigger trick is surviving long enough to be able to finish. ;)

I had a blast chatting with you on discord as well! Can't wait for next year(or hopefully half a year). 

Will keep that in mind, I was thinking of adding a par system because you can get in situations where you need to move a few times rapidly to beat the harder ones.

Love the menu art!

Interesting concept, I like it. Blocks could be locked to the Z-axis with constraints for better gameplay(making it a bit easier to kill the enemies), but I did like how it looked when they fell off the landscape. 

Really scared me quite a few times! Love how much further you took it since I last played.

I like the art, confusing on what triggers collecting the sandwich parts, but very clear what you need to do.

Interesting concept, took me a while to get past the first ledge, but once I figured it out it was really fun. 

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From what I've managed to nail down, it's the distance between start point and end point(or collected object) that affects what I've called the "phase through bug". Usually, while travelling, they do collect. It's the odd times when the distance is just so that they don't. It's due to how I handle movement.

I've mitigated it as best I could in the time limit, it used to be way worse.

Yeah! It was a self-imposed challenge, mainly because I'm bad at art and someone mentioned on discord doing an ASCII game once.

Thank you!

Great art style, took me a couples tries to figure out that energy drinks do not decrease dehydration lol. I really like the high score list as well!

Pretty good game, I made it over two minutes after failing within a minute the first time. The text was a little hard to read( AKA AssetJesus has some good free CC0 pixel style fonts), and I wish we could restore the poles in some way, losing a key one makes fixing the grid in 5 seconds difficult lol, maybe money gained slowly for keeping power on, but they cost a lot to fix. 

Anybody else getting pre-jam excitement about diving into something hardcore for a couple days?

Great idea could really become a nice little strategy game with a few tweaks, it could use some tool tips for what the extractors/nukes do, and what kind of effects crashing into planets actually does. Very pretty as well.