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Awesome demo!  I would play again with some updates.  This was the sort of ideas I had when I came up with the theme.

I agree with the comment below.  It would be neat to only see the "invisible" platforms with light or without light...something easy to tie in the theme.  Great puzzle platformer though!

Great job!  I really enjoyed playing this game, but I'm a sucker for the classic snake game.

Great start!  The enemies were tough.  

Can't wait to see more done with this!  Nice work.  Were you thinking of having enemy AI or just puzzles?

lol...I shot most of my energy before I even got in the room.  And my pc couldn't hardly run it.  I need a new laptop.  Good idea though with a fps.  I'd play again with some polish.  Nice work!

Interesting idea and fun little game.  How do you fix the poles on fire?  Fired pretty quick.

I can't get past the start no mouse, no cursor, just sits and plays the bg animation and music.  What am I doing wrong?

This was hilarious trying to load / move the pallets.  Was it possible?  I couldn't pickup any pallets, only the white cubes.  Good work.  A lot of fun and a good laugh not being to work a fork truck.

Good start and could easily build and play again.  I found the controls to be difficult and screen size too big for my laptop, but that's my problem, not yours.  I kept waiting for sound or even some background music.  I also thought maybe something was going to come through the door, adding a little fear to the game.  Might go that route.  Great job!

Fun game!  I like the music.  Possibly mix up the player speed.  I wish I moved faster, maybe overall higher energy.

Not sure who used my LostPenguin name...but loved the game.  Nice work!  I think it would be easier to play if you had levels or a break.  I lost a few times just clicking on random items, consider adding a highlight feature on items that are needed.  Pretty easy to figure out, but just an idea.  

Awesome job!  I thought the music fit well, the build ability was a cool feature.  Transitions between levels took a little too long.  Maybe a transition affect at the beginning of the level to help the player see the goal for those levels with the "leaps of faith."  Adds a little memory feature to the game.

That’s a real a good point. I suppose when you create the game page, the most important thing would be to add the actual download. Sorry, I’m an idiot. It was late and I wasn’t happy with the outcome.  I’ll add the download when the voting is over. 

What's the secret?  The hitback_64x.exe and hitback_86x.exe didn't work.  

Great job.  I hope you continue with this.

Not bad.  I'd like a little more speed or the ability to move left/right to control the jump a little more.  Music was great.

Nicely done!  I love the "time travel" mechanic and the way to solves puzzles using it.  Music well done also.

You keep saying this is so bad in chat...not that bad.  I like the design and the sound.  I agree needs a score and powerups.  Great start though, could easily update and keep playing!

Awesome job!  I'm adding to my collection.  I hope you'll keep adding more.

Fun game, good sound affects, I would have liked to see pickups after killing bears or weapons, I know, short amount of time.

Interesting game...took me a minute to figure out how to clear the planets.  Simple controls and easy to keep playing.

Great game!  Had to finish to find out what was behind the door. the game!

thank you for the bug report. We may work on an update to make the game longer and easier to play but the limited positions was meant to meet the requirements for the theme.  We completely agree with level 4 and the number of archers implemented that quick make it impossible. Thanks for playing and commenting!

Great game...but I agree with the animals crossing trees.  Great job!

Not bad, I really wanted to make it to the end without shooting! 

derstandar...I'm trying to keep a weekend game jam going.  Keep things simple and fun.  Please checkout my upcoming jam:

Post Grind Jam #1

Well done.  I enjoyed playing this.  I kept waiting for something to fall from a dragon and allow me throw double arrows or fire arrows.

Awesome game!  I kept wanting more interaction with things in the level.  Music fit very well.  Mechanics and design very fluid.

I enjoyed the game.  Music was just right.  I want to see more of Squeakers and his cable stealing.

yeah the archers are overpowered...and defense positions are... SCARCE!!!  Lol