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Thank you! Something that isn't too obvious is that there's a lot more equipment if you order by the phone and you can also expand the shop there :) 

Thank you, and thank you for playing! It should be a on percentage on how well you did, but from feedback it doesn't seem to work for everyone.

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Oh no! I didn't have time to put up boundry collisions x) I hoped people would stick to the initial valley^^ But maybe you got the real experience  :D

Thank you for playing and the feedback! Might be some issue with frame time that I didn't consider for the circles moving too fast. :)

Thank you for the feedback! Both of us were a bit sick so couldn't put as much effort into it as we wanted^^ I wanted to get back to the movement as it was very basic, but never ended up in the end. Idea was to have something very cute to have a very dark, grim hidden side effect to it.

Thanks for feedback. In this game you are thie bird, so you are "sending it" by clicking.

Gotta dig a little deeper! If you hit every beat correct you should just be partly below the camera, just tried. You get bonus by each successive hit. Could be a frame-rate thing in worst case. Anyways thanks for trying it out!

Thanks for playing! Awesome that you finished it as well!

Thanks for playing! :D

Nice idea and style, I couldn't get past the both rooms x) Not enough energy/time to shoot all of them and drain the orbs, and there were some inconsistency of how much energy the doors drained. If you go with the idea of interval spawning and timed orbs, maybe give the player a low energy gain so the player has a chance to fend of the enemies even if he uses his energy badly.

Nice concept, a bit more feedback of how well you've done so far, like timer. Didn't know I could make diagonals until I read in this section, and confused why only the left pole give power to the house. Maybe give the player a chance to repair poles, and increase the difficulty by ramping up the thunder strikes - I would say this removes the feeling of being cheated on by receiving diagonally struck houses that kills entire lines that can't recover.