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Loved the game! really great job with bringing all the parts together. the music and sfx feel create a really cohesive and enjoyable experience. I felt the level was a little too hard... would be good for a second or third level, but otherwise was solid. Great work!

Hey I appreciate it. Im just starting as a professional indie dev and I am doing these Jams to learn new skills and get practice. Every little bit helps.

Thanks for the feedback! Do you have suggestions for how the level design could be improved?

Thanks! We discovered that a little late in the process to fix it an you are correct, its a fault of the unity engine.  Thanks for the feedback!

Nice progress! The music is really a good fit and matches the game well, and I like the art style.

Thanks for the feedback! I had originally designed that as the third set of levels, but it ended up being the hardest so I moved it back a bit. I am still working on engineering sound effects and figuring out how to integrate them into the game, so any advice is welcome!

Excellent job! The music was a little spiky -  to turn it up enough to discern the low volume bits made the high volume bits much too loud, and it fit the theme of the jam really well. I encountered several times where I died and couldnt identify what killed me, but i liked the enemy spawning and shooting, it was tough without being impossible. I found the giant blade enemies as well and they didnt seem to be able to damage me, so I don't know if I broke them or something.  The art all fit together really well, although the tiling on the floor didnt seem to flow perfectly. All in all a great game!

Nice art style. I found the long delays towards the end of later levels to be a little dry, 20-30 seconds with no bubbles spawning and just sitting there. Similarly the difficulty was only in the first few seconds, since after that thered be no more hazards. The falling level was the most fun and felt rewarding to see big numbers pop up.

Hey! im interested as well!

Where's the link to the game?

Great little puzzler! Was a little confused with the controls at first but worked it out in my second game. The art is really good, but the lights are really hard to see and click on on a larger screen. The 5 second limit is a little brutal as well but i didn't mind it. Made it to 147 on my second game. 

Love the art style!