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Positivity is SpreadingView game page

A game for game developers. Stay strong!
Submitted by RADU — 10 days, 1 hour before the deadline
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Artistic Style#9482.7502.750

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  • With the use of the first individual I talked to, conversing with them was helpful enough to get a scope of how the game was to be played. The use of colors to indicate you were on the right track was a nice tough as well
  • Loved the dialogue. Was surprised on how warm it made me feel!
  • Writing is so feral I couldn't make it past a few seconds. Pure vomit.
  • I enjoy the dialogue and the art style, but I feels like GDD could use little more "love" here, but since you are working on full game, that is understandable. Good game with good vibes. Best of luck to you and your full game. Vamonos!

Did you include your Game Design Document in your downloadable files?

Tell us about your game!
It's a game with only dialogue. You talk about the game you're making with some strangers, that can be very supportive in their own way.

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Extra Notes
I hope to participate in a full-length jam one day! Right now I'm working on a full game to release on Steam though.

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What a sweet love letter to everyone this was, a message from the heart. Not only did it make me laugh, it also made me smile, and that takes 10x the effort!

Seeing Thor already pink is an amazing detail too! I'm sure he was and still is a huge inspiration for many of us unsure about pursuing game dev. His aura will be passed on to thousands of game devs who will, in turn, inspire thousands more themselves!

Also, Nalei is my spirit animal. I'm pretty new to game dev so I've only made like 4 prototypes but that feeling you get when you see someone retry your game after they're done instead of moving on... it makes it all worth it. I've had the awesome luck of having a couple of friends fall in love with my game for this jam after I had showed them it for playtesting. It was such an unexpected moment seeing them enjoy what I've worked so hard for in such little time... and their eagerness to speedrun the game made me join in on the fun and go all the way. Long story short, we now have an official board for Green Top and every time I see it, it makes me giggle like a dumbass. 

We can all achieve unreal things, YOU yourself already did so by inspiring others the same way I was inspired. We all need a bit more positivity in our lives and all it takes is some small talk.


I first played this at the  very start of the jam, I was thinking about giving up because I didnt have a lot of time to make my game. But this game made me feel like I could and should continue with my submission. 

Thank you!


The gf part almost made me cry because I am in a same situation. I dont know why this simple game managed to make me feel this good but thank you. 


It is such a compact little game - and it does exactly what it says in the title. Thanks for making this, it felt good to play it through! Good luck with gamedev man!


Lovely, creative and wonderful, this is art... I loved it! It really made me feel more positive, the idea of putting real dialogues is a nice detail.

It may be simple, but it's your honest work, congratulations dude!


I played this while I was working on my own game and feeling very disencouraged. 
It felt nice, made me wanna continue working, and now I was able to release my complete submission~
Thank you 🌺✨


This is a really sweet idea, and full of humanity and chill vibes. I love the quasi-blackboard art, simple interaction and bloopy music. For the limited time you had available, it's very slick. I actually can't think of any constructive feedback off the top of my head.


Aw man I was smiling ear to ear the whole time playing this. A really, really feel-good take on the theme executed really well, plus it made me want to go make more games!

Gonna keep this tabbed and play it whenever I lack the motivation to make stuff.


this game honestly made me not give up from this jam tbh, really cool game about positivity n stuff



What I love about this game is its simplicity yet its strength to make one feel warm and energized.
I absolutely loved the interpretation of the theme about the positivity spreading.

i joined this jam with just 1 week on the clock. I skimmed through the submissions and found this gem.
This is what inspired me to join and not back off.  So, This is my personal favorite game in the jam.

Thank you for making this game ❤


Our team had a similar idea, but I think your version achives it's goals better. Good Job.


Now this is a clever take on the "spreading" theme. Big shout out to the music on this one. One question though, are they stop signs, or little lamps? 


Honestly, I'm not sure I'd have gotten through the gamejam without this. At my lowest point in prototyping, before I believed I could get through, I was in desperate need of someone who understood how hard it was. One of the characters felt like they were specifically saying every one of my fears... only to have them addressed. I just wanted to thank you for making this. It genuinely helped me a lot.


 I enjoy the simplicity of this game.. I also like the feeling I get as I am playing. Quite nostalgic as well. I can relate to the theme.


Very cute, especially the cat and the GF dialogue.

Loved the design and colour scheme, audio fits well, but the loop felt a bit janky. 

Overall this a a good entry!


quite fun


Cute :3


Lots of love 💙 ^^


Wholesome! great to see a game like this!


I love this concept, very well done and very wholesome ^_^

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