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To hard to play effectively, but a good idea.

more of a toy than a game.

A perfect example of what it wants to be. Honestly just making the UI dice deserves top marks. But the different enemy types and the fun of showering them with pellets is wonderful.

I easily see this going to the top based on creativity. Plus it's a perfect refresher after losing a round of Catan.

The isometric perspective really hurts this game, I'm having trouble understanding what face is on the other side of the camera and the controls are clunky. 

I saw a similar game with indicators as to what number each step would make, you should add that.

Nice graphics and great UI, but not much of a game here.

Cute art, but I swear the same idea was a submission to the 2020 GMTK GameJam.

One of the better roll-to-action games I've seen. Only wish it had more depth.

Cute art, but non-existent gameplay.

Functional, but incredibly basic. 

A nice mixture of Yahtzee and a twin stick shooter, but a bit underdeveloped. If the shooter was way harder I think this could be a good foundation for a rogue-lite.

This is a surprisingly well made action RPG (or at least the begginnigs of one). I like the Hindu theming quite a lot. Though the monkies were a bit too hard.

Not anything I haven't seen before, but very well put together. The gameplay is fun, and the deck building is competent. Though the dice rolling animations drag on a bit.

I don't really get it. And the awful music does not help

Good satire, but needs wacky characters and higher stakes to really be funny. 

This one might be broken, it just sends me to a very pretty screen but doesn't seem to do anything else.

There's a fun game here, but the dice stuff seems like an afterthought. I do like the hovering sword though, 

The graphics and sound are top notch. But the gameplay isn't anything I haven't seen before. 

This is the good stuff. 

Not only is this a great interpretation of the theme, but it has some smart level design and good sound.

Make it a multiplayer free for all for added tension.

So, this might seem like a good idea. But the waiting and random dieing are not fun at all.

Could be a fun game, but seems to be broken. After some time the shots start coming out randomly and you don't even need to kill all enemies to prosede.

Quite a fun, casual game. Though I do like momentum based controls more than most.

it isn't loading.

A quite fun RPG with great presentation. I would like a level select function though.

The best part is that attacks hit everyone in an area, which makes positioning really important while keeping the gameplay light.

A really clever interpretation of the theme (no randomness) and some level design that helps it.  I think you got a shot.

The end screen is easily the best part about this game. 

Besides that having your fellow slowly walk to the city is a nice touch.

The Chip? graphic has more charm than most of this game.

I made Canabalt, and was very happy

Hopefully after the magnet game, we don't want to overload Mark.

I love how turning speed, lookahead and jump to the max creates Canabalt.

I applaud a fellow note taker, and these are pretty good

Many old flash games had a level where it was incredibly easy to get "softlocked" with the caption of "you can always try again" or "press R to retry" to teach that mechanic.


door 7 is easily the best

Same thing here. I felt like I finally finished the tutorial, and it just ended.

A run-walk option might help

I had the same thought on moving and aiming. 

Hey, that sounds like puzzle solving to me

Here are my stream of consciousness thoughts on the game.

-I like the little shake when I hit the first panel

-I was expecting the key pipe to spirit me away to the next level, rather than just open the door.

-didn't see the bar in the first level until I smashed into it, still a bit hard to see

-Puzzle 3 was way to easy

-the little plus/minus signs have been a real help

-Puzzle 6 seems like a big jump in difficulty, which is nice, because the previous levels were trivial

-That’s it? Seems like an extended tutorial.

-Also, this reminds me a lot of old flash puzzle platformers, and those often something to keep you playing besides puzzles. Even a text screen at the very beginning can give pathos to a dry puzzle game.

-On that note, give a look to old flash games. Broadening your references can bring unexpected inspirations.

A lot better than I expected