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At first I thought "This is pretty but not very deep", then I discovered there are many endings and I was pleasantly  surprised. 

Also, is there a happy ending? TBH it would be kind of fun if there wasn't.

This is such a strange game. Yet so well made. I am conflicted.

Very well made game but I fail to see how it connects to the theme.

 You made this just for the pun didn't you

At least you made something and when you're 12 that's what counts.

I could see this being a great mobile game and I especially like the springy animation when you mis a jump. If only it had sound.

Had a bug on the third level, also I feel kind of mean when I can't let these people  just be with each other. Nice are though. 

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That aside this has a good chance to make it to the top, if only because it executes the theme so well.

Yes I have also played among us. Try adding some sound effects and more flare to the timer and this could be a fun party game.

Nothing really bad but the pieces don't fit together. The player character cute but clashes with the rest, the art style is interesting but hard to read and the level disign fails to make the most of a possibly good mechanic. 

Great enemy animation though.

Good interpretation of the theme, but lacking polish. Some suggestions: Better music, more sound effects (for ropes snapping, catching animals), a wall around the stage and some momentum on the ropes.

I didn't expect the voice acting is the best thing about a jam game. Great Job.

See you in the top 20. Also great music.

I wonder why this has no comments. Maybe they are all in the ravine?

This game will reach the top 20. I'm calling it!

Did anyone else had a fight club in the bathrooms?

This game is a lot easier if you just turn everything blue and go from there. I also think some light voice acting would go a long way.

This game could be fun without the chain reaction that kills all my towers after one mistake.

Fun game, it reminds me of the flash games of ages past.

Why do I spew out melons when I die? 

This game is like herding cats.

I swear I played a flash game like this back in the day. One of the ones with the elephant. Still fun.

Good concept, needs a better game.

Wonderful game, takes the theme in a very philosophical direction. Much better than all the "too much of X" games.


I hadn't played a game this funny in a long time.

The ludicrous quests are a nice touch too, especially the blind man.

Too short but pretty good. It would work just as well if you couldn't control the enemies.

Good presentation though. 

Not as much a game as it is a toy. A+ for cat realism though.

I imagine myself playing a better game.

I crashed : (

Not very original. But fun.

Simple, efficient but a little too safe.

Good battle simulator, But of limited staying power.

Wonderful presentation, but it reminds you why authored mechanics are usualy better.

But destroying everything in my path is more fun!

I fail to see what the game part is in this "video game"

This game is honestly better than it has any right to be.

Wonderful game. The slow screen tilt is my favorite part.