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I like it! Playtest, at least as far as I got: .

Great submission. My playtest is here: .

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Nice work! Creepy soundtrack and satisfyingly squelchy roach-squashing effect.

I feel that you could bump up your movement/animation speed quite a bit... it can be a bit slow getting to where you want to go. Also maybe add some more colliders so you don't e.g. walk over your table or bed :)

Well done for getting it to the submit stage!

Edit: oh, and set your game name in the installer (it currently reads, "GameMaker Game" or similar).

You did it! You submitted a complete, working, engaging little game. Well done :)

I like the little powerup tablets, once I figured out you could double-jump briefly, that seemed like a mechanic you could build on... maybe with an expanded playing area that had platforms?

The music got a tiny bit monotonous after awhile, but I get it, when you have 2 days to build a soundtrack loop, you do what you must!

Awesome work, I bet you learned a ton.

Ohhhh I never tried that! Makes sense. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to try this weird experiment! The UX needs a re-work from the ground up. But I'm really happy to hear you weren't turned off by the idea of having story embedded in there, the second iteration is starting now.

This submission intimidates me so much! XD A really wonderful effort. The controls feel smooth and predictable, the mechanic is exploited in interesting ways, the puzzles are well thought-out, the models look great... it's hard to criticise. But I'm gonna, to try to be helpful.

I feel like the pace of the platforms could use a little tweaking. There's quite a bit of waiting around for platforms to get to the right spot, as the environments are large, so are the paths the platforms traverse. So to keep the player from getting frustrated, I'd either a) bump the base speed a bit, or b) provide a way to reverse direction, which would  be quite a fun addition.

Are the balls on the final level a bit buggy? They kept disappearing on me. On reflection, I wonder if they were just phasing through the walls of the safe as I didn't realise you had to hold E in order to keep them aloft. Having this separate key combination was a tiny bit unwieldy. Would it work to use the entanglement gun to transport them? I suppose that might make it difficult to manipulate the other parts of the puzzle. Anyway, it seems perhaps checking to ensure they don't end up somewhere inaccessible, or reset to their original spawn position if dropped might be an option.

I noticed when I activated one of the catapults, there was an edge case where I didn't get flung but just stopped on the very end of the catapult. It only happened once, and I couldn't reproduce it but didn't try too hard!

Oh, also as a data point, your game runs fine under Proton (Arch Linux, i5 13600k, 7900XTX) so that should mean you're SteamDeck compatible!

Can't tell you how much this game impressed me. It has real Portal vibes, which is the highest compliment I can pay.

The default should absolutely be a bee, buzzing! Never occurred to me :D

Seems like an interesting idea! I like the chunky graphics and the concept. Unfortunately I had two instances where it hard-crashed the browser in fullscreen mode (MacOS Chrome, haven't tested on other platforms yet) so I wasn't able to fully evaluate it. Looks promising though.

I love this idea. I think it could be quite an interesting tool for teaching beginners. There are plenty of possible "power-ups" such as a wildcard note or "hit the prize with the sound". There's genuine satisfaction in getting to the edge of the "map" and seeing your note float off into space.

It's also a great take on the theme. The bee line-art is cute, the sound is smooth (if a trifle loud) and I love anything with hex tiles :)

Obviously, there are some UI issues... the drag bug isn't limited to mobile browsers, it appears to be across the board. There are some issues with tiles stacking on each other too, which led in one case to notes cycling rapidly back and forth with no way to interrupt 'em.

Overall, a great and creative submission, well done!

Excellent. You already have all the notes about control scheme, which are really just polish stuff anyway. Technically it's really accomplished. I thought the Grandma background was maybe a bit wide and diffuse to appreciate.... I'd be keen to see a little icon or popup somewhere non-essential on the screen that replaces the background image in a more contained fashion.

Nice work team. A platformer I can actually play!

Heh, yeah tough to see what you're spreadin', but a nice chill little submission. Moog-y music, some nice little animations. Sweet. Not entirely sure why we're discarding so much toast, but I guess we're SPREADING it to the world...

Arrr, nice submission. Boppy little soundtrack, smooth controls, nice art. I mean, at some point you could just, y'know, PUT DOWN THE GAS CAN XD but other than that, a neat take on the theme. Well done!

Charming little game. Great mechanic. I know menus and UI for this kind of thing aren't easy, having recent experience with my own submission!

I notice sometimes text pops up but if you happen to be moving, it's tricky to see it before it flashes off again... might need a way to "re-summon" notices if you miss 'em?

I'm not terribly good at platformers, and I didn't make it past the initial stages but still, well done on your submission!

Ah bummer, I know those feels when your upload breaks! Well done on getting it to submission stage at least, that's an achievement in itself.

Hey, good start! Well done getting your first jam submission in. Definitely needs a croissant DLC XD

Nice work! This is a perfectly respectable little match-3 game, and really good for a first attempt. I can only imagine the number of things you picked up along the way, mouse interaction, animation, sounds and looping, web builds for Itch, etc. etc.

It seems redundant to give you constructive feedback since I'm sure you already have a long list of things you want to learn, but as an example: the sound loop has a noticeable start/finish. If you made it quite a bit longer, I think it wouldn't be so noticeable?

I found the controls a tiny bit opaque in that there was no drag animation... the block only moved after you release the button. Adding a drag animation would make this feel quite a bit more dynamic, and help the new players understand what was going on.

Congratulations on submitting, that's a really big deal and best of luck with your work.

Yeah I had nightmares of you spending hours looking for crashes when I'm basically a dumbass XD

Thanks so much for taking the time to try it! Thomas Was Alone was a vibe in the sense that I don't have any art skills to speak of, so need to lean on what geometry can give me. Also, the embedded story is a track I'd like to explore more (which you also did so nicely in your entry).

Of course, the bugs and clunky UI get in the way. But hey, it's the first time I've ever made anything vaguely playable, so I'll take that as a learning experience!

That's really nice of you :) I was trying to strip it back to the bare elements of the genre. Unfortunately, at least one person was intimidated by all the empty space and found they couldn't play it!

Please don't try to recreate it! Heh. Unfortunately I discovered this morning that my current CPU config is not stable under load. It's flaking during compiles etc. My guess is, that particular level has a bit of a high CPU requirement for some reason, and it was dying. Definitely not your fault :)

What a great concept and execution. Not to mention an impeccable GDD :)

I don't know if it was Proton-related (ran it under Linux Steam), some instability in my system or something else entirely (maybe how many times I died to the spikes!) but I was able to reproduce several game crashes on the... maybe third or fourth level, with the spike pit at the bottom? Seemed to occur after about three or four deaths. Other jam games including some quite demanding 3D ones (and other Unity games) have been performing well, so just thought I'd mention it in case there was an issue with resetting the player after a death or some such.

It's the kind of thing you only find out with people like me who suck at platformers!

Thank you so much for taking the time to persevere with your virus false-positives and check out the prototype! And for your very detailed feedback.

There is actually an undocumented "cancel" control (right-click) but I don't think I really tested it or mentioned it!

Thanks so much for taking the time to download my oddball experiment! I really appreciate you making the effort.

Not so much a trailer as a play-through for people who didn't want to download, or couldn't figure out the weird control scheme XD 

Thanks so much for taking the time to try it!

Nice one! I shall keep a lookout for happiness defibrillators everywhere :D

Yes, absolutely! 

No worries, let me know if you want to do some more testing! For reference, the Linux box is an i5 13600K and a 7900XTX.

Loved watching this one develop and where you've arrived at now. Excellent representation of the theme, and quite tricky to beat levels above easymode!

Really enjoyed the blocky sprites, the fire dissolve, and all the particles.

The minimap bug I'm 99% sure is due to fullscreen mode in the browser. Source: it works when not in fullscreen. I'm guessing it just doesn't know how to translate those coordinates when it's expecting a tiny window and you give it a massive one!

Awesome job. Great tutorial too, lots of people never made it that far with their submissions!

Awesome work. I played this when you asked for playtest on the final day, and liked it then. I still think it's great! I quite like a game that has one movement mechanic and you just focus on positioning. I must admit, I didn't realise that the things I was picking up were ashes! I thought they were water droplets that replenished my fire-putting-out powers XD

Really well done, great submission.

This is great! I've never played a rhythm game, so I'm a complete newcomer. The tune was catchy enough, the stick-figure graphics appealing, and the overall vibe was quite zen.

I swear I tried to initiate chains on a few downbeats that just didn't go off? Maybe I'm wrong and I just suck XD

I would've liked to see a fullscreen that worked as a fullscreen (or else just disable the button). Other than that, a great chill submission, well done.

I guess I'm dumb... I never made it past the fountain! This looks very impressive, smooth controls and mechanics, and great looking art. Well done!

Really interesting! Technically, everything seemed super-smooth. I liked the teeth transition effect, the low-fi sprites and eerie music, and your own voice acting which isn't half bad!

I got momentarily puzzled by the various mechanics... till I saw the teeth hovering over a villager and realised what was up XD I imagine in a more fully realised version of the game, you'd introduce these things one at a time perhaps.

I see you even themed the GDD, nice touch! Great submission, well done.

Looks really interesting, but unfortunately immediately crashed when run on Linux under Proton Experimental. Thinking this was a proton issue, I switched to a Windows laptop (Win 11, a few years old but up to date with patches) and the same thing happened. Sorry, best of luck with your submission!

Nice work! It looks like there are the components for a pretty interesting game here.

I played on Linux using Proton, so that means your game is SteamDeck ready ;)

I did notice it didn't cope terribly well with being full-screened... not sure why, but the menus at least got a bit confused by that and stopped registering clicks.

I belatedly discovered you could scroll-wheel through the different coloured blocks in the first position on the UI, but that didn't appear to change anything... maybe I just didn't click middle mouse?

The _fusion reactor_ or _flux capacitor_ is pretty, and must have been satisfying to build!

Nice work, hope you learned a ton and look forward to seeing what you turn this into.

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I can speak their language now.

Had I been eating a peanut butter jelly at the time, this would've made me do a spit-take. Hilarious.

I liked the blocky graphics... the engineers remind me of the ones in the _Chernobyl_ series! I was a bit confused by what to do at times, particularly in the spreading scene... am I trapping the engineers? colliding with them? But overall, a nice diversion. Good job :)

Thanks so much for taking the time to download and play it!

Oh, I was right the first time! Heh. Oh well, I'll know to turn it into ice next time.

I have now played the pigeon game XD

Awesome work. I liked the concept, the sense of humour and unapologetic avian art style.

I noticed a few UI issues, like the tutorial windows not spawning next to the element they were referring to, and the truly excellent "this button fixes a bug" button! Nothing game-breaking though.

It'd be interesting to see where you can take this. Flocks of marauding pigeons fill the skies. The great Cat Wars of 2024. Nice work, good submission!