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nova harbor

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Okay this game just sucked me in for like the past 3 hours of my life. I give up on level 9. I accept defeat. incredible!

Seriously, thank you SO much for confirming that bug and graciously coming back to play Town Alight. Your feedback is heard and appreciated. 

Okay as a golf game fan, this game rules. As a mathematics fan, the name rules. And as a fan of pixel art, your 1-bit art here in some of the screens and GUI rules. Really nice job here. Super satisfying to play and watch the balls spread out every time.

Very satisfying gameplay loop. I think you've nailed having a balanced set of upgrade options. It's a tough choice! Honestly just left wishing for a pause button and the music to be a little louder.

OMG the character design is so cute in this. I'm not sure if I missed something, but I wasn't able to successfully put out the fire in the Garden after attempting it twice. Is the character with the fire extinguisher supposed to automatically put it out? Because for me, they kept moving to the top right corner away from the fire.

Really enamored with the character design here. The visuals get particularly beautiful when you fly above the horizon. You did a great job with color choice. I wish I could figure out how to progress further. On my first run I fell in the hole and didn't know what to do or press (my fault for not reading the movement instructions). After that, I managed to fly over the hole and chopped some trees, then kept moving right while defeating spiders with the flashlight. That seemed to go on forever. Did I miss something?

The instructions were a little hard for me to read at first since the font is the same throughout, but mostly beecause the position of the instructions vs. input swap (e.g. It says MOVE above WASD then it says HOLD LEFT MOUSE above SHOOT). Really great visual style in-game and very very good choice of music. The pace of the game fit very well it.  Sound effects matched perfectly with it, too.

Now this is a clever take on the "spreading" theme. Big shout out to the music on this one. One question though, are they stop signs, or little lamps? 

The usage of dark circle shapes for the miasma is super effective and clever. The visual effect it manages to deliver is fantastic. Really looks so alive when it moves after shooting a light source. Nice job.