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Dream Dress Up[Devlog]

A topic by gensuta created Jul 22, 2017 Views: 562 Replies: 27
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Day 1
I've never properly made a devlog before but I wanna give it a try!

The Idea I have in mind so far for the game is the player is dreaming and the characters/story that appear in the dream you get to create! 

To be honest such an idea is quuuuiite a long shot. The main thing I just want to accomplish during this game jam is just to figure out how to do custom characterization in Unity so if my lil story idea doesn't work I'll be happy with just being able to get this to work and finishing it for the game jam ;v; ( I mean who doesn't like character customization in games. It'll definitely be helpful for the future!)

Checklist for the game (so far):

  • Cute song for the game
  • Draw 10 facial expressions
  • Draw 7 hair styles
  • Draw 10 tops
  • Draw 10 bottoms
  • Draw 5 shoes
  • Program arrows to change clothes n etc.
  • Program choice options(Like how it is in Ren'py)
  • Make sure the text works right!! And doesn't glitch things out
  • Let players name the characters in the story
  • Make a pause screen(Stretch goal tbh)
  • Randomizer(stretch goal)
  • Add more clothes/hair styles/etc. (Stretch goal)
  • Draw 10 accessories (stretch goal)

ohhh this is a really neat concept--kind of like a sandbox narrative? customization is pretty ambitious and definitely something that you could take to other projects! i really like that you've already broken up your to do list by marking some stuff as stretch goals and it's always a good idea to be reevaluating and revising this as your project goes along. best of luck!


Ah thank you! And eh it might be like that if I can figure out how to do it right.  Learning to get customization to work so far has been pretty difficult but hopefully in the end it'll turn out ok!


Day 2

Welp here's some progress from yesterday!

Usually I have placeholders when starting a new game but I decided to work on some of  the art assets first and just choose something to start with.

I was happy at first because I was like " Yay it's working!!" And then I realized that if I clicked anywhere instead of just the right arrow(cause I started with one arrow at a time) that it would change the skin color. So I fixed that issue but another problem came up!!

As you can see in the gif above the left arrow doesn't properly go back and I don't want to be lazy and just make players click the right arrow to get whatever thing they want. I want them to be able to go back for things  instead of going allll the way around.

So! My goal for today is to fix that and maybe work on some more art assets.
I guess a stretch goal for today would be learning how to save customizations to another scene  because I found a tutorial for it and I understand it pretty well but I just don't want to break the game!

;-; I already lost quite a lot of time today though since I woke up around 12 but I'll hopefully still have a productive day!


This is looking great!! good work!


Thank you! c:

Very cool! Is the character supposed to be androgynous? Or will the other options allow gender choice?


Thanks! And yeah I was going for making the characters androgynous.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Day 3

Yesterday was successful as you can see below! I fixed the problem and started working on other art assets (which I'm gonna start adding today)

Goals for today are gonna be:

  • Be able to change the face
  • Be able to change the hair
  • Start drawing some tops

Oh! And I figured out how to save customizations so it can go to another scene >:D So that'll help if I managed to finish enough stuff that'll allow for me to create the little story portion of the game~

This sounds and looks really neat! Character customization is always fun.


Thank ya! And yeah it's really enjoyable c:


whoa nice work so far!! it's cool to see it's already interactive! i'm excited to see more ;;;


Ahhhh thank you!


Day 4!

Made a lot of progress yesterday as you can see! >v> And I added a body type to the list since that was actually the first thing I drew for this but I was like "ehhh should I use that?" And I will because you know not every character ever is is all slim n what not. And although I was like I want the characters to be androgynous I think I'll let the player choose the gender of the characters in the story part of the  game because like c'mon there can be muscular girls and curvy boys! And like the character can be nonbinary too! I can't act like people like that don't exist! So I gotta let that happen c:

Anyway for today my goals are to fix the left arrows( Because the left and right arrows only work for skin so far aha) 
And theeen I'll maybe start on the story portion just to figure out what I want to have for that since I figured out how I can do the rest of the character customizer without any more issues!

I also need to give myself a break since my summer game design program started yesterday so yesterday once I started trying to fix the bugs for this I was just exhausssted. But at the same time I was happy to finally get the body types working because it was giving me troooouble.


Day 5

There won't be a gif today mainly because well, the next thing I want to show is that I have my choice options working for the story portion.
Buuuut I don't have it done quite yet since I forgot that I think you have to use raycasting to get the mouse to work on UI objects in Unity and I really don't know what raycasting is. Like of course I can search up a tutorial but I don't 100% understand what it does and why it does it! Like if a problem comes up and I don't understand why it's happening, and it's related to the raycasting thing, I want to know how to fix it w/o any issues.

So I'm going to use another way to make the choice options work(which will be the same way I got the arrows to work)
Anyway! The goals I set for yesterday have been completed though since I fixed those left arrows!
Now for todays goals...

  • Draw 5 more tops
  • Draw 5 more bottoms
  • Make sure there's 5 shoes
  • Get choice options to work
  • (Stretch Goal) Add shoes to the game

I really love the body type selection. So many "character customization" systems leave that out.


Thank you and yeah that's why I added that feature since a lot of systems don't have that.


Day 6 

Another successful day! Got the choice options to work and got the textbox to work as well! c:

To be entirely honest I thought the character creation would take a lot longer for me but it hasn't sooooo I haven't quite planned out what I want the dreams to be about. All I DO know is that they're probably going to be really silly and short. I'm gonna like change what's there for the choice options since those are kinda placeholders. Gonna probably work only on story stuff etc. this weekend. I just wanna finish off drawing all the art assets first and having the Character creator 100% done first. 

Anywho! Onto todays todo list:

- Draw 5 more "top" hair

- Draw 5 more "bottom" hair

- Make different hair colors for all of them

-Add hair to scene

- Add shoes to scene

Today's gonna be a long day since I'll be outside from early to really late, but I'll have my laptop with me to still work on stuff! 
Hope everyone's having a wonderful day! ^v^

Ahhh the character creator looks so fun to play with!


Yeah it is lol c:


Day 7!!!

Oh man yesterday was not successful when it comes to getting what Iw anted completed BUT I did have a rather good day yesterday. Got to play a lot of other people's games since the game design program I'm apart of had us go to this thing called Playtest Thursdays which is super cool n fun! I ended up getting home at 8ish pm and I was exhaussssted so I couldn't even think about working on anything. I just wanted to pass out.

Today I had to get my hair done since I have to go to the Games For Change Festival next week (And boy I am 100% excited but shook at the same time for that) Luckily I still managed to work on stuff today after my dad finished doing my hair as you can see below.

 I finished all the hairstyles!! Just adding colors to eachhhh of them though which is a LOT of work but like I want there to be more options when customizing a character, ya know?

For the rest of the day my goal is (since it's like 6-ish pm right now) is to just to finish adding the 8 different colors to each hairstyle and that's probably it.

My head still hurts from getting my hair done  and also my friends wanted to start a DnD campaign today!And I've never played DnD so I gotta make sure not to multitask when we start.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully work a loooot on the story part of the game so it'll be more than just a character creator 


Day 8! 

I woke up with a bit of a cold :lll Like my body was sore and my throat was bothering me so I like drank some medicine and went back to sleep. ( Mainly because my parents/sister forced me to go back to sleep instead of work but anyyywayy)

I have finished almost all the art assets today!! And added to the story portion a bit.
I just need to finish the tops, bottoms and shoes for each body type annnndd probably add some nice bgs and stuff. Oh! And add a title screen and music... Not to mention I haven't program the arrows for the hair like at all but hey! I've still made some progress today and thats what matters!

Got 6 days to go and in those 6 days I plan to:

- Finish the character creator 100%

- Make a song!!

- Finish character creator art, background art and (possibly) change the option boxes

- Create a start screen

- Make sure the player can name characters

- Make sure the player can switch if the top is over or under the bottoms!!!!

- Finish the story for each with at LEAST 2 options for each lil path

- Make sure the character customization stays for each scene!!

- Add randomizer(optional)

- Add accessories  (optional)

BOY I hope I can finish the bare minimum for this on time! I have to go to the Games for Change Festival the first 3 days of next week so I'm 100% sure I won't be working during then ;0;


Day 9

AHHH! I almost missed a day!Like I literally almost forgot tp post a devlog. Anyway, this'll be quick since I need to get some rest!

I finished the art assets for the character creator today! Tomorrow I will attempt(key word: attempt) to finish the character creator 100%! If I manage to do that the rest of the week will (hopefully) be a breeze! And I'll show that progress tomorrow if I happen to complete what I want!

To be honest, I most likely won't but that's ok. 

Hope everyone's having a great day and goodluck to everyone else in the game jam!!


Day 11( because I forgot to post on day 10. I was too tired)

The games for change festival is making me pOOPED, as in tired because its just so great! Being there has just been very motivating and also just crazy cause I spoke there??? Like what?? It's so surreal to me because I never thought I would be doing anything like that anytime soon. Like that was like a far away dream that just boom! Came true! And then today there was an overwatch panel focusing on strong female characters in game and that was just really inspirational for me. I loved it!

ANYWAY! Back to focusing on the actual game jam stuff!

Assets are done. Programming isn't. But! I managed to do this at least today!

 I'll make music probably Thursday or Friday as well as 100% COMPLETE the character creator. Saturday I'll add more to the short story part of the game as well as include a title screen since it'll be the easiest thing to do so it should be my last task. Tomorrow I'm 100% sure I'm not going to work on a thing.
Tomorrow's the final day of the G4C festival(Theres gonna be a bunch of cool vr stuff to try!! And a vr afterparty thing)

After the game jam maybe I'll update it so I can include more features like the randomizer I wanted to put in. It wouldn't even be that hard to do anyway! But gotta finish the important stuff first.


Here it is. The ~character creator. I forgot what day it was lol and besides this may possibly be my last devlog for this. I'm like, lowkey stressed right now.

Summer homework, this game jam, and other things are in my to do list. So! It's not like I'm NOT finishing my game, but I'm going to get rid of the choose your own story portion entirely so I don't stress myself out.

Gonna maybe add something different as a lil narrative to replace it. And possibly add the randomizer button c:<

Btw that purple button switches the bottoms from being over or under the tops. :l I honestly think most of the clothes don't match and look ugly so like I said when I have time I'll hopefully add more!

And if I don't well... It was still fun to make this!

Final to do list.

- Make the left arrow buttons work

- add in that short lil narrative idea

- Make a song

- Make a title screen(?) I don't know if it's 100 % needed at this point? Idk..

Anyway! I still enjoyed participating in this game jam and hopefully I'll participate again next year!


Hoooo boy I managed to sorta finish this!! Here's my post mortem! ( It's a 3AM so I'm just gonna answer some of the questions)

Did you struggle or get stuck on one mechanic?

Yeah I was having trouble making the left arrows and by the end I found a more efficient way to program and had to go back and fix all the stuff I did in the beginning! >:C

What was successful and what was less successful? 

I finished the creator, made music and drew a LOT of art assets! That I feel was successful.
What wasn't successful was adding the story elements and  other little things but hey, I got that randomizer to work and I'm most proud of that!

Did you finish your game? 

I basically finished the core thing I wanted but I'm definitely going to slowly but surely add more so its more polished!

Did you have Quite A Few Problems And Maybe Did Not Finish That Game?

The problem was being limited on time, busy with life aND RUNNING INTO BUGS! But I did finish the character creator portion although its absolute garbage :llll as in im not happy w/ the clothes tbh

but anyway! I learned a lot of stuff too! So that's good. 

And yeahhh. Whoever's reading this hope your week is going well!

The idea of incorporating a story into a dress-up game is so cute and unique! I love the little stuck-out tongue face :9


Aww thanks! ^v^ And same that's personally my favorite