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Thanks for the constructive feedback!

I really liked this game. I am a fan of arena shooters like this :)

I love the facial expressions on the mushroom. Great job!

Such a cute game! I played until the end and I loved the end screen. Great job! You should add controller mappings for move and sprint.

I love the art style. You nailed the pounce animation. Great game!

The game is super fun I'm just terrible at it :) Great game!

There's a wall jump? Yea I missed that as well and I was trying :) Great game overall! I love the atmosphere and graphics. And the backing track really adds to the ambiance.

Great game! I couldn't figure out how to tape the figures on level 3 though.

Great little game! I finished it and thought it was a lovely story.

Nice take on the theme. Good job!

Well done! I could see wasting some time with this one :)

Great work!

I like the concept but it crushes my computer :(

Great idea for a game, and the visuals are great! I think the fall damage threshold is a little bit low. It's a real challenge to make it over the first gap without cracking your egg, and it's possible to totally die just from jumping too high.

I'm terrible at this game but it's beautiful!

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I like the game mechanics but I'm terrible at it :) I'm always overcorrecting. And thank you for the mute button. It's a nice touch.

That shark is hilarious and I love the music.

Very cute! I like how you have a solid premise for a platformer but nothing works except the base mechanic.

I played until 100 expecting another medal. Add one plz k thx bye!

Great idea too :D

I have to slow down development on this game. It is very emotionally draining. But I think it is really giving me the benefit I was after. For the purposes of the jam I am going to focus on the introduction and ending sequences and one third of the initially-planned content.

This isn't too bad. I initially knew that the content I had mapped out was too much. I do eventually need to finish it all for my own reasons. But I want to try to ship something that approaches a complete state for the jam. This is very important to me because I haven't finished a game in over 10 years :)

I am excited to see what you can do with a visual novel under 2MB. That's so cool!

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I have spent most of the first half of the day getting my family to doctors. I finished up a few loose ends regarding the content I had worked on. Then I did a full QA pass of what I have so far. Finally I put up an project for the entry. You can see the in-development version here:

Also I settled on the name: "It's Time, Bill"

Final update for today. I've been depressed and physically tired today. Progress was slower than my goal. I got three new scenes done, but there are three more I expected to do today. I am thinking about chopping off about 1/3 of the content.

I'm not super thrilled about this color scheme. Any suggestions? I want it to convey summertime.

Today I finished up the design, realized it was way too big, and scaled it back. I also did the design work for about 40% of the content. Finally I completed about 10% of the content. I am already editing the design to tighten up the content so I can get the story across and still polish this thing for the jam.

Here are a few screenshots from today's development:


What kind of game do you want to make? Maybe you can start with mechanics you want to implement and incorporate time travel into the story. Or go the other way, write the story you want (with time travel of course) and integrate it into the game mechanics. Rewinding like Braid is hot right now I think. Swapping between different "time periods" within one level to reveal differences and make progress is another mechanic. Chrono Trigger used this.

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"It's Time, Bill": An Interactive Storybook.

As a suicidal man prepares to take his own life, only his time-traveling house cat Bill Purray can save him. Based on a (mostly) true story.

I am starting now that the theme has been posted. I will be using Bitsy. I am a programmer by trade, so using Bitsy feels very limiting to me. I have played with it a bit over the last 48 hours leading up to the jam and think it really helps me focus on expressing myself.

I am using this game as a way to express and process some things I need to get through. It doesn't matter if no one else gets it. I think making it will help some.


This game deals with heavy themes including suicide and sexual abuse. I am receiving regular mental healthcare and am not a danger to myself.

First mock-up:

The theme is on the overview page now. "Timetravel". Great theme!

Sounds good to me. Any ideas in mind?

Thank you so much! You have all been so supportive. This has truly been the best game development experiance I've had.

Hey Tom, I really like the idea of this jam! I am also sad to see the classic paint program being removed from the standard Windows install. It was the first Windows program I ever used, and the first my child ever used. Wow I'm actually starting to get all teary-eyed just writing this.

I digress... I'd love to team up for a jam. I do code and pixel art. I have experiance with GMS 2 but no license. I mainly work in Godot now. I also have extensive experiance with Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, and C but have never made a game in them. I do business software in my day job.

I like most genres of games with these exceptions that I have found I dislike working on and typically will not finish:

  • Shmups
  • Point-and-click adventures
  • Text adventures

Let me know if you'd like to team up for this jam.


I had to stop working on the game to let my concussion heal, which it has. At this point I do not think I can make a complete game for the jam due to work. So I am going to have to bow out. This has been a great learning experiance and I thank each of you for the support and encouragement you have given. I am already thinking about what to do next :)

Great progress! You really did a great job on this game!

Wow, this is really coming along!

Thank you all for your support and kind words! I am so thankful for the community of this jam. You all have really helped me find the joy and creative outlet of game making.

Progress: Day 5

Today I made very rapid progress. I think I understand the architecture of Godot well now and do not have to reference tutorials and Q&A posts to get things done. And the rework due to learning is almost gone now. I am also very comfortable with Aesprite now and can crank out the graphics.

Today I added the in-game UI and added an auto-charging "crash" attack type to complement the shouting. I couldn't come up with an idea that fit the theme so it's rainbow colored generic space shooter junk. If anyone has ideas for what this larger attack could be that would fit with the theme of my inner self battling against my own dreams please leave a comment!

I really love the body type selection. So many "character customization" systems leave that out.

Hope your internet connection gets to feeling better! I really like what you've done so far. The jumping looks really floaty, like there's not enough gravity. It's hard to say without actually playing the game though. I wouldn't fuss with it until you've got a test level so you can get a feel for it.

Wow, this is looking great! I love the idea of the enemies screen wrapping.

Progress: Day 4

I hit my goals for today and even got working enemies, collision detection, and response! However I spoke with my doctor today who was very adamant that I have to limit my time looking at any screen or reading anything for the next several days. So progress should be about the same pace I originally thought it would be even though I'm on leave from work. When working full time I only get maybe an hour or two a day to work on personal projects. That's what I'm limited to now :(

Tomorrow I want to get the second enemy type working again and the UI. Thursday will be level layout day.

It doesn't look much different. But now it's in Godot :)