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Man it's almost been a week but here's devlog #2 for the acejam game!! 
The past week has been very exhausting so I've been kinda sluggish and meh, but!! I did like try sketching some characters last week and finished planning out the little minigames I'm going to include in the game.

Not only that I started working on the script  today!!!>:D  Not that this game will be a dialogue heavy game, but I'm still finally making progress!!

This is what I drew last week which is veeery subject to change but hey it's a start. I'm only going to talk about each of them a liiiittle bit since I am tired and I kinda want to keep what happens in each mini game a surprise??

Avery is the main character while all the others are their neighbors. 
Esi is a little 7 year old girl living next door with her parents and her big doggy Bobo! She loooves Bobo and it's surprising to not see her with her dog walking alongside Bobo.
Next going from left to right after Bobo is Phoebe, Isidora and Moti. 
(I created their names after drawing this as you can probably tell.)
Isidora and Phoebe are a married couple who are high school sweethearts!
And lastly Moti is retired and a grandpa with many grandkids who stop by from time to time. 

I think that's all for this time since I'm so sleepy but I will post something better hopefully by next week!

Until next time, don't overwork yourself like I do xC 
( Don't worry I usually get enough sleep I just need to take more breaks)

ahhh thank you C:

Hey y'all! 

For this game jam I'm planning on making a game about a nonbinary aroace race car driver named Avery!
Originally I was planning on making a racing game but since I have other things that I need to do this month and also since I suck at racing games ( I'd rather get good at them first before making one)
I decided to make it more of a game where you're exploring Avery's life since they like to take things slow at home and they're just a super calm and sweet person.

At the same time a conflict they're having is that some of their fans are hitting on them and like idolizing them which Avery honestly doesn't want. They just wanted to be treated like a normal person....but they also haven't come out to everyone about being aroace which they're kind of nervous about doing.

So! In the game the player gets to make some choices as well as do little mini games while exploring. 

I'm planning on doing pixel art since I want to practice and I'm deeefinitely creating this in Unity cause it just feels easier for what I want.

What I'd like to do is:

- Have a day system

- Have like 5 different mini games

- Have more than 2 different endings

- Let players be able to save the game

- Maybe let players dress Avery up???

What I know I'm probably going to do instead is:

- Have two minigames

- Have two endings

- Have a save system

I wanna keep this game short and sweet so I might even cut it more who knows >->;

I came up with 7 different minigames yesterday because I was just doing a lot of brainstorming but the two things I'm probably going to do is have the player be able to take care of Avery's cockatiels ( They have two) and also be able to meet their neighbors. 
I'm in the process of fleshing out Avery's neighbors so I'll spill more beans about them tomorrow maybe? Or just some other time this week.

Anyway I think that's about it for now! To everyone else participating in Ace Jam I wish you all goodluck! C: And don't forget to take breaks when working!!

oh man I didn't notice that!!! Thanks for telling me I'll fix it in a bit ;v;

Ahhh I'm so glad you enjoyed the game!! And yeah I feel like I should've maybe warned the player about the whole sentence thing and made it mandatory to talk to Noelani first ;v; but I wanted to try making the game without having a tutorial so the player could figure things out;;

I haven't finished getting all the characters yet( I got to talk to two out of the four)  but gosh this game is so cute!!! Like I love the art and the concept honestly and my favorite character so far is aleks C:

I agree with the others that the game did feel a bit short, but it's totally understandable cause of the whole time limit of the game jam. Still it was still a very interesting story to progress through!! If you guys do have an update in the future though for this I'll definitely be ready to play it again for that extra content C:

lol omg but thank ya! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!!! ^v^

Thank you so much for the compliments!! And I learned about this gamejam kind of late so I didn't have time to make multiple endings buuut I may add some in later C:

Ahh thanks for the feedback and for pointing out the bug! I accidentally programmed like I was in Unity at some parts which caused the bug :'^) but it should be fixed now! 

Ahh!!! This game was so cute and sweet! I loved it ( and I love all of your other games too omg)

Aw thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the game! C:

I agree with @oplay. As much as I am excited to play MxH Beat, self care is very important and you shouldn't have to stress and rush yourself to push this out when you have other important things to deal with first. So take care of yourself and I hope things get better with finding a job and everything!!

Ohhhh okie dokie and yeah doing interactive spots in renpy is like a lot of work :0

Heya! I finally got a chance to get back to playing your game but during the investigation I don't know how to go back ;-; Like I'm inspecting the victim's body and I don't know what else to investigate so I wanted try and go back to investigate the other things in the cafe but I don't know how??

Murder mystery gaymes are what I'm ready for in the genre!! I'm definitely gonna give the new demo a go tomorrow! And no problemo c:

Awww thanks!! c:
And missing all 4 beats should usually decrease the player's score  for not making any beats but maybe I should've made that clear in the game (oops)

Also yeah I'm definitely going to keep working on it! For now though I'm going to take a break from it since I was rushing to get it all done by the deadline and I kinda burned myself out from it all. I'll probably get back to working on it in December.

Thank you and thanks for playing it! And yeah I plan to add more possible beat combinations  in the full game. c:

Ahhhh thank you so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

This is it. i uploaded the game. It may not be how I originally envisioned it, it may not be as good as I wanted it to be, but it's done and I did the best I can to make it be done and thats what matters ;v;


^^^ There it be
I'm really tired and also sick so I'm gonna go to bed and play all the other lovely yurijam entires tomorrow.
Oh!! And Happy Halloweenie y'all!!

(Edited 1 time)

Time is running out but I am luckily ALMOST DONE!!!!!!! I literally have the whole game together but I need to check for bugs, fix some bugs uh, and I kinda want to add one more "level" since I wanted this game to be in the 70's and my teacher was like "take about 70s music and that's how you'll get inspiration for original stuff"
but I'm kinda lazy and running out of time so I'm just gonna use the covers of 70s songs I made in Logic Pro X ( which is basically like garage band)

So everything might sound meh cause 70s songs remade in garage band by a kid that's not that good at music but it's whatever it's not like, that bad I guess.
As you can see on the left side of the gif I made a tutorial for the game that will be skippable and the little intro narrative part can be skipped but noooot what comes after the the two (possibly three) levels of the game. 
When I post the little 'demo' there will be quite a lot of unfinished things art wise but like it's ok i guess.

Uh, I think that's all I have left to report. I'm pretty burnt out so I'm going to go to sleep. Next time I post will be when I actually upload the game!!! I'm so excited!!

( Ah I gotta remember to slow these down!!!) But anyway due to time constraints and because of the fact I'm trying to have a healthier work ethic I'm shortening the dodges to two different ones meaning there will be two different styles. Finesse and tough.

I'm really sleepy so this will be a small update. I'm working on the animation for the dodges but I'm most likely going to redo the around one because it doesn't feel/look right to me tbh. Idk maybe it's because I'm tired n pessimistic. The right dodge type is the push though and I'm keeping that. This weekend I'm gonna do the lineart for all the opening art scenes, plot out the dialogue after the mini game, finish the around animation and uhhhhhhh, I think that's it?

Oh wait no and I'm gonna sketch out the two taunts( like how it'll look animated)

I may also possibly give an update on how the music is going cause my teacher is gonna help me with that because god I don't know how to make catchy/funky music :l Like i can try but i want it to be more than good ya know. Rhythm games r more fun when the music is good!!!

But anyway, I'm gonna stop rambling and go to bed because I'm exhausted. Hope everyone is doing well c:

Hello hello heeellooo there! Fortunately I'll have something nice AND working by next wednesday!!!
And  I just have a lot of stuff working so far like what's below!!

( I have to fix the meter so it actually fills the screen when you fill the meter n what not because once you fill the meter you beat the level and etc.)

So I kinda changed some stuff from last time. Different patterns do different types of dodges which is different styles.  As in 1 2 3 4 is gonna make you skate around a blocker which makes you very agile and finesse while 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and is push which makes you seem tough and then theres another one that makes you seem friendly(or dependable? Might switch it up idk)
Also for what I want for nov 1st so it can be perfect I won't be finishing Patricia's animations, I won't have the announcer idea and I'm most likely gonna have one single song just to have ready for nov 1st. I'll add more later!!

Anyway I'm going to work on the tutorial for this tomorrow because I'm going to assign three patterns to each dodge. It's likely to change cause I feel like it might overwhelm players.

Oh! And there will be a short little narrative after the rhythm game portion most likely and the dialogue choices will be affected by your style while playing the game.
I feel like I just barfed a lotta words on here since I was like brain storming and tuning things again so it can just feel better and be a better goal for nov 1st ( Even though this most likely will turn into a long turn game) but we'll see for now.
For this week I'm going to:

- Finish the opening art

- Plan the short lil "branching story"

- Maybe finish the song for it?

- Sketch some opponents that may or may not be animated
- Animate all three dodges
- Sketch all the finishing taunts
Uhhhh yeah that's it 

Last but not least here's a little comic I did  of Patricia first seeing Maggie >v>
Hope everyone's doing well with their yuri jam entries!!! ( And just your week in general, I hope it's going swell!!!)

Just finished the demo! The art is really cute and I'm really interested in where the story will go!!( not to mention I love me some murder mysteries c:< )

I have returned!!! After taking the SAT and selling at nycc for the first time I FINALLY will be working on this full speed!! I unfortunately did like none of the things on my checklist because studying for the SAT took priority along with other things but ANYWAY!!!

All this week I've been getting help from my game design teacher to figure out how to do this right. Now originally I was thinking like most rhythm games where there's buttons shown that you need to press to the beat but instead there isn't going to be a visual for that. And my idea for the special moves which are really taunts are going to be like a thing you do once you beat a level.

Now how do you beat a level is the question. ORIGINALLY I was thinking "oh well in roller derby jams are like two minutes so each level is two minutes." I might stick with that but really this is how the game will look like
('scuse my laziness I'm kind of sick today but I've been meaning to post talk about this game all week)

Your goal as the jammer will be to get passed the blockers so you can score lots of points by basically lapping everyone. But you're going to have about 3 different ways to dodge. You can push through people, skate around them OR do whips ( meaning one of your team members are gonna like fling you ahead of everyone. )
The upper right corner is where announcers will comment on your skill so if you're going to the beat they'll say good things and most likely I'll have some type of combo counter to let the player know theyre doing well and if you do bad the announcers will also comment on that.

The announcers will also comment on you stylistic choice. Like if you use a lot of one move and things of that sort. The meter on the left of the jammer is how you'll beat the level and it'll change different colors based on your style. You have to fill it up and to fill it up you'll just keep dodging people and scoring points.

Yesterday I actually got a small little system to work. Now what's happening here, since there's no actual visual thing to see where to make beats you make them yourself!!

I basically programmed it so that different beats are recognized and can boost your score. The more difficult beats will boost your score more. Like what's happening up there in the console you can see that:



1--3 -



are all recognizable beats

So which beats show different dodges?

I didn't figure that out yet. But what I'm thinking is, there'll be three buttons for each different dodge and by pressing said button to whichever beat you like will score points. Harder beats will give you more points ( as in like 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and)

I hope this whole big ol' explanation makes sense!!!

My next steps are to:
- Finish Maggie's skate cycle
- Finish the background and have it loop
- Draw three different types of blockers
Make a good song

I'm gonna focus on Maggie skating as well as the background for the rest of the week! If I manage to finish it I'll give an update about it!

Thanks!! I'm also super excited for yours C:

Alright there's almost a month left of yurijam and only reason I haven't done much because I've been busy with other stuff but I at least have stuff planned, character sheets and I'm gonna make sure I have at least ONE animation done before october comes ( along with the looping background I'm going to use for the game.)

For now I guess this devlog entry is for myself to keep looking at 

What needs to be done:
- Art Assets ( for AT LEAST Maggie)
- One song
- The actual programming stuff
- Sound effects for buttons and etc.
- Probably more

What I need to focus on between now and Oct 7th
- Maggie skating normally
- Maggie "swerving"
- 3 "stylish" moves for Maggie 
- The looping roller derby rink background
- (Stretch) "Enemy" skating normal
- (Stretch) "Enemy " blocking animation
- (Super Stretch) UI art 

I started the song already and the programming I'm getting help with so hopefully I'll have all of this stuff done before October 7th

Anyway I started just trying to animate something today. It ain't the best because I'm tired and every-time i start animating it's like sketchy and messy first and then I clean it up, that's just my way of working I guess >v>;;

Hope everyone's having a good week and are doing well with their games!!

ayyye thanks!! c:<

Aww this is cute!!

Here are the character sheets I just finished today for Maggie and Patricia! Along with some extra stuff about how they'l be in the game >v>

I planned for Maggie to be like super fast and have lots of stamina so she'll slip past her opponents and pull off some stellar moves when getting a "stylish", or however I'm going to call these "special moves"

Patricia on the other hand is super tough and can like easily push past people and it's really hard to knock her down/slow her down by creating walls to stop her from going round the track. Her special moves I need to further plan out, but just know she's sassy and ready tot thow down.

Hopefully by next week I'll FINALLY start animating some roughs of Maggie skating and sliding n what not. Or maybe I'll work on the background. I don't know, I'll plan it out this weekend since the next two days I'll be busy.

Hope everyone's having a good week and doing great with their games!

Aw thanks! c:

Heyo! I missed the chance to participate in Yuri Jam last year so I'm taking my chance to be apart of it this year! I was originally just gonna make a dating sim, but I've been dying to make a rhythm game for so long and I finally have a bit of an idea on how to do it. So!

Basically this rhythm game(which will probably only have one level so I can perfect this for November) will let you play one of two characters, Maggie or Patricia. They both like each other, but are on different teams so in the game you'll have to not only have to score lots of points, you'll have to impress your crush with your stylish moves. Basically to do those stylish moves, since it's a rhythm game you'll just be hitting some extra notes to do that probably. Missing notes will cause you to get knocked over by the blockers and I'll probably make the player have lives so if you fail to much its gameover?  I don't know entirely how I'm going to make this work. When I do I'll probably post about it.

So far I'm currently focusing on the art stuff for the game since I'm going to ask my game design teacher for help for programming the rhythm game in unity without it being offset >v>;; But I can't really ask for much help till October, so sooner or later I'll finish the character sheets for Patricia and Maggie, start the animations as well as having the background ready.
I'll also need to work on that single 2 minute song quite a lot because I'm not the best at making music ;v; 

Anyway below is one of my first sketches of Maggie(right) and Patricia(left)

itch.io community » Game Development · Created a new topic iris

It's been almost a year since I've  first thought of this idea  and I finally got around to finishing it and releasing!
I'm trying to make an effort to stop being so shy and showing my work to other people even if I'm worried people might not like it!

So here it is! My(3rd?) visual novel which I made in renpy!


( This all came straight from the page)

Life is hard and high school can be extremely difficult with the drama it brings for Iris.

She's having trouble adapting and moving on. She's having trouble staying strong and calm while dealing with the possibilities of fake friends and the like. She keeps having nightmares about her issues. She thinks things can get better...but that's only if she tries to make it better and doesn't give up on herself. As you play the game you will have to make choices quickly as well as make sure your "Anxiety meter" doesn't fill up. There are a total 7 endings! 4 bad endings, one neutral ending, one good, and one true ending.

This game includes mature language and hints at suicidal thoughts so you have been warned.

You can play the game here: https://gensuta.itch.io/iris

Also here's a screenshot of the game!

If you like the game, have a comment or find a bug/typo  feel free to comment below!
All art, music, etc. was created by yours truly. ( I'm sorry in advance if there are any typos/bugs!!! I've been staring at this script for quite a while and was too shy to ask to get some beta testers;;; )


- The anxiety meter glitches sometimes??? (as in the image. you won't randomly get a game over don't worry)

- The backgrounds need some work artwise :^)))

Aww thanks! ^v^ And same that's personally my favorite

Hoooo boy I managed to sorta finish this!! Here's my post mortem! ( It's a 3AM so I'm just gonna answer some of the questions)

Did you struggle or get stuck on one mechanic?

Yeah I was having trouble making the left arrows and by the end I found a more efficient way to program and had to go back and fix all the stuff I did in the beginning! >:C

What was successful and what was less successful? 

I finished the creator, made music and drew a LOT of art assets! That I feel was successful.
What wasn't successful was adding the story elements and  other little things but hey, I got that randomizer to work and I'm most proud of that!

Did you finish your game? 

I basically finished the core thing I wanted but I'm definitely going to slowly but surely add more so its more polished!

Did you have Quite A Few Problems And Maybe Did Not Finish That Game?

The problem was being limited on time, busy with life aND RUNNING INTO BUGS! But I did finish the character creator portion although its absolute garbage :llll as in im not happy w/ the clothes tbh

but anyway! I learned a lot of stuff too! So that's good. 

And yeahhh. Whoever's reading this hope your week is going well!

Ah coolios

Here it is. The ~character creator. I forgot what day it was lol and besides this may possibly be my last devlog for this. I'm like, lowkey stressed right now.

Summer homework, this game jam, and other things are in my to do list. So! It's not like I'm NOT finishing my game, but I'm going to get rid of the choose your own story portion entirely so I don't stress myself out.

Gonna maybe add something different as a lil narrative to replace it. And possibly add the randomizer button c:<

Btw that purple button switches the bottoms from being over or under the tops. :l I honestly think most of the clothes don't match and look ugly so like I said when I have time I'll hopefully add more!

And if I don't well... It was still fun to make this!

Final to do list.

- Make the left arrow buttons work

- add in that short lil narrative idea

- Make a song

- Make a title screen(?) I don't know if it's 100 % needed at this point? Idk..

Anyway! I still enjoyed participating in this game jam and hopefully I'll participate again next year!

This is looking pretty good so far!! I really like how all the sprites look c: What engine are you guys using to make this?

Day 11( because I forgot to post on day 10. I was too tired)

The games for change festival is making me pOOPED, as in tired because its just so great! Being there has just been very motivating and also just crazy cause I spoke there??? Like what?? It's so surreal to me because I never thought I would be doing anything like that anytime soon. Like that was like a far away dream that just boom! Came true! And then today there was an overwatch panel focusing on strong female characters in game and that was just really inspirational for me. I loved it!

ANYWAY! Back to focusing on the actual game jam stuff!

Assets are done. Programming isn't. But! I managed to do this at least today!

 I'll make music probably Thursday or Friday as well as 100% COMPLETE the character creator. Saturday I'll add more to the short story part of the game as well as include a title screen since it'll be the easiest thing to do so it should be my last task. Tomorrow I'm 100% sure I'm not going to work on a thing.
Tomorrow's the final day of the G4C festival(Theres gonna be a bunch of cool vr stuff to try!! And a vr afterparty thing)

After the game jam maybe I'll update it so I can include more features like the randomizer I wanted to put in. It wouldn't even be that hard to do anyway! But gotta finish the important stuff first.

Day 9

AHHH! I almost missed a day!Like I literally almost forgot tp post a devlog. Anyway, this'll be quick since I need to get some rest!

I finished the art assets for the character creator today! Tomorrow I will attempt(key word: attempt) to finish the character creator 100%! If I manage to do that the rest of the week will (hopefully) be a breeze! And I'll show that progress tomorrow if I happen to complete what I want!

To be honest, I most likely won't but that's ok. 

Hope everyone's having a great day and goodluck to everyone else in the game jam!!