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Just finished playing the demo and I absolutely adored it!! Y'all did a great job! Excited to play the rest in the summer ^-^

Absolutely loved this new demo!! Keep up the great work y'all!! ^-^ 

Aw thank you!! You can download the song for free on soundcloud actually c:

This was really cute Sym!! Love all of DeAngelo's facial expressions and the pauses are a nice touch too. Excited to see where this eventually goes ^o^

Thanks for the compliments and the feedback! I'm hoping to at some point revisit this game so there's a sequel with art and fixes etc. when I finally have the time to.

Also, I wouldn't mind at all if you made something inspired by this and I'd love to play it when it's finished! ^-^

This was really cool! I definitely liked the concept and how easy this was to understand because of having the human view to help navigate a bit, but I do wonder what it'd be like if the human view was more limited ( like you could only have it out only for a few seconds or so to prevent from relying on it ). I unfortunately relied on it during most of the game, so I didn't really pay attention to the circle's POV for most of the game. I did notice that the walls were represented by thicker lines, so if I were to replay it again without the human view I think it'd be possible to do. Either way I thought this was really neat!

This was a really interesting take on the prompt and I liked it a lot! (Especially how polished it all felt. The art is really nice! ) I almost had a critique for this game because W was down and S was up when it's usually the reverse and same for O and I, but it made more sense to me when I played it a second time with my eyes open. It was a lot harder for me to focus on what button was for which direction because I wanted to move the character to the star, but when I played the first time with my eyes closed, I only messed up twice because I was focusing on fewer things. Either way I thought this was a really neat game! Nice job! ^^

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Hey Philip! This was really chill and all of the assets you used really fit the vibe you were going for. I thought this was an interesting take on the prompt and I liked the mechanic. My only critique is that I wish that there was a way to start fishing again faster or at least skip the reeling up phase when you miss a fish since I was really bad at aiming for the first few times. Maybe even having a little reticle showing where the hook will descend to might help a bit with aiming, but either way this was a really nice game!

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This is certainly something oh boy! ( I mean that in a good way) But either way I thought this was an interesting take on the prompt and I liked the aesthetic. My only little critique is that I wish it was a little more clear how the cockroach notices that you're controlling the car. I know it has something to do with how often the player moves but it's still not super clear and it's the only way I've lost the game so far. Besides that I think this was pretty neat!

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This was really cute and I absolutely loved the concept! I do wish there was some more feedback besides the thumbs up to show if the player's doing well or not. I know we were limited on time, but I think it'd be neat to even have specific scores/text pop up depending on how accurate the player is. Either way I thought this was really solid and creative!

Sorry about that! It looks like I uploaded the wrong file, but that issue is solved now.

I thought this was a really cool idea and definitely a great way to use all the assets. I personally feel like there could've been a difficulty system similar to Fall Guys where you start off with a few images to remember and then each round another image gets added. I have to admit, I've only survived through one round and lost 5 other ones while trying to play this and I personally think it's difficult to remember where 8+ different images are. Either way, the game  works so I think you did a nice job!

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This was cool Philip! I think you used the assets really well and the little noise effect you got going on the skybox is kinda neat. My only gripe with this was how it's balanced if that makes sense? I kind of wish there was another arrow pointing in the direction of the closest ball, but that gets rid of the fun of looking for where the ball is. I guess the best way to describe my mixed feelings is that a lot of balls got close at once and it was hard to move fast enough when they were coming from every single direction.  Maybe this is bad advice because I just get overwhelmed easily, but maybe if there were fewer directions the ball could come from that could be better?
EDIT: Ok so I went back and replayed it and I think I got overwhelmed because I couldn't get rid of balls that were too far away and I had to let them get close in order to click on them. Sometimes my click didn't work, but we didn't have much time to make these so that bug being there is totally understandable!

Either way, I think what you have was good and it's cool that there's a whole high score system too. Good job!

Woah Ron that spinning wheel animation is suuuper smooth. Definitely agree with Miles on wishing there were sfx to go with it, but we were limited with the assets we had.  I do like the mechanic you decided to go with, but I have a  few small nitpicks with the UI. I just personally feel like with the text for the player's score and the house score it should be easy to see which is your own score without having to score already ( so like, just adding "Your Score: 0" etc.) The other small nitpick was mainly my fault because I somehow misread the instructions and didn't know what button added to my score, but I think it would be neat for when the wheel stops spinning for text to pop up and try to entice the player to spin again or add to your score. Maybe that's silly, since this game is like a gambling simulator of sorts, I think it'd fit for it to try and convince the player to keep spending their money. Besides that, you did a good job!

Hey Gabi! I thought this was really interesting way to use the assets that works really well. Reminds me of this old 3DS game called crazy construction that also had random things falling into a pit that you had to stack. I personally think that the objects could've spawned a bit higher so that they're dropping down into the stack instead of spawning in between objects that are already there and I agree with Miles that I do wish the colliders were a tad more accurate to make things feel a bit more difficult ( in a fun way!) Either way I think you did a good job and liked how the higher you stacked objects the more of the world you could see c:

I have to admit I'm a little disappointed I couldn't commit arson, but either way I enjoyed your VN Miles! I think you did a good job learning what you can do in RenPy with all the neat little timing / text effects and if we had more time, I would love to see what it'd be like to have multiple endings or some other visual effects ( like screen fade, screen shake etc.) for this. Besides that, I loved the goofy dialogue for this and I have no complaints about it :)

I absolutely love the art for this Ronojoy! The slow descent into full on goth is so good and I think the responses overtime were pretty neat. I kind of wish there were different responses depending on which button was pressed or some other way to see how the player's actions can affect their angsty son, but at the same time totally understandable that his reactions are the same for everything because of how edgy he is lol. Good job though and the music choice was perfect!

I absolutely love the art and the music for this! It's very cute!
I also think the way you unlock ways to pressure your blobfish was pretty neat. I do think it'd be nice if the game was a little bit more difficult though because all of the buttons can be spammed and the blobfish's health doesn't go down super quickly, so I feel like I wasn't ever worried that my blobfish was going to die. Despite all this I think this is still a nice concept and well made!( especially the little animations the blobfish has!)

This was a really neat and cute game!! Really love all the smooth transitions when you're switching around between each cherub/tree. One thing I was confused about though was how the evil cherubs work. I ended up having too many cherubs and not paying enough attention to one of them causing it to turn evil from starving, but nothing bad seemed to happen? I understand if the consequence of the cherub being evil is that it can't become a tree, but I think it'd be interesting if it would be a threat to the other cherubs similar to how slime rancher does with the Tarr if you're familiar with the game. Besides that I still think this game was pretty neat!

This sure is a way to create a virtual pet and boy did it catch me off guard ( in a funny, yet cursed way! ) I definitely like the concept for this and I think the mechanics are communicated well through the UI without needing any real instructions! One thing I did feel iffy about is the cool downs on the buttons, I feel like it makes sense to constantly be worrying about each of the stats of your gamer, but it rarely feels like I'm forced to make a choice between two or more stats in the game. I think it'd also be interesting to see what the game would be like with a win condition and what other humorous things could've made it in if there was more time. Either way this was pretty good Euris!

This is veeeery well designed like everything just works together really well. The animations, the way that it's a boss battle but it's slowly stacking on more mechanics , and the audio chosen too. This just has a lot of polish for a game created in one week and I just wanna say good job on that!! 

The only feedback I have is that I wish there was some sort of sound effect to signify that the player's heavy strike is being charge because a couple of times I was worried my input just wasn't being read but I didn't hold the space bar long enough. Not only that but the heavy strike doesn't feel heavy if that makes sense? All the normal attacks have a general woosh sound but a heavy attack should feel heavier than a gentle "woosh" in my opinion.

Also, odd little bug I found was that  for some reason the background music keeps stopping at certain points leaving an empty silence before starting back up. I first I thought it was meant to be in there when your health was low, but as I kept playing the game I realized that wasn't why that happened.

I'm still trying to beat the game as I'm making this comment and I finally got to the last phase on full health and died because I was so caught off guard, but in a good way. I feel like bosses always have phases that catch players off guard causing them to have to start over again and I think you pulled this off extremely well. I usually don't like playing action games where you have to die a lot in order to "get good" but I feel like the attack patterns were pretty fair and by just getting the timing right I'll eventually beat the boss.

TL;DR 10/10 I'm literally in awe of how you made something so polished in a week. Great job!!

Omg Ron I love this so much because of how much it focuses on the tension of taking the shot. I also like the art and the post processing grain effect you going on there.

I'm surprised that the other dude was talking a lot of crap for someone and didn't even shoot back, which is honestly my only real critique for this. I feel like he should've been able to shoot you if you waited too long since he apparently killed Rohnny Ringo's dad, so he must know how to handle a shoot out unless he's bluffing. I feel like it would've also been interesting to have him have a dying line when you shoot him because he doesn't seem to like to shut up and it would add onto how dramatic/somewhat comical in a way this feels.

Besides all that I really like what you did with this. Good job dude!

Heya Philip! This game was super neat and I love how you tied the mechanics, setting, and the button altogether. The trail on the moon and the asteroids were a really nice touch too.

One thing I did notice while playing though is that the player could easily stay in one spot if they kept pressing space over and over again. I personally feel that it shouldn't be possible, but that's just me! It could be a really cool and risky strategy for someone.

Another thing I felt mixed about is how the difficulty ramps up over time. I feel like the game starts off pretty slow, which is good so that the player can learn how the game works, however I didn't feel challenged while playing the game until maybe a minute or two in and I personally feel like this game could work really well if it ramped up a bit earlier. That's all the critique I had, but either way this was a fun game!

This turned out so good Miles! I feel like even without the context for why the game crashes/blackscreens it's easy to just see the struggle of what it means to be an artist and constantly create content for people to see. The mechanic especially communicates this well because of how exhausting it becomes to tap the space bar each level. I really loved the art and think you did really did well with choosing the audio for the game as well. 

One thing I felt a little mixed about how the background looked in the last level because it was messing with my eyes a lot, but that's the point if I'm guessing correctly! The player is supposed to be overwhelmed by this audience that started out so small and grew over time. It's stressful and tiring as heck!

I'm not sure I actually have any other critiques besides maybe having the timer being used for more things? Like showing the total time it took to get where you are could've been neat, but at the same time I lowkey feel like the timer not having meaning adds more to the message. I say this mainly because all artists grow at different rates and so the time it takes for them to get to a certain amount of followers or successes doesn't actually matter. But yeah, I think that's all I really have to say. Good job!! ^^

lol no problem! And oooh yeah it might just be that

Hey Nate, this was really cool and chill! I ended up getting a high score of 2606. Really love the aesthetic you got going on with the entire game and the mechanic is really neat since it's playing with the player's patience in a way.

One nitpicky thing that bothered me while playing though was how the rock is elevated after the player successfully skips the rock. There doesn't seem to be much of noticeable difference until the max time the rock can be in air is 4s and I personally felt there would be a big difference between how high the rock goes when you have 9s versus when you have 6s but it's pretty small to be honest.

Besides that I think the game is at the right difficulty and feels fair. The game properly communicates what needs to be down to get better at it which I think makes for a successful game jam game.

Apologies for the rambling! TL;DR I liked the game, I beat your high score(I got 2606), and I personally think the rock's max height should vary a bit more every time it gets skipped on the water. 

This was a really neat clone!  I really like the approach you took with the visuals especially with the crash and enemy destroyed effects. I think it's really interesting how the enemies don't move until you do, but it almost gives room for the player to plan what to do next since nothing moves when you're 100% still. I do think the turn speed was bit fast and that the trees should spawn a bit farther from the so that they can anticipated where to move to avoid them, but besides that this was still pretty decent. Good job!

The way you implemented the trees for this clone was really neat! Honestly it really hammered down the 3D feel for me because it feels like the trees are coming directly at me through the screen and I guess the best way to describe the feeling is a sense of dread, but that's the point so that the player feels the urgency to avoid the trees! The movement feels pretty alright, but I think my main issue with the game is trying to hit the enemies. I feel like the speed the bullets move at is a bit slow and they've never been able to reach the enemies for me. Despite this, I still felt very engaged trying to chase them down while avoiding the trees and I think this is a decent clone!

Nice clone Philip! The overall game feel is similar to the original and the way everything's randomly generated feels like it's handled well. The only nitpicky thing I have to say is that there's a visual bug where if the bullet collides with trees it'll show the destroyed sprite. I was confused at first and thought I hit an enemy but they weren't destroyed, but upon shooting more trees I realized what was really happening. It's ok though! I think your clone is really solid and that was the only bug I saw which I think is pretty great since there's a lot of random generation and enemy ai that has to be handled so great job!

This was a really good clone! Really love the 3D models you made and the particle effects when you destroy enemies.  My only two nitpicks with this is that there isn't any feedback for when you lose a life and the first time I crashed into a tree I thought I got stuck in the game until I was respawned somewhere else. The other nitpick is that when respawning, it's possible for the player to have a tree right in front of them and it was impossible for me to get past it. That's about it though, the rest of the game felt solid and the movement felt good.

This was a really good clone and I loved how you made the game feel like the original, but added your own artistic touch to it. I don't have many complaints because I think this was easier to play than the original honestly? ( or I may be just getting used to playing all these death chase clones), but one thing that did seem off to me a bit was how fast the enemy bikers were moving and turning. The bikers didn't split too often while I was playing, but chasing them down was a pain because the turn speed of the player was kinda slow. Either way, I enjoyed playing through your clone. Good job!

Just finished playing the demo for this and it's really dope! Looking forward to playing the full thing! ^-^

Oh my goodness thank you for playing the game! I'm sorry the tutorial skipped like that because that definitely wasn't suppose to happen, but I'm happy that you enjoyed the game!! C:

THIS WAS SO GOOD!!! For some reason I couldn't save at all? :C (Maybe it's because I'm on mac?) But besides that I really enjoyed this a lot!

Thanks for the feedback! I've been meaning to add a pause menu in the narrative scenes since it's already in the rhythm game, but I'll probably update the demo this upcoming week with those features C:

Thanks and same!!

Finally got around to playing the new update and I'm really excited to see how case 1 goes. I also like how you made the romance gameplay be similar to solving a case with the whole pulse-y heart effect in the background. Looking forward to playing the rest of it when it's out!!! ^v^

Omg thanks!! I don't remember the highest score I got in the game, but that's probably higher than what I ever had lol. Also thanks for the feedback.'ll try fixing that stuff soon hopefully ;v;

Aw, thank you so much! c: