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[Devlog] Maze of the Minotaur

A topic by JayWow created Jul 10, 2016 Views: 459 Replies: 10
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Hello there! Bonfim and I are making a game called "Maze of the Minotaur". It's just a short little maze/puzzle game based on the myth of the minotaur in the labyrinth.

The story is that you are a knight trying to save the Princess. Nothing special.

How it works is it's a series of rooms, and each room has a puzzle to solve. Between each room is a part of the labyrinth, and to make navigating it easier, you can solve a riddle that's found at the beginning.

So far, we have:

The beginning of the model for the minotaur.

A pathfinding algorithm for the minotaur

and some sketches of the puzzles! (Can't show since that would spoil the puzzles, but they're a thing)

I look forward to continuing working on the game, and getting to know other new creators!


ohhh this minotaur looks great already. i can't wait to see it with textures and ingame!

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Thanks! o/

I'm done minotaur model !

Go to texture and animation.


That Minotaur. I've played at least two puzzle games made in Unity? Is this going to be really atmospheric like Munin?


Cool I love the models horns!!

Progress as of 7/10/2016

It was decided the player-character will be a spartan. I drew concept art, sent it, and then an hour later realized I could have just said I wanted a spartan and Daniel would have been able to get it done.

We settled the basics of the player-character's abilities (move, combine items, attack with sword, press button/pull lever, and run) and how they will relate to the puzzles.

Scheduling was settled.

I made slight progress in the battle against my own incompetence so that I can figure out Unity.



we did made the third person camera and the player and minotaur moves:


we had a lot problems with the camera, but, we made one thats looks good work so far.


I use line cast and raycast to check the walls, the red and blue lines check if have wall and move the camera to hit point of the line (closer if the player) and the green line check if have wall behind camera, to make sure that can move back;


So, about minotaur model we have this so far:


this model looks awesome!! great job!! great work on your camera!

i've been suggesting it for every other person this jam but--for animation i recommend using mixamo for this jam! keep up the great work!

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Hey guys, we still making the game plan about a good maze to game, so far we have, mechanic for camera, for move, for the aim (look at target), minotaur moves on the maze and those 3D models:


This is our Player character, like a spartan, or some warrior.


And The minotaur, with animal fur texture.

So, now we need an princess, some environment and make the animations, maybe in 3 days i finished the princess and animations while Jay works on the maze and gameplay.

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well, we have few time, so...

I get this model from internet:

Internet 3D Model - Generic Low Poly

And make an princess of him, is fast, but, we can get an model from internet and change him to our use ?


I made these changes in the internet model.

Now, we need make texture, and animete, and we can go to gameplay test!!


Looks great!