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Progress as of 7/10/2016

It was decided the player-character will be a spartan. I drew concept art, sent it, and then an hour later realized I could have just said I wanted a spartan and Daniel would have been able to get it done.

We settled the basics of the player-character's abilities (move, combine items, attack with sword, press button/pull lever, and run) and how they will relate to the puzzles.

Scheduling was settled.

I made slight progress in the battle against my own incompetence so that I can figure out Unity.

Created a new topic [Devlog] Maze of the Minotaur

Hello there! Bonfim and I are making a game called "Maze of the Minotaur". It's just a short little maze/puzzle game based on the myth of the minotaur in the labyrinth.

The story is that you are a knight trying to save the Princess. Nothing special.

How it works is it's a series of rooms, and each room has a puzzle to solve. Between each room is a part of the labyrinth, and to make navigating it easier, you can solve a riddle that's found at the beginning.

So far, we have:

The beginning of the model for the minotaur.

A pathfinding algorithm for the minotaur

and some sketches of the puzzles! (Can't show since that would spoil the puzzles, but they're a thing)

I look forward to continuing working on the game, and getting to know other new creators!