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You're a Wizard (insert name here)View game page

Play as a wizard through an endless bullet hell and get a highscore
Submitted by Startrix, Muddy — 1 hour, 37 minutes before the deadline
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You're a Wizard (insert name here)'s page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#343.5833.583

Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Programmer/Artist: Jared Rothwell, Music/Sfx: Matthew Harmon

Software used
Unity, Photopea, Some sound software(not sure what Matt used he went to bed)

Cookies eaten
Zero, I wish I ate some cookies

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Really enjoyed it, at first I thought all enemies were similar but after playing a while I noticed how drastically different they are from each other just by their changes in movement and attack speed. This is the priority list I came up with:

  1. Kill bats first, if you don't kill them they shoot the fastest and biggest projectile in the game, they are not an instant threat when they first spawn.
  2. Kill jellyfish second, they have more movement than bees and shoot medium speed bullets, they are easier to dodge than bat bullets, this enemy is an instant threat.
  3. Kill bees third, they have slowest movement and also slowest projectile, the projectiles will stay after they die so kill them as soon as you can before they spam the entire map, they are not an instant threat if alone.

Bees start weak but when later enemies join, they fill the playing field with slow moving bullets that you have to dodge. Their weakness is nullified by the other monsters, and that is sweet balance :)

It's crazy how complicated the strategies can get by just changing some speed parameters and cooldowns, you guys gave it DEPTH without creating new crazy attacks or systems, just using existing ones and tweaking, really like that!

Would love to see a game like this polished, maybe audio cues before enemies spawn and also a more clear background that makes enemies and bullets not blend together. Other than that great game!

Also here's my Highscore :)


Wow never thought someone would analyze it that deep. Thank you for the feedback as well!


Damn nice high score! Its cool to see someone analyse it like this :D


Very underrated game. I absolutely loved it. The audio was very pleasant to listen to and the gameplay was super fun. The art and menus could use a bit more work but it didn't matter too much.

The only thing that caught my eye as off was the color scheme of the menu screen and few other parts.

Super cool!

P.S. There is a slight chance that I might be biased since the last game I played was a rage game.


Thanks, glad you liked it! Also thanks for the feedback. 


Nice simple game. I like the retro style enemies, can go wrong with giant bees, bats and er... squid? This game would benefit from better sound FXs and maybe a power up attack, so if you don't fire for a while your magic builds up and they you can unleash a big wave?


This game was a lot of fun! Well done! If could make one suggestion it would be add a sound or particle effects when enemies spawn in. With the floors flashing I often didn't notice when new enemies spawned.


Yeah definitely something I thought of, but didn't have time to add particle effects and do some other cleanup. 


I see you are a master of references as well..

The background looks really good and the art style is lovely. Every enemy is designed really well visually.

Enemies are a bit too similar so maybe one that follows you so you have to move a bit more would be cool.

Also I fixed my game and added a ninth level and music so you can play it now!


Oh nice I was gonna say doesn't dishonored had 9 missions and yours only has 8 levels. Yeah and other enemy variety in movement would have been great I just didn't have time for it.


Yeah I wanted to add some more enemies and mechanics but i didn't have time either :(


The concept and gameplay are really enjoyable! I did find the flashing colors on the floor a little distracting though. 


Yeah I tried to make the other sprite colors pop out from the floor colors. I should have just made an option to turn it off or on or figured out some other way to do a dance floor. 


I love the bullet hells and this game is awesome!

The visuals are cool and the music and effects even more OwO Great job!


Glad you liked it!


I like the gameplay!


Thank you!