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For GitHub, I guess you just add contributors. As for, one of you can submit the game(or a placeholder) and then go under edit game -> more -> admins and add the usernames of your teammates. Yes, all members need an account for them to be added.

Alternatively, you could just list your teammates on the game's page.

Okay. Cool. I just found out about Github LFS so I'll try my best.

So assets including the music/sfx (if made by yourself) must be attached to the repo as well?

Yeah, I get that. Its just that art and music aren't usually uploaded to github. So I just wanted confirm.

Although its mentioned in the instructions that you must create a public repo on Github, its not perfectly clear to me if this is compulsory. If so, how much of the source code/files must be included in the repo to be eligible to participate?

Any answers would be great.


Btw, it's "Congra*t*ulations".

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RIP my ears.. The audio is a bit too sharp.

I reached the end and I don't know what happens.

Very cool walk animation though the jump and punch could use more work. Checkout this tutorial for some pointers.

Also, the jumping and platforming needs a bit more work. Great job!

Edit: fixed the link.

I'm sorry. How is this better again?

I don't condone this in any way but I'm just saying the best you can do is report the submission.

There are also many others who spam their game on every open game jam. I guess they're just looking for feedback. Not sure if has a rule against it.

This game makes me feel uneasy.

I guess that's a good thing.. ?

Not bad for your first game! Everything fits together pretty well.

It would be better if you used a more interesting or longer background soundtrack as it seems to be repeating too often. Also, I think some of the colliders maybe a bit too big as sometimes, I died while simply passing near a ghost.

Very underrated game. I absolutely loved it. The audio was very pleasant to listen to and the gameplay was super fun. The art and menus could use a bit more work but it didn't matter too much.

The only thing that caught my eye as off was the color scheme of the menu screen and few other parts.

Super cool!

P.S. There is a slight chance that I might be biased since the last game I played was a rage game.

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On the contrary, I don't even know what Marble Madness is ^_^. My inspiration was actually the gen 3 Pokemon games, specifically the gym/team rocket obstacles and the trickmaster's house + Fall Guys.

Thanks for playing!

EDIT: Holy crap! Marble Madness is very similar to what I've made. I had no idea.

I don't know if this is a bug or if it's just a browser issue but the ball doesn't bounce properly on the top and bottom walls for me. It gets stuck colliding in a high frequency(with the sfx looping) for a while and then decides to continue its intended path. I tried both Firefox and Chrome and I think it ran a bit better on Chrome.

The overall game is quite nice though. Good job.

A unique and fun concept. Very cool!

A fun game and unique take on the theme. I especially like how the soundtrack messes with your rhythm and screws up your shooting(not sure if this was intended). Nice job!

Very solid game considering it was made in a day. I really like the character movement feedback. 

What was slightly ambiguous is whether the green platforms could be stepped on (maybe you should've made them white or gray?) but after you die once, you learn.

Great job!

Pretty fun to play and the game feels quite solid.

Although the music was good, it needs some adjusting as it sounds a bit harsh at times. I also had some mild collider issues in level 1 but I guess it was okay after I got into a rhythm.

Picking up the big bin needs more work as I ran in to many weird issues such as them disappearing or getting stuck to the player.

Overall, I think its a great game that just needs some more polish. Nice work!

I like the music and the general idea.

However, the movement controls seem to lag, especially if you go all the way to the right or left. Another issue is that the row of arrows are sometimes spaced too close (vertically) which makes it impossible to switch color without triggering atleast one.

I hope you keep working on it!

Ahh.. I guess I missed that. My bad.

Thank you for playing!

They were actually supposed to be chasms/pits but I had a hard time figuring out an appropriate falling animation since the game is top-down. Since it was taking too long, I skipped it. Will definitely figure something out for when I update.

Thanks for playing!

If the paint ball that hits you is the same color as your blob, you melt /get stunned for a few seconds, thus slowing you down. It doesn't make much sense for now since its single player but when there are competitors of all colors, I hope it will be more fun.

Unity loading stuck at 90%. Did you remember to disable compression in the build settings? Disable Compression in Unity Build Settings for WebGL builds

Very cool game considering its you first. Interesting puzzles and mechanics. The limitation is also used well.

I couldn't get the jump+shoot to work consistently(maybe it's just me) but I did play about 4 levels. I would love to play a full version of this with some more polish.

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The menus, music, sfx and overall gameplay are all really good. The puzzles are also quite well made.

I'm not a fan of the diagonal perspective for platformers, especially when the controls aren't perfect. The jump had too much gravity in my opinion and because of the perspective and/or shape of the player, you can't see if you're all the way to the edge of a platform, making you underestimate the distance of a jump.

Overall, I think it was a great game. Nice job!

Note: The game seems to take a long time to load on firefox. On chrome, its fine.

It's a really nice game considering it was made in less than 3 days. The story, music and art come together really well. The 2 frame limitation is also managed very well.

I did find a bug though. After reaching level 4 or 5 of the to do list, I kept weeding. Eventually, I picked up a flower with the trowel and right then, the day ended. So I couldn't plant the flower because he says "Maybe tomorrow", I can't head back home since I have a flower which he doesn't want to remove from the garden and I can't return the trowel, probably because I still have the flower.

Bugs like this are inevitable, especially for a jam but I just thought I'd let you know.

Ah, that makes sense. I guess you should work on implementing that  a bit better. 

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I had an issue where jump stopped working after the first few doors. Couldn't get it to work even after 10 attempts. I did read the description before playing so I knew what to do.

The jump also feels very weak and slow so you probably need to tune the physics a bit too.

I really like the title image you uploaded. You could've added it to the game.(unless you made it after the jam)

If the jump was working properly, I guess the game would be pretty fun as it feels solid, more or less.

I understood the controls but not really sure what to do. What are the two shards supposed to be and why do little white circles bounce around? A bit more explanation of the situation would be helpful.

Was there supposed to be sound? You say you used Bosca Ceoil.

Try to compress with .zip as its more accessible to people compared to .rar which needs something like 7zip.

I briefly played through the game and didn't notice any reference to the COLOR theme( which is fine since its optional). More importantly, the physics needs to be tuned as the player is way too floaty. 

I think you tried to make the background music yourself and I commend your effort. However, I thought it was off-beat and needs more work. Find some good sources and keep trying!

Good luck with your next game!

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That's great! Checkout this youtube channel if you haven't already. I think he explains the process very well.

Thank you for playing! Yeah, I'm working on it. I hope to update it sometime next week.

Oh, lol.. I see that now.^_^

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If you made all the art yourself, I think its quite good. It has a unique style and I didn't notice any obvious issues with it. I didn't comment too much on it as (as far as I know) Game Maker Studio usually comes with art and sound packages which people just modify and use.

Ah, okay. I probably missed that.

It's always better to upload .zip files compared to .rar files as not everyone has 7zip installed.

As for the game, the art looks good. The background music sounded interesting but I never really got a chance to listen to the whole thing as I kept dying. I have no clue what to do or why the camera switches to a greyed out level. Some tutorial or explanation would be nice.

Good luck with your next game!

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I played about 4 levels but I didn't see any score or victory screen to screenshot.

The game is fun once you get past the initial surprise attack. It feels like some sort of low-res zombie apocalypse shooter. I don't really get how the COLOR theme applies here but you stuck with the limitation very well.

I would recommend adding a health bar or hearts instead of a one-shot kill as it makes the game more approachable.

Great job on your first solo game!

Very obscure and interesting. The art feels like something from a TED-Ed video. Very cool!

Thanks for playing!

I drew most of the sprites very quickly(especially the lobby) as I was running out of time. Will definitely improve it when I update it.

Absolutely hilarious and super fun. Very unique art style as well. Great job!

A warning message to not play this before/during meals would be appreciated. ^_^