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Wow, thank you. I have plans to work on it more. We'll see how it goes.


Yep, you called it! I realized that after submitting the update. Adding an "Info" toggle would've solved it.

Thanks for playing though. ^_^

Nice game! Reminded me of Cookie Clicker.

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Thank you! I got the idea when I re-watched the trailer for Crysis.

Very cool concept, and great visuals and sound! It's a fairly solid game but I had a hard time figuring out what goes with what. Some hints would've been nice. Although I did get to stage 2 or stage 3 transformations, some of the combinations were not so intuitive. Still, pretty awesome for 48 hours. 👍

Thank you! I will definitely work on it more as soon as I have some time.

Thanks for playing!

I skipped the restart button as I was running out of time and didn't find it absolutely essential(compared to other UI elements). Definitely annoying,  I know. I would update it but I'm not sure if it can be counted as a minor bug fix.

Thank you for trying it out! I'm glad you like the concept. I hope I get more time to work on this between classes.

Thank you for playing!

Yeah, I agree. I was considering un-submitting my game since it barely qualifies as a game at its current state.

Yep, it was just me. I completed the game. Very cool!

I figured it was something like that. Cool.

Strange. Glad I could help.

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It happens only sometimes. I'll try again and let you know.

EDIT: I can't seem to reproduce it now. Did you update it?

Very simple yet very addicting. Nice work! What do you do when there's an empty space? Is there a button to skip?

Are you using the MovePosition() ? Maybe take a look at this video. If you're using transform.position to move, it causes jitter(vibration).

The art is really good. Gameplay needs some tuning I think. Maybe an additional heart? or some cues to let the player know what's happening. Pretty decent game overall.

Cool Concept! Like some others, I didn't fully understand the dying criteria even after a few tries( I did after a few more tries). The white shade probably needs to be explained. With some more polish, it would definitely make a great game for mobile platforms.

Thanks for playing!

It's supposed to be a puzzle platformer but I guess my level design is pretty sub-par. I agree that the UI for adjusting the mutations is not great. I was trying to make a timeline of sorts but I barely got the current version working. Hopefully, I get to spend more time on this project later on.

The art and idea are pretty good. But the physics is pretty aweful. Are you moving your player in the update() function?

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Interesting blob mechanics. Is it random? Also, is there a way to beat the friction?

I think the hunger rate needs to be a bit lower. I was basically eating all my catches to stay alive. Pretty good humor factor though.

Cool game. I suggest turning down the sharpness of the audio. Nearly fell off my chair ^_^

Nice! I think the level where you shrink for the first time is impossible(or maybe it's just me) since you can't skip the blue DNA.

Very cool! How many levels are there? I only made it past the tutorials and level 1.

Not bad for 2 days of work!

For GitHub, I guess you just add contributors. As for, one of you can submit the game(or a placeholder) and then go under edit game -> more -> admins and add the usernames of your teammates. Yes, all members need an account for them to be added.

Alternatively, you could just list your teammates on the game's page.

Okay. Cool. I just found out about Github LFS so I'll try my best.

So assets including the music/sfx (if made by yourself) must be attached to the repo as well?

Yeah, I get that. Its just that art and music aren't usually uploaded to github. So I just wanted confirm.

Although its mentioned in the instructions that you must create a public repo on Github, its not perfectly clear to me if this is compulsory. If so, how much of the source code/files must be included in the repo to be eligible to participate?

Any answers would be great.


Btw, it's "Congra*t*ulations".

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RIP my ears.. The audio is a bit too sharp.

I reached the end and I don't know what happens.

Very cool walk animation though the jump and punch could use more work. Checkout this tutorial for some pointers.

Also, the jumping and platforming needs a bit more work. Great job!

Edit: fixed the link.

I'm sorry. How is this better again?

I don't condone this in any way but I'm just saying the best you can do is report the submission.

There are also many others who spam their game on every open game jam. I guess they're just looking for feedback. Not sure if has a rule against it.

This game makes me feel uneasy.

I guess that's a good thing.. ?

Not bad for your first game! Everything fits together pretty well.

It would be better if you used a more interesting or longer background soundtrack as it seems to be repeating too often. Also, I think some of the colliders maybe a bit too big as sometimes, I died while simply passing near a ghost.

Very underrated game. I absolutely loved it. The audio was very pleasant to listen to and the gameplay was super fun. The art and menus could use a bit more work but it didn't matter too much.

The only thing that caught my eye as off was the color scheme of the menu screen and few other parts.

Super cool!

P.S. There is a slight chance that I might be biased since the last game I played was a rage game.

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On the contrary, I don't even know what Marble Madness is ^_^. My inspiration was actually the gen 3 Pokemon games, specifically the gym/team rocket obstacles and the trickmaster's house + Fall Guys.

Thanks for playing!

EDIT: Holy crap! Marble Madness is very similar to what I've made. I had no idea.