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Rescue your people from the monsters and regain your magic!
Submitted by KV_Kingdom (@KV_Kingdom) — 8 hours, 57 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Graphics, Audio, and Polish#143.8703.870
Theme Interpretation#193.5223.522
Magical Girl Concept#213.6523.652

Ranked from 23 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the Magical Girl Genre?
Elora gains the power to transform into a magic-wielding Druid. The demigod, Divini, is also a girl with magic power.

Which theme(s) do you pick?
Uncertainty Principle, Nuclear Energy

How does your game fit the theme(s)?
The bosses are randomized, so you are uncertain about which enemies will be there. The transformation animation is called "Radiation," which is related to Nuclear Energy.

Are all your graphics assets made by yourself during the duration of the jam?


a good chunk of them were purchased

Are all your audio assets made by yourself during the duration of the jam?


a good chunk of them were purchased

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Host (1 edit)

So... I must admit I kinda rushed this game a bit so I might've missed sth...

...but is this game unfinished or sth?

I made it to the intersection then moved up and fought an enemy (at first I fought slime queen then I lost and when I started a new game I fought harpy instead), There was then an automatic movement to the top and... a blank dialogue that cannot be continued...?

Anyways, good work. I think I love your submission to the last jam more but this one was okay.


While I do plan on doing more for this game, it’s possible to play it from start to finish. I wonder how you got that blank dialog, that’s weird! Yeah, my entry for the previous jam was way better, this one didn’t get the time it needed to be good. Hopefully I can spend more time on next jam’s entry.

Thanks for playing my game and giving feedback!


Elora's Quest is a really well made RPG Maker game with a good level of replayability due to its random level boss. The game is somewhat challenging on the basis that the battle mechanics are designed around a battle/war of attrition (pure dps and tanking damage) gameplay rather than trying to use strategy/tactics since the ability/magic/item options are quite limited during the battle gameplay which made me feel like its oriented for a casual game.

Magical Girl Concept: The game features two magical girl characters, Elora and Divini as magical girls, with Divini appearing for a short time while in the early game. Elora takes up the magical girl form when a pendant is filled with fairy power and she transforms into a magical girl that can perform magical attacks in the nature category. I'm not sure if the character design comes from a premade set but looking at the sprite and portrait before and after transforming the character does show a difference in the design from ordinary to a magical one. Its a little hard to evaluate more since there is no full body character art and the designs are limited to the overworld sprite and the portrait. However, the game does feature magical girls in an obvious manner. Besides that, I think the Magical Girl concept would look more apparent or is fully utilized if the companions could display magical girl features or are magical girls.

Mechanics: For a RPG Maker game, which if not mistaken is using mechanics from the latest RPGMaker MZ, I think the combinations of plugins and scripts used is good since it is designed as a simple and straight forward JRPG game. Its simple being that there is very little available strategy to utilize during the battle sequence and only a limited set of attack, magic/ability, and item options (only one item) are available during battle. I'm not too fond of the sparse options during battle since, it makes the game more of a battle/war of attrition where the player has to output the most dps, and tanking in all the damage from random enemy hits, while hoping the damage is evenly spread among the party members. I used Sasha's Inspire ability a ton through the game and even double buff each character to output the most damage, making the game really easy to complete without relying on Elora's magical form. Still this means there is very little though process involve for the player in defeating a particular enemy since there isn't much to play around in the battle sequence. It feels like the battle gameplay is designed to be of a casual game sort of nature since its limited to the attack and item button while the ability or nature button can only exist in either one time depending on Elora's being transform or not. Besides that, I kept getting only one type of item through the game which is restoration tea and there doesn't seem to be any other item that can restore MP, which I want to point out that it kinds of defeats the use of the transforming pendant aka Elora's magical form. Besides that, I like the boulder pushing puzzle that is different in each level, which helps break the game flow a little, as well as providing more gameplay that complements the battle sequence. However I find that the effort put into obtaining the magical form by completing the puzzle outweighs the effort by fighting the enemy in the direct approach. Basically it means that, I can clear then entire game by fighting head on without the need for the transforming spell. By the way, collecting energy for the pendant to work is quite an interesting idea but somehow it got overshadowed by the non magical attacks/abilities and should be implemented in a better way. There should be someway to emphasize the use of the transformation and provide reasonable incentives to the player so they are encouraged to use it often. So one incentive of transforming that I like is how there are new spells and magic ability (there are up to 4 powerful magic spells) each time Elora transforms into her magical form, but the oversight of a lack of methods or items to restore MP made me reluctant to actually want to transforms since her warrior abilities, triple attacks + double attack buff, can caused about 120 damage to the final boss, which when I think about, feels a little unfair since the magic attack can be performed on a limited count due to limited MP. Anyway, I find that the battles is skewed a little to the easy side but can get a little heated at times. Next thing I want to highlight is the randomness in the enemy type for the particular level which gives it a nice touch of replayability. Based on 6 different full playthrough and several new/load games, I manage to be able fight all 9 available types in all 3 levels. I would say the random set of enemy types per level is quite limited (3 types per level) so there are many occasions I ended up with the same enemy type on every new game or on every next level loaded (as in moving to the next level and not loading from a save game). I'm not sure if there is more but so far a solid 3 types is the most I have fought on several playthroughs. A good random set for a short game would have about 5 to 7 enemy types per level but if the game is a longer release, this sort of randomness can't happen often, since players don't replay longer games in rapid succession, so a smaller set is more reasonable. Also its probably because the game is designed for the game jam so I want to point out that there is no emphasis on grinding for levels (leveling up) or fighting against any random encounters (random minions) in any of the levels, making it a very straight forward game of fight each enemy boss blocking the path and gathering party members.

Visual: The selected arts assets use really complement the look of the game and intention of the game design. The tile set used gave a nice touch of what Emerald mountain would look like, on top, and within, and its presented very cleanly. I notice that the tile set in the second level, where Sasha becomes a party member, had a little issue matching up on some corners. Its not a significant issue but I am a little curious at why it doesn't match up and would be good to note to the developer if there are plans to work on the game further. Besides that, the enemy sprites blocking the path didn't look out of place and I felt that they all match the intended game art style pretty well. The battler background art used suites the tile set in the location and made its feel relevant. The character sprites are all animated but I notice the enemies didn't have an animation of its own during the battle sequence. It would be nice to watch enemy have their own animation as well which will definitely add lots of visual points and appeal but I don't know if its a limitation in RPGMaker or the art asset pack that does not include it or something that can be done about it. The use of the final boss art is really nice and I have to mentions how it correlates very well with the music track which will be discussed in the audio section later. Lastly, I want to say that the flashy transformation effect really does radiates the right vibe when the character transform.

UI: Since its a RPGMaker MZ game, a lot of the game menu and in-game menus are present through out the game. However, the developer has obviously put in time and effort in making the UI look good, unique, and is well laid out with easy access to the main game. The UI in the battle sequence is clean and pretty straight forward on its layout. Its commendable that the UI has some customization done to it while there are no issues with it with my playthrough. One thing I do find a little peculiar is that Elora in her magical form had her ability button replaced by the nature button, making her ability not accessible when her MP is empty. I'm not sure if its a thing with PRGMaker MZ or if its an intended design decision to have the ability button replaced. Though, can be a problem in much longer games because Elora basically becomes dead weight without any way to restore her MP or utilize her build up of TP in the magical form.

Audio: The audio selection use is really pleasing and are used in the appropriate situations throughout the game. The battle track used feels a little mild but exciting at the same time. (Spoiler Alert! Start) As for the battle tracks used before and during the demon king segment, the music theme that was use matches really well with what is happening which does feel like a face off between Elora and the Demon King. Also, the upbeat track during the battle enhanced the feeling of fighting against the demon king and is really relevant to his presence (Spoiler Alert! End). Besides that, sound effects are used appropriately and are quite pleasing when certain effects happen like Elora's transformation, when the boulder is pushed, and even during the battler segments when a magic spell is used and attack is performed. In other words, there is nothing that is left out in the game when it comes to the audio being used through out the game. Two improvement I would suggest is to get a voice pack so at least the characters can grunt and puff during battles or dialog sequence, and secondly, try to explore more music track options outside of what RPGMaker offers since there are much more exciting and powerful music packs that would enhance the gameplay further.

Theme: The magical girl theme is very obvious in this game since there are two characters that are designed to look like magical girls while the main character, Elora can transform between her warrior and magical form. As for the theme that the developer picked, they are Uncertainty Principle and Nuclear Energy. It is mentioned that Elora transformation effect represents the Nuclear Energy theme because it is called "Radiation" and after seeing the effect several times I have to agree that the effect does radiate intensely like the sun which is relevant to what Nuclear Energy comprise off. Besides that, the game does feature some level of randomness which fulfills the Uncertainty Principle since each time I start a new game or enter the next level a different enemy type lies in the path of progress. However since the random enemy set is quite small, I did mention above that on occasion the randomness is not apparent at times due to the limited set.

Challenge / Engagement: The game starts off quite challenging when the player has to face the first enemy alone but after a while with more available abilities and party members the game can be easily beaten without the use of the magical form. Basically, the magical form is a good supplement to the existing party outfit and it could have been utilized a little better so it would take up a major role in the battler segments. Maybe have Elora be able to transform during battle (after collecting fairies, and in both ways between normal and magical) and not immediately after collecting all three fairies since I find it a little troublesome to have one party member limited to the attack button alone after MP is used up while with no way of spending the pent up TP points. As for engagement, the game is pretty engaging with a decent level of story and gameplay. The randomness of the enemy and puzzle elements kept the game engaging but after the first few playthrough, I find that the game could use improvements on the story and gameplay in terms of item variety, companion abilities, grinding, treasure hunting, activities, etc. Basically, the game seem to have left out a good amount of its RPG and grinding elements, causing it to feel like a game that focuses on the boulder pushing puzzle and straight forward battlers, making it not as appealing in the long run. I don't know if its due to time constraint or intended design to test out the two elements

Originality / Creativity: The story and game level is setup in an original manner but not much else to say besides the two. For creativity, the use of randomness to the enemies in each level give it a nice creative touch while the different puzzle designs of the same puzzle mechanics utilizes a good level of creativity. The story does feel a little generic and could use some creative inspiration to spice up the dialog. Anyway, this will be discussed in the next section.

Story (Entire section is a spoiler): The game basically presents a simple story about Elora saving a group of her companions and I find that adding Divini does make the story interesting at first but at later stages of the game the story got a little generic when all it involves is just fighting the monster blocking the path, meet new party member, solve puzzle, then rinse and repeat. There is some level of creativity in the dialogs since they are different when meeting each new companion, as well as the hints being pointed by Elora when fighting an enemy. I like the hints from Elora since it helps me understand what I would be fighting in the battler and what to expect, such as the elemental dragon being able to change forms. As for spicing up the story, I was actually expecting some additional lore from the main game "Divini" in this game since I have not touched any of the main game yet and it was mention this is a side-story to the main game (I think its was in the comments below somewhere). I'm not sure this is suppose to be a non-canon or canon story since it felt like the former as there wasn't anything more after meeting Divini for the first time. I think there is some relationship between Elora and the Demon King since she did mention that she knows of his second form so this might just be a part of the main game lore that I'm not able to relate to. Anyway, the story is sufficient for its use in a game jam setting but I think there needs to be a well written story if the game does intend to be a canon side story to the main game. Hopefully story elements from the main game gets implemented into this game so that new players, like myself, who pick up the game can look forward to the main game expecting some continuity to the main story and world lore.

Overall: Its a really well polished RPGMaker game with good use of art/audio assets and really good level of presentation. I really enjoy the battler gameplay aspects of it but the story could use some work. I find that the game seem to emphasis on the gameplay and puzzle solving elements, possibly due to the game jam theme and it ends up attributing to the lack of substance in the story. In its current state, it feels more of a casual game because its very easy to pick up and the game mechanics are straight forward to play with while having nothing sophisticated or any advanced/deep gameplay involved. I think with more improvement in the story department and employing a good amount of emphasis on the RPG elements that RPGMaker offers, the game would feel a lot more complete and engaging this way rather than relying on the theme.

Note: For reference, the feedback is from playing the WebGL version on the latest Firefox browser. (Spoilers Ahead! Start) The enemy bosses are Treant, Garuda, Harpy, Dragon, Elemental Dragon (at least 4 different forms), Lamia, Ogre, Iron giant, Behemoth, and Demon King which doesn't get randomize at all (Spoilers Ahead! End).


Wow, thanks for the detailed review! Your comments will help guide me as I improve this game. As I mentioned on Discord, I would be happy to have more detailed feedback on my other games some time, too.

Thanks again for playing my game and leaving feedback.


Hey KV_Kingdom, glad to know the feedback is helpful to you. Its cool, I will gladly try out your other games and give a short feedback on them.

Submitted (1 edit)

Another rpg maker game... Haiyaaaaa.... But i love the turn based battles, music, and the story is interesting. 


Thanks for the review! I'm glad you like it overall; it's further motivation to see this improved some day.


Really enjoyed the game. I like turn based RPG and this is really a good one. Good job!


Your praise is inspiring! Thank you for playing my game and leaving feedback.


I have a few thoughts:

First off, the overall game play is very solid! The balance feels good in the battles. Never terribly difficult, but it also felt like it was important to choose skills carefully.

The rock pushing puzzles were good... but I do think I'd have liked to see a little more variety. The last game I played that you made had a different puzzle in each of the areas. Doing something like that here could help!

My last note on the game play, but it seemed odd that the MC didn't have much MP.  Maybe I missed a restore item or something? But in each battle, she seemed weaker than the other characters... after 2 spells or so, she was spent... seeing as she's the Magical Girl of the game, it might be nice if she was a bit stronger.

Presentation-wise, the visuals and audio are all fine. But it also seems like they are all (or mostly?) stock assets. That's not a huge deal, but I do like seeing custom art in RPG Maker games.

Storywise, it was all very quick. I didn't really know who any of the characters were, and each new party member got dumped in with very little introduction. If you're thinking of doing any additional work on this one, I'd love to see a bit more dialogue with personality to make them seem more like friends than random NPCs. The whole story in general could use a bit more. It's very straight forward and rushed currently. It does appear to be part of a series though, so perhaps the other games flesh this out more, and this is meant as a small side-story that connects to the whole. (Sort of like an OVA in the anime world)

All and all, it seems like you've got the combat balance down! With some more work on the story, you'll have a satisfying mini RPG!


Thank you for the review! You practically read my mind - I totally intend on fleshing the story out so it makes more sense to anyone who isn't familiar with the characters, and it's intended to be a side-story to the main games. I'm glad that my speed-devving skills can deliver a fairly balanced experience, but yeah, the battle system needs a lot more developing (especially since I plan on filling out the charcter roster on both the friendly and enemy sides). And thanks for the feedback about the puzzles, I'll be sure to add more variety to the puzzles as I go, too.


Finished first go - which must be a first for me! I enjoyed the gameplay too.


Excellent! Thanks for the review! It means a lot to me. 🙂


Pretty fun game. The puzzles felt like a nice way to power up before a boss. And the game is short which is a plus for a jam. The story wasn't terrible, but I couldn't really relate to the characters, and  only the main character had a compelling reason to be there. (If there is some backstory that explains their motivations or something, remember that people like me might miss it.) The stock assets are well made, but they don't add any personality to the game. Enjoyable but not much to remember it for.


Thank you for the review! Your appreciation for the game and commentary will help fuel my efforts to improve it.


Well, I misread that as "Elon's Quest" so I'm probably too tired to be reviewing it, but here goes...

Gonna be honest I went in with some trepidation. I loved Magical Girl Priscilla (and I'm kinda disappointed this isn't another game in that series) but couldn't get into Mystic Zealots at all and never tried Divini.

Unfortunately I'm going to have to agree with the other reviewer in general. It's functional, but uninspired. The title screen was really promising; it looks nice and the music has oldschool runescape vibes. The first scene in game, though, almost turned me off entirely, with frankly bad writing and very recognizable music and graphics. As a whole, though, the game falls between those two extremes.

The battles are pretty fun. I think they're a bit on the easy side, but I prefer too easy to too difficult in a jam game. They have a solid feel to them, and they're varied enough that they don't get stale. I think if the game were longer I'd like to see more variation in enemies, maybe elemental advantages, that sort of thing, but here it works.

It has some, but not all, of the typical RPG Maker tropes that irk me. It looks like a bog-standard RPG Maker game, which is never a great impression. It avoids tedious random encounters, but has shaky character writing. The world feels dead, with empty, drab dungeons that seem to exist for the sake of having dungeons.

The rock puzzle was fun once, but wore out its welcome quickly. Puzzles are good, but more variety is desperately needed. If I recall, Magical Girl Priscilla had some pretty good puzzles, so a regression is strange to say the least.

There's also a lack of attention to detail- fine for a jam game but I have to mention it. Elora's transformed form looks less powerful than her normal form. Character sprites appear to have equipment the characters don't actually have. Facial expressions don't match emotions. There are a few visual glitches with the maps.

I think where it really falls flat the most is with story and worldbuilding. At first I was willing to forgive a lot of this. It feels in medias res, presumably it ties into Divini which I haven't played and would make sense if I did. I'd still like to see better introductions to the characters regardless, since they seem to come from nowhere, but the lack of worldbuilding past "generic RPG Maker style fantasy setting" is forgivable if it's done in another game.

That is, I was willing to forgive most of this until the "wait for part 2" at the end. If it's kicking off a series, even a side series, it needs to do a much better job of establishing thing. Maybe you don't have to explain everything that's explained in Divini, but it needs at least an idea of what the world looks like, who these characters are and where they came from. 

Out of curiosity, how did the jam go for you in terms of implementing what you intended versus leaving stuff on the table? I'm wondering if some of these flaws are borne from time constraints rather than design.


Thanks for the feedback. I did not intend this bland presentation, but time was the biggest problem for this game.

When the jam period started I was in the middle of another jam working on Divini 2 (which I will refer to as D2).  I knew the scope of Elora’s Quest was small and didn’t think I needed much time, so I gave D2 all of my time until the end of that jam (which ended a few days into March). I have made a few boss rush games in mere days, so I figured about 2 weeks would be plenty of time to crank out a quality project. However, I did not anticipate a few roadblocks: Working on D2 left me drained, and I was planning on having Elora go through the game with no additional party members. My exhaustion lost me a couple days, and the fact that Elora could be a solo non-magical Warrior the whole game meant that I needed to get creative or a Warrior playthrough would be a boring fare of attack, double attack, etc.

I experimented with some unique battle mechanics but didn’t have enough time to fully develop them, so I ultimately determined that Elora would have to run into new party members during the course of the game. After figuring out how that all would work, I had about 2 days left in the jam. I worked furiously to get things prepared, but I didn’t have enough time to do more than put together an alpha version of the game.

For me, the moral of the story is: don’t do concurrent game jams unless you can use the same game for both of them! I’m also going to try to limit myself to fewer jams; I’ve been jamming constantly for several months and I really need to let myself recharge (plus I need to update these last couple of games like I keep promising). That said, I am looking forward to the next MGGJ!

Thanks again for playing my game and giving a review!


I wouldn't even try to do two jams at once. Honestly, with work and everything else I felt super swamped with just one limited scope jam game, and I was putting other stuff aside to work on it.

I think through that lens a lot of the issues make sense. I can see how things would get left by the wayside or done the fastest possible way with a looming deadline approaching. The battle system worked out well; despite the last-minute shift it didn't feel confused, it was balanced and satisfying. The other party members being thrown in last minute explains why they're so thin.


great presentation and detailed artwork, Cool RPG wished I could invest more time it, but great for the playthough that I played.

Submitted (1 edit)

Okay, I think the reason people don’t really care to play or comment on this is maybe because every art thing here basically made with stock generic RPG maker asset,

Since that’s the case I’ll only judge the gameplay and writing.

The writing is… Is generic, to say the least, In fact, I don’t think I feel there’s any real story, The character barely says anything, and even if they did It didn’t really tell much about their personality. They would just suddenly join your party without much reason, So I assume the story may not be the focus,  

The gameplay is also generic, Yeah the boss maybe randomize but does it really matter? most people gonna play this one time anyway, And even if the boss is different it’s not like there’s any different strategy to beat them other than just deal damage at them as much as possible, yeah sure maybe the enemy elemental may randomize, but Even so, my magic can deal decent damage even without any elemental advantage especially on the first boss when the main character only has one elemental move anyway, And on other bosses, I now have a party member that can deal way more consistent damage than the main character ever did, so I don’t think elemental even matter.

Even if it matters, the main character has so little MP that after a few turns and it would turn into a physical fight anyway. 

Outside the battle all you do is push the rock puzzle that’s it, The puzzle isn’t even challenging, Just pushing rocks to the switch and get all fairy.

Conclusion: I don’t feel like this has any substance to be able to stand on its own at all. It feels like the first RPG maker project, I realized I didn’t compliment anything at all, but that’s because It just feels too generic, with no noticeable good or bad.


I agree with this assessment and I plan on remedying several of these points as I continue to develop this game. Thanks for keeping me honest!