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Whew, starts off easy, gets hard fast! One thing that made it difficult (for better or worse) was that the ally bullets were red... during the heat of the moment, I'd start to lose track of what was friendly fire, and what was enemy fire.

I eventually beat it though! Nice work!

Thanks so much for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Woah! Really nice work! I love the core mechanic, super fun and unique! 

It's short but fun! My first run was a disaster, as I choose a puzzle that then sent me to a fork with 2 mini-bosses... I could barely scratch the guy as he destroyed me.

On my second run, I paid much closer attention to the layout and managed to complete the game! Nice work!

Thanks for playing, and thanks so much for the video! Glad you enjoyed the game :)

The B-side is very difficult, I actually don't know if anyone other than myself has cleared it yet, haha.

Really nice work! I wasn't sure what to think at first, but I was quickly hooked by the puzzle/RPG combo. I was afraid all the stats and combos would be overwhelming, but that also proved to be just right, balance-wise.

The art is all top notch, as always! I especially liked the tiny "world view" with the hero and monsters.

I made it to the boss, but the game froze while battling him. I was attempting to switch gear when it happened. The music kept playing, but everything else stopped. I was playing the browser version. Not sure if any of that will be helpful for debugging or not. Here's screenshot of the moment:

Anyway, going to give it another play and hopefully beat the boss this time! Great game!

Thanks so much for playing, and the thorough comments and feedback! I'm tweaking the combat for the post-jam update, coming Soon™. Hopefully that update will address issues that I've heard in many of the feedback comments. As for future plans/continuations, stay tuned!

I've gotten a lot of comments about the combat, so it has indeed been revamped for my upcoming update. It will add the ability to break out of a combo with movement or the block ability. I'll consider tweaking the hit-stop as well and see how that feels.

Thanks so much for the feedback, and thank you for playing! :)

Thanks for playing, and all the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the pixel art, as that is where I poured a great deal of my time into. You called it on the music, it's another FacemeltingSolos collab! Also glad you enjoyed the characters/relationship.

Your feedback on the combat is appreciated. That's a tough area for me, as I've gotten comments ranging from "it's way too clunky" to "it's perfect!"  My goal with this game was to make a side-scrolling beat-em-up. Problem is, I don't have a ton of experience with the genre. The only one I've ever completed was the Scott Pilgrim game (by far the biggest influence on this game), but it's been long enough that it's more based on my memories of the game rather than the reality.

Anyway, that's a long way of saying that ultimately, I do want to smooth out the combat for the 2.0 update I'm planning... but I want to be careful not to damage the elements that make it feel like a beat-em-up. So expect some sort of polish in that area. Probably setting up a way to break out of the combo for better dodging/blocking.

BOSS SPOILERS PAST HERE..... STOP NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED.........   on the door section of the first boss, there is a visual cue as to which door to hit. It's a carry over from the previous door in level 2 (the city streets). It fades in and out depending on how close you are to the correct door. I wasn't sure how noticeable it would be, and it seems you didn't catch it. That said, I figured that most players who missed it would eventually be able to brute force their way through, since it's only four doors. The correct door does randomize each time though, hehe.  END SPOILERS

In regards to your note at the end... Yeah, I'm at the point where I'm not sure how to proceed next. It's feeling more and more like it's time to do something closer to a "full" game instead of just another jam game. Since Yuri Jam 2021 allows entrants to start whenever, I may try something a little longer for Tama and Paisley's next game. Though I also see the "main" story falling more on June. I guess we'll see! Either way, I hope you stick around for whatever comes next! :)

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the art and story, both areas I'm trying to push myself!

I appreciate the feedback on the combat. I was shooting for a classic beat-em-up feel, but I agree that it could use some tweaking.  I've got some small updates in mind for this game (controller support for instance) so maybe I'll  give that another pass too!

Thanks so much for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. It was a rough month for sure, haha... I also was pretty busy with work, so a few features actually got cut. (Destructible objects, a "mega-attack" with high magic cost) I may add those in after the jam rating period ends. I also plan to add controller support.

I'm glad you feel like it's commercial-quality! Part of my plan with jam games is to experiment with different styles of gameplay, graphics, etc... and see how they come out, and if I enjoy building it. The goal is eventually to make a longer game. Not sure if I'll ever charge for anything, but at the very least you can expect that I'll still be releasing free games too.

Thanks for the feedback on the story! Your comments are helpful for future plans... this is actually the first time those particular antagonists have appeared, so they'd probably feel out of left field regardless. Maybe I'll do a little work on that for the post-jam update too. They'll definitely get a longer, slower intro if I ever get around to building the full-length game.

Aww, thank you so much!!!

Between all the artwork and discovering that RPG combat is actually hard to build manually, this was a tough one to fit into a jam period. Hence the fact that I just recently added XP and leveling for the 1.2 update!

No worries about the gushing, hearing that you enjoyed it so much made my day! :)

Thank you! :)

I've just updated to version 1.2, which adds leveling and XP! Both features that I had planned, but got cut during the original jam period due to time.

This is a hugely ambitious game-jam game, and I'm super impressive with how much you've pulled off!

The environment is cool, huge, and runs well on my fairly low-spec gaming PC.  I love the comicbook feel to the visuals, it ties it all together nicely, and even helps blend in the low-poly cars and citizens. I saw a few oddities here and there, my favorite being cars shoving pedestrians down the street. Still, nothing that damaged the overall visual experience, and again, really impressive for a jam game!

The powers (particularly flight and super-speed) are really cool and fun. The build up to getting your powers was nice, and it was fun (though challenging) learning to fly. Also, the upgrades are a cool idea, though I might prefer mission/xp rewards to searching for 180 orbs all over the city.

If I had one core critique, it would all come back to the control. The walking controls were very difficult, and never got easier for me. I made it to the fruit stand mission, and was stumbling all over the place until getting stuck in-between stalls and dying. 

The flying is pretty fun, but I still found the controls there finicky. The battling also was very touchy, it was difficult to hit targets even if they were right near me.

Overall, it was a mixture of fun (the missions, environment, flying) and frustration (battling the controls).

I'd love to see this continue development, it's an amazing start! Even with my critiques, this is a really impressive entry. Great work!

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I enjoyed this one a lot! First off, the character art and custom battle sprites were excellent, and add a lot to the experience beyond standard RPG Maker assets. Always a big plus. The story was interesting, and definitely kept me wanting to move forward.

By the second half, the challenge got pretty high. I had to do quite a bit of grinding... that's OK, but not my favorite thing to do. Thankfully, after getting strong enough to beat Cait Sith and friend, didn't find that I needed to go back to heal again. I carefully pressed forward, leveling up and using items to heal. The end boss was challenging too, but I got him on the first try at least!

Considering the way it ended, hopefully you have plans to make more! Great work!

I gave this one a play finally! Worth noting that my anti-virus did not like it at all on my gaming pc, but my laptop (with the same antivirus) didn't seem to have a problem with it.

My favorite aspect was the setting and concept! Definitely a unique take on the genre of magical girls, with tons of potential. I do wish there was a bit more story integrated into the game, but it's a jam, so I understand that the scope probably needed to be cut down as the jam progressed.

The gameplay works, but did have a few bugs. I got pushed outside of the playable area on the bottom left of the map (an enemy rammed me through the wall). I gave it a second play, and managed to clear the map and beat the boss! One other stray gameplay note, it did feel like the slow bomb was too quick to be a ton of use. I stopped using it after a point because of this.

The map itself is fine, but could use a little more work on the layout to feel like more of a place, and less of a game arena.

Sound FX and music didn't make it into this version from what I saw. That could definitely add to the experience if you're continuing work on this entry.

Nice work!

Nice work! First off, I always appreciate RPG maker games with unique custom artwork! I liked the overall look of the game, especially the character portraits and battle sprites. The music and SFX all fit well.

I enjoyed the unique and interesting story, probably my favorite part after the artwork! The incorporation of the jam themes felt a little less strong than the story as a whole, but fit well enough.

The gameplay was interesting. While there weren't a ton of skills or actions to work with, there was definitely a strategy to most of the fights, especially the mini-bosses and end boss. The challenge was about right. I had a little trouble with the harder enemies, but figured it all out by the end.

One thing I did initially have trouble with was that I didn't see the hallways at all. Took some bumbling around after the cat told me to find the objects and save all my coworkers before I found those passages.

This is definitely a memorable and unique entry, and one of my favs!

First off, super cute artwork! The title screen is awesome, and the 3d levels/characters all look great. The music fits well and helps with the bouncy, fun feel.

I like the idea of defending your garden from the waves of invaders! Unfortunately, I did run into a problem. I've seen below that others have experienced some lag as levels progressed, but on my system the game is almost unplayable right from the start. I some how managed to get to wave 3, but everything was so jumpy and laggy that I was just shooting wave shots at random and hoping I'd survive.

It's worth noting that my "gaming" PC is actually a retired workstation with a mid-to-low tier gaming graphics card... so it's probably not the best benchmark. But at the same time, I have played  expansive 3D games on there (Outer Wilds most recently) with no issues, so I feel like there could probably be some optimization.

Overall, though I wish I could have played more of it, this was a cute and polished entry with a great aesthetic! If you do get a chance to optimize it, I'll give it another spin.

This was a cool and fun game!

I liked the artwork a lot! The character portraits were really well done, and the gritty environments stood out and added atmosphere. My only critique on the art is that the in-game sprites felt a little separated/disconnected from the environment. Though from a gameplay standpoint, that probably helped.

The flashlight was immediately cool to use, and the other mechanics all worked well. The levels eased me in a good pace. The final level was a decent challenge, and took me a few tries to beat!

I also enjoyed the story a lot. Entertaining dialogue, and Spookie and her demon friend were great. The themes also got solid usage! The only area here that was missing a little was a "Magical Girl" feel. This wouldn't be an issue normally, but given it's a magical girl jam, I did notice it.

Despite that, this is definitely one of my favorites from the jam. Excellent work!

This was a quirky kinetic novel!

I enjoyed the characters. They had good designs, and fun personalities that bounced nicely off each other. The story never took itself too seriously, starting with the Wumpus (now there's a vintage reference!) and continuing on with puns, gags, and references. It was maybe a touch sillier than I expected... not really a criticism though.

I did have trouble judging what era the setting was supposed to be. I thought it was Victorian, but then the backgrounds seemed more modern. Maybe it's a fantasy/alt reality setting? (Beyond just the presence of Magical Girls)

I like interactive elements when I read visual novels, but I do understand that this is meant to be a kinetic novel. The length felt about right for what was there, but I did find myself wishing there was just a bit more story. It seemed this novel was more focused on just the interaction of the 4 characters. Maybe an encounter with the Wumpus or some other action/drama could spice it up a little.

Still, I enjoyed my time reading this. Nice work!

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This game was pretty challenging! Though, I'm not experienced with or very good at bullet-hell games in general.

I was able to beat it after several tries!

It's be nice to have an intro page, story, or something before getting tossed right in. Without that, there's not a lot that screams "Magical Girl" currently.

I'm glad the controls were very simple and intuitive. The graphics and audio were all solid. I actually didn't have much trouble until the boss, who was quite hard! (For me anyway)

I didn't initially understand the enemies were dropping power ups on my first playthrough, but I caught on by my second try. One possible bug I noticed was that my "dodge" count didn't reset after a game over.

There's plenty of potential here! I'd love to see this fleshed out with some story, additional stages, etc. As it stands, it's a fun demo that kept me on my toes! Nice work!

I really like the concept on this one!

I enjoyed the card-base RPG approach, and it was cool to see the battle play out rather than just clicking on cards and seeing damage. The exploration/path element was interesting too, outside the battles.

I did find that I really, really need a tutorial. Even if it was just a readme text file, or instructions on the Itch page... I could figure out a lot of the basics, click on a card, select the target, attack, defend, etc... but some cards were a total mystery, and some of the other mechanics with the deck, magic, etc, I didn't understand at all.

I'd love to give this one another spin with more instruction. It's already fun without entirely knowing how to play, so I imagine I'll enjoy it even more with instructions!

This is an interesting short visual novel!

I really like the artwork! The character art in particular was cute and expressive. Especially the fullscreens, such as the hug and when he brought over the rabbit.

The gameplay is mostly a standard visual novel. I do appreciate that there is a battle of sorts, though it's pretty simple in it's current form. I'd like to see that spiced up a bit as you continue development!

The story was interesting, especially the twist at the end. The dialogue was fun and engaging. I will admit though, that I did have a bit of trouble following exactly what was happening big-picture wise. The scenes individually worked well, but it felt like it jumped quickly at moments.

I would like some audio, music, etc. There are a lot of great tracks online for free, usually (but not always!) with a simple credit requirement for usage.

Hoping that you are continuing development on this, as it has a lot of promise! As it currently stands, it's already pretty good... I'd love to see it go to the next level!

Based on what I played, I'm going to treat this one as a demo/prototype.

I liked the artwork! It had a bright, loose style that was charming. I do wish there were subtitles/text to explain what was happening in the story. I actually missed it the first time around, because the text told me to press spacebar. Then I replayed and realized that I had skipped all the story scenes... whoops!

The gameplay itself is a good start.  A sort of whack-mole concept. I played with a mouse, but it would work well on a touch screen! It could use a little more variety, but again, I realize this is a demo not a final project. I did have the weird issue of a large grey area on the screen that seemed outside the playing field, but then a mouse spawned there.

One other stray issue I noticed was that the audio seemed like it was on a mono channel... I only heard it in my left headphone.

This is a good start, and with a little more work and polish, it should all come together. Nice work!

Thanks so much for playing! It was a very busy month, that's for sure. Facemelting Solos did another awesome OST and great sound design as usual... I don't know that I'd even have time for any audio without his help!

Good feedback on the attacking, thanks! I agree that dodging can be rather tough with the current attack setup. Something I'll have to look into improving!

This was a pretty fun, and fairly difficult bullet hell game!

I played on normal, because my pride wouldn't let me choose easy. I managed to complete the game, despite quite a few "game overs."

I liked both of the attack abilities. The time travel mechanic was pretty hard to use at first, and I found that it was mainly useful on the bosses. In the rooms teaming with enemies, I found that attempting the time travel to heal just left me in a worse situation than before each time. In fact, I found the enemy swarms on the last few floors harder than any of the bosses.

Nice work!

Really nice visual novel! The character art is cute and really well done. The writing is fun and light-hearted, and kept me engaged.

I appreciated the interactive game segments. While straight visual novels are fine, anything that adds to that experience is a big plus! I found most of the segments fairly easy, though the "boss" fight was actually a bit challenging.

Great work!

I had a lot of fun playing this one! I gave it a spin last night and got wrecked... but after some rest, gave it another go and got a 1cc clear on normal mode.

The graphics, audio, and music are all great, and fit together nicely. It has an arcade presentation that I like a lot.

The gameplay itself is easy to learn, but fairly challenging (at least to a SHMUP/Bullet hell novice like myself). I found the laser to be the best weapon, and stockpiled bombs for the bosses... though even then used them sparingly. I had a giant pile by the final fight!

While playing, I had no idea what the energy was for... though I had a vague idea that it might be for powering up the weapons. Based on comments below, looks like that was correct. "Dodge" was also a complete mystery to me, but again, reading other comments below cleared that up.

I never really used the shift key at all. The movement speed was already fairly slow, and if anything I felt like I needed a speed boost key, not one that made me slower.

Anyhow, overall a great submission! One of my favorites for sure, nice work!

Thank for playing, and thank you for the kind words! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

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Thanks so much for playing, and for the thorough feedback! Plenty to think about in there.

I will say that a lot of the complaints about the combat speed and enemy strength probably link back to beat-em-up games in general. That said, there's no reason I need to mimic those games so closely, so it's something I'll think about experimenting with if I make another game in this style.

As for the mana, there is another use beyond healing. Tama has a ranged attack: if you hold the attack button (instead of clicking and releasing to combo) with enough mana available, she'll launch a wave of paint in the direction she's facing.  I had also wanted to include a large-scale area attack (sort of like a "panic" button) but that got cut due to time.

That's a good suggestion on the guard enemies... I'll probably go back and update when I have some time!

Glad you liked the art, that's easily where I spent the most time! I'm also happy that you appreciated the story, even if it's not your thing. Thanks again for playing, and all the great feedback! :)

This was a really cute visual novel! The character artwork was all excellent, and I enjoyed the story. It'll be cool to see what it's like once you get the the additional artwork in. (such as backgrounds)

Nice work!

PS:  I did get an error unzipping the PC version... 2 PNG files weren't able to export. I tried re-downloading, same result. It didn't break the game or anything.

I like rhythm games... but I'm also pretty terrible at them! Despite that, I made it through the two stages that seemed to be available. (Only 2 stars lit up for me)

I liked the variety of notes that you had to pay attention to. They came pretty fast on the second level, but as I practiced it went from seeming impossible to doable. I'm not sure how I felt about the different colors "maxing" out at then needing to be cleared. The controls for the diamond were hard to use on my keyboard, which made that basically impossible to do. Based on other comments, they may be setup for another type of keyboard.  In the end, I beat it without using that feature at all.

Nice work! I hope you add more stages, and maybe customizable controls!

Thanks so much for playing! Really glad you enjoyed it. :)

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Madoka Magica was definitely a big influence, along with Yuki Yuna is a Hero and Sailor Moon. The Persona game series is also a pretty big inspiration for these.

I'm intending to eventually release a series of longer games that will reveal much more of the world and lore than I can fit into Jam-sized games. However, there are currently 4 other Jam-sized games in this series on my main page. Of those, June Mejos and the Moonlit Curse probably has the most backstory/lore in it.

Thanks for playing, and thank you so much for the kind words! The art definitely ate the most time, I'm glad that stood out to you!

Ah, a non-video game submission! I won't be able to do a full playtest, but I read through the rules and rolled a random character for fun! I got a cold energy orb shooting, shrinking, dwarf magical girl who wields a staff!

I like this concept- Fallout, but cute! The rules PDF itself is nicely laid out and written (I'm reading the english version) and it seems like it'd be fun. The illustrations are adorable, especially Glimmerdash!

Nice work!

This is a really interesting world you've created! Gives me big Mario 64 vibes, but with a surreal twist that makes the whole thing feel very unique. There's a doll-like appearance to the characters that definitely stands out from other games I've played.

I like the saw mechanic and the platforming challenges, though I did find it fairly difficult. I'm playing on Windows though, so I'm getting the speed issue others are having.

I hope you get the windows version running a little smoother, as I'd like to give it another try at the intended speed!

Thanks so much for playing! Glad you enjoyed the animations, definitely one of my favorite parts to work on... but also the most time consuming.

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This is a very interesting game! I can't say I had any idea what the game was going to be like when I started it, but I was pleasantly surprised! The object manipulation was entertaining, and the final "coding" fight was creative and fun!

The artwork was cute and worked well in the game, and the audio choices were good.

If I had any one complaint it would be "more"! More levels, but also maybe more variety in the item changing puzzles and such. But I'm sure part of that is that it's a jam game, and given more time and development there'd be harder puzzles to come.

Lastly, just a nitpick really, but the magical girl theme seemed fairly light. The Schrödinger's Cat/Superposition theme was well used though!

Nitpicks aside, this is definitely one of the most unique entries I've played... great work!

This was a fun arcade-style highscore game! (I got to 390 pts)

I really liked the artwork! The title screen was great, and the characters and enemies in game were cute. The "arena" could maybe use a little more detail/interest, but I suppose it keeps the action nice and clear.

Mechanics-wise, I liked the upgrades! I'm always a sucker for collecting coins and powering something up. I found the starting fireball to be my favorite weapons, but perhaps the others could be useful with practice.

I'm not quite as big a fan of the uncertainty principle part of the game. I didn't understand what was going on until I went back and read this page. Getting hit randomly doesn't feel great in an action/arcade game that plays around skill. It's an interesting idea, but without a clear way to counter it, it feels unfair.

Overall, I enjoyed this one quite a bit! Nice work!