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Short, but it definitely fits the theme! I like the puzzles that are there, especially the last one as it took me a few tries to figure out how it worked. I'd love to see more stages!

I like the idea! I find that some of the keys aren't super responsive. Not sure if that's just me though. (The first cheat only works erratically for me)

Overall I like it though, nice job!

This is really cool!  I love the game as is, even without any cheating. Great game!

Cool idea! But super hard, haha. I do like that despite the fact it's "cheating", that it's still challenging.

Thank you for playing, and thanks for the feedback! I was worried the windows might be confusing, and you've confirmed that for me!  I'll update the instructions when I have some time.

Thank you very much :)

That's weird :|

I also wonder who downvoted you, and why....  Well, thanks again for playing. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback!

Thanks for playing, and thank you for the feedback! I agree, even as the dev I found myself mostly skipping the ladders.

I'm glad you enjoyed it... also, that may be higher than my highscore!

Thanks for playing! The bounce pads definitely have some issues that could be smoothed out. SecretJuice1 had a good idea, make them jump-key activated rather than automatic. I may try this out and see if it feels better. It would certainly make dropping down to the bottom more viable.

Thanks for playing!

I definitely wish I had more time to refine the gameplay before submitting... You are right that the bounce pad can be super annoying. I do like your suggestion about making it jump activated rather that automatic. I may go back and update that if I have time! Thank you for the feedback :)

Really, really good! My only complaint is that I wish there was more! I love the GFX, the gameplay is great, just awesome overall!

As you mentioned, there are areas it could be polished more, but hey, it's a weekly gamejam... this is top notch work given the time constraints!

Nice! The updated controls work great!

You've created great atmosphere with the audio/visual experience. Really good job!

"X" button is now an option for jumping. Thanks for pointing out my control oversight!

Thanks for checking it out! I'm glad you enjoyed the aesthetic; I hope did it justice, even if I was hoping to do far more with it!

Oh dang! I forgot about Apple mice... I'm such a PC user. We have plenty of Macs at work, I should have thought about that. I'll see about adding a keyboard jump button. I had intended for awkward mouse controls, but that's a little TOO awkward, haha.

Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for playing!

You're welcome! It's a really great game overall. I'll definitely check back when you update. :)

This is really, really good! The art, music, and SFX are all excellent. The core gameplay is very good too, though it took me a minute to realize the "glimmer" sound meant a shadow was being cast.

If I had one critique, it's that I wish jump and interact weren't the same button. I kept accidentally throwing lights instead of jumping. But overall, phenomenal job!!

Thanks for playing! :)

Wayang shadow puppets have very odd and stylized proportions, which I've done my best to capture for this jam. There's a variety for sure, but I have a soft spot for the skinny ones with lots of chiseled details. Admittedly, I had hoped to do a lot more artwork for this game. The solid black platforms in some areas, though not terrible looking, were definitely not part of the original plan. 

As for the bell, yes, the arrows do the damage. (They also break the spinning blades) The damage will only happen if the bell is on-screen, but that could literally be the bottom right corner of the bell. If you are hopping around on the platforms you should be able to see it, but I was afraid that it might be kind of unclear what was happening.

I knew the gameplay would be a little wonky on this one, but thank you for taking the time to play it through regardless!

Thanks for the bug report, this issue should now be corrected. This is what I get for trying to finish up during the wee hours...

Thank you! I have a good idea why this is happening, I'll update that asap.

Hey, thanks for coming back and checking out the update! :)

I indeed have a 103 submission in the works, though it will be much less tight in the gameplay department I'm afraid. It's mostly me messing around with art styles, akin to my 102 submission, "Puddle Jumper". But regardless, I hope you check it out!

Really digging both the visual and audio aesthetics of this one! Great job!

Nice! This update definitely clears up the footprint confusion.

Hmm... was it the shield witch? That's semi-intentional, because she's in no danger. If it was one of the runners, that's a bug for sure! Maybe I'll go ahead and give the shield witch as a freebie too... it's probably confusing as it is now.

That's a great and helpful video you linked, thanks! I think I watched part of it years ago, but I'm glad I watched the whole thing this time. Awesome points in there that'll I'll definitely keep in mind. Actually, this gives me an idea as how to introduce  flying with lower stakes... I was going to call this one final, but I'm feeling one more update!

Thanks for playing! I have some planned updates that will hopefully improve the cars and some sort of notification when you switch to broom mode.

Ooof though, that instruction screen mistake!! Thank you for pointing that out. I think my sleepiness was catching up with me by the time I got to that. That'll be first on my update list, haha.

Nice job! I like graphic look, and the gameplay is pretty fun. I had trouble initially telling what the boss's footprint on the grid was vs the smaller tiles on the map. But I eventually figured it out!

Thank you for playing! :)

Thanks for playing, and thank you even more for the feedback! I'm definitely going to go back and rework the first few cars. Now that the main structure of the game is in place (famous last words incoming) updating those cars should be pretty easy.

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thank you very much! I'm glad you left that comment about the flying part... I was worried that the transition between play-modes could be confusing. I'll see if I can add some sort of tip on screen at that moment. Thanks for playing! :)

Thank you very much! Your critique is spot on... I'll probably go back and update some of the cars when  I have time. I want to keep a learning curve on each car, but right now they are pretty plain. Thanks for playing!

I'm not particularly great at bullet hell, but I made it several stages in. Plenty of cool attack patterns! I like the variety. I found that once I hit the "fireball" stage I got a lot of lag as the bullets were generated. Same on the following missile stage, which is where I finally ran out of health.

Nice job overall! I may give it another try when I have some time.

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing! :) 

Ok, got it this time! Not sure why, but I couldn't get all the ladders to drop last time. Anyway, finished it! Yay!

That's a pretty good idea!  Thanks for the feedback, and thank you for playing! :)

Haha, I'm notoriously bad at old-school adventure games, so perhaps it's just me! I'll give it another whirl when I have some time.

Awesome, I'm excited to see what you expand!

Thank you! I actually only really focused on the art this time. I usually do pixel art as it's a lot faster, and allows me more time to work on game ideas. Also, I have a huge soft spot for pixel art!

I'll probably be returning to pixel art for many of my projects, but I'd expect that I'll play with other art styles from time to time. I'm a bit of a perfectionist though, so I have to be careful working in more detailed styles... I was very close to not posting this one because I'm not super happy with how the art came out.

Nice job! I didn't think the end boss was too difficult, though maybe a little annoying at times. I liked the artwork, especially the cutscenes with the boss, great touch! However, I do agree with the comment about the controls. 

The jump feels floaty and odd, and the attacks aren't very satisfying and feel slow. If this were to be pushed further, those are the #1 things I'd like to see improved. The level probably doesn't need to be as vertical as it is right now. With a smaller and more responsive jump, you could focus more on fighting through the level horizontally. The boss is already on a mostly flat plane, so the huge jump isn't needed there either.

Anyway, I beat and enjoyed it! Your games have tons of potential, keep it up!