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Thanks so much for playing, I'm glad you are enjoying it so far! This is the first time I've included an auto-save system, and it sounds like it's coming in handy. I understand the busyness, almost as soon as this game jam ended my free time disappeared.

Thanks for playing! The art was definitely where I spent the most time on this one.

Your feed back is helpful. In hindsight, I probably should have taken the time to make a true tutorial stage... more than a few players ran into problems/confusion that I hadn't anticipated. 

Really cool game! First off, amazing pixel art... but I'd expect no less from you! The SFX and music are all well chosen, and the game packs a lot of atmosphere and charm.

The mechanic feels very unique. I'm not sure if this is something that's been done before, but haven't played anything quite like it. The built in tutorial works very well, and the difficulty ramps up at a good pace.

Unfortunately, I'm not super good at it... I got stuck on the room with the 3 angled bouncers. I couldn't get the right rhythm going to get up and keep the crystal alive. (Playing at 1am may not be helping either, lol... I'll give it another shot later)

Great work as always!

Thanks so much for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Artwise, I wanted to try something new for this jam! I'm glad you still liked it. I'll likely still be doing pixel art games, but part of the reason I keep jamming is to try new things and see what sticks, before (eventually) embarking on a larger project.

I agree that there are balance issues, and the game can definitely be completed just using basic towers. Though I will say that my favorite build  only deploys 2 attackers, Tama & Paisley, as a tag team. It's OP hehe...  admittedly it takes a little luck on the final level, but I've beaten the whole game with just them. I also agree that the card incorporation ended up being a bit on the light side.

Kudos to Facemelting Solos for the distorting soundtrack, he nailed the vibe I was going for! He made a huge OST for this one, I can't thank him enough!

Thanks again for playing, and all your feedback! I really appreciate it. :)

Well, I was bad at playing this game... but it was still a lot of fun!

The graphics were all good, and the music/SFX worked all worked well enough.

The gameplay was fun, especially as I started better understanding the cards, and how to use them! 

I liked how different each boss felt, it kept the battles fresh each time, while still keeping the core mechanics the same for the player.

I'm not great at these types of games, and I wasn't able to beat any of the bosses... but I'll try and come back and beat them I have more time!

Really nice work!

This TD x Card game is pretty fun! It was clear and easy to play, and controlled well overall. It did seem like the stage was a bit long. I eventually lost when I cranked up the speed, but didn't keep up with the defense to match.

The art is good, and the character sprites in this game are quite adorable!

I'd love to see a story or goal to keep me wanting to play more. This isn't a big issue since it's a jam game... I don't expect a fleshed out world or story, but that is something that would help me want to keep going if this was a full game.

Overall, this is great work! Keep it up. :)

It was short, but interesting!

I liked the graphic style, it felt unique and had a lot of personality. The audio worked well.

The dialogue also had a lot of personality... I've yet to decide if it's my thing or not, but it certainly gave it a specific feel. The end boss dialogue was funny, in a dark way. 

Gameplay-wise, it was solid, but did feel like there's still work to complete. I can see the VN style buttons, but there weren't any choices. The platforming section was fine, but the enemies were fairly simple, and the end boss just stood there and let me shoot him. (Though, perhaps this was intentional?)

Overall it felt like a promising start! I'd be interested to see where this might go. Great work!

Cool, nice to see another tower defense card game!

I liked the overall gameloop... building up the defenses, chasing down the staff when stolen, and drawing/using cards. I also really liked that you could attack yourself!

The overall graphic look is pretty good, and the music fits. More SFX might add to the experience!

It was pretty confusing on my first run, I didn't really understand what to do and kept fighting myself as my cards weren't refreshing. However, that may have been a bug... I did run into quite a few bugs. On my second run, I was able to build up a bunch of defenses, but after the 1st wave my "Draw" timer locked and I couldn't really get new cards (i could use some of the old ones though, even ones that said they were locked). Lucky for me, the defense setup I had made was good enough to carry me to the end.

The balance is probably a bit off, as you mentioned yourself in the comments, but balancing TD is hard... believe me, I know first hand!

I enjoyed my time playing this game! I think with a little bug fixing, polish, and maybe a little expansion (more mechanics, a story, additional unit types) this game will really shine! Awesome work!

This a solid platforming game!

I like the idea of the character, they seem pretty cool and there's a lot of potential for wind-based attacking. I do wish there was some sort of narrative  or at least a basic story/mission, but that's hardly a game-jam requirement.

The artwork, while rough, actually looks pretty nice! I like the overall style and atmosphere. It could probably be cleaned up a bit, but I actually don't mind some of the simplicity, especially the backgrounds.

The gameplay was fine, but it could also probably be improved... tighter controls, more attack options, moves, etcs. The basic enemies were really easy, but the boss crushed me at first! On my second play through I did find a rhythm of jumping and attacking that worked pretty well, but I still just barely defeated it.

From a mashup standpoint, it did feel a little light on the SHMUP elements. I'm not sure the best way to make it feel more SHMUP-y. Maybe faster attacks, more projectiles to dodge as you move through the level? As it stands, I think it's enough to be considered fulfilling the requirements, but it could be pushed further.

Overall, for a first game-jam game, I think this is great work! There's a lot of good stuff here, and tons of potential to expand on. Keep it up!

Thanks for playing, and thank you for the feedback! Those are all great suggestions. I might add some of those if I get around to a major update at some point.  I have a minor post-jam update ready to go, but I'm pretty swamped with life and other projects right now...

It is!

Glad to hear that! I'll certainly give it another play when it's updated. :)

I think I've said this on other games already, but rhythm games are something I wish I knew how to do, so I always appreciate seeing games made in that genre.

As a SHMUP, it's pretty solid. As a rhythm game, it feels a little light currently. I had a lot of trouble really getting "on-beat". The ever-ticking metronome was unfortunately a little monotonous from an audio stand-point. Still, I think the idea overall is very solid. If you could make the shot-timing a little more satisfying, I think this could be really good! Maybe even incorporate some power ups or other bonuses for sequences of well-timed shots!

The story has potential, but seems like a bit of an after thought in this version. Since it's a jam-game, that's understandable, but I do appreciate story & context when playing a games, even short ones.

The graphics are nice and colorful! If I had a critique there, the background is so vibrant that it kind of blends with the enemies and other "active" sprites sometimes, making it a little hard to read the action. But it wasn't so bad that I got into trouble playing or anything.

Overall, I think this is a cool idea with a ton of potential! Great work, I hope you keep working on it!

I've been saving this one, and I finally had a solid bit of time, so I finally gave it a spin... a spin straight to completion!

Short version, probably my favorite game in the series to date!

Good graphics, especially the new character portraits! They are beautiful. It's a shame that they weren't all completed, but I imagine time got tight. What's there is really good though. The music is great as always, and the SFX are all good too.

I was worried going into this one that it'd be too hard. I saw many players saying it was. I'm also not a bullet-hell aficionado. But you know what? The difficultly felt PERFECT to me. I'm not saying that adding an easy-mode so players have options would be a bad thing... but I found the current difficultly just the right balance of challenging and satisfying. I thoroughly enjoyed the current balance.

The gameplay itself took me a minute to understand, but once I did I loved it. I've never played "Shoot the Bullet" so it was all new/fresh feeling to me. The dating VN aspect was all nice. If I had to nitpick anything, I guess maybe a little more work on the writing/dialogue could improve it a little. It wasn't bad or anything, just maybe not as engaging as the gameplay sections. Still, I appreciated all the routes and options. I think Cornelia's was my favorite, from a dating standpoint.

A couple of bugs/issues. During Ophelia's final date scene(I think it was her anyway), Cornelia's name and portrait appeared a couple times, but it didn't seem like it should have been her. That was the only I time I noticed anything like that though.

A very specific bug I found on Firefox: During the tutorial, if I take the first photo in Fullscreen mode, the entire screen gets "locked" into a clear screen of Cornelia and Angelica and the BG, and stays that way until I lose. I can hear the game playing and move around, and get hit. But I can't really play. If I start the tutorial in small-screen, it works fine. After that first photo, going fullscreen also seems fine from that point on. Though I didn't do tons of testing... ultimately I played it on Chrome instead.

Anyhow, this is one of the best games I've played for this jam so far, and definitely my favorite to date of the Tengoku series. Awesome work!

I see you mentioned that this is your first Unity game, and that you were keeping the scope small to ensure a finished project in the end! Joining jams as a learning experience and keeping the scope realistic is both smart and commendable!

The game itself is quite simple, picking cards and hoping that you've chosen well and will overcome the random card the enemy draws. My first attempt was a draw every turn, and my second attempt I won! Gameplay-wise, it feels very luck of the draw currently. It's hard to strategize beyond throwing down your best cards and hoping for good luck. The "Dragon" card seems the least useful in my games, as it can beat any card, but will always be defeated at the same time. The interface is functional, but could use a little pizazz. SFX and/or music could go a long way to enhance the experience too.

Graphically, things are fairly simple. It'd be nice to have more UI, backgrounds, etc. The character art is nice though, and gives a glimpse at what this might look like if the game was expanded and polished.

Overall, it does feel like a prototype... but you've learned new skills and have a final product to show for it, so that's a big win. Keep at it!

Thanks so much for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! The art and polish were definitely where a lot of my time went, so I'm happy that stood out to you! Also, kudos again to Facemelting Solos who killed it with a great music and sound design as always!

You're not the first player to comment on the tower placement. I'd definitely consider some sort of grid/snapping system if make another game in this style going forward.

You however, ARE the first person to note that it's a hand-builder rather than a deck builder. I honestly hadn't even really thought of that, but you are entirely right! I also agree the card aspect is fairly light. I originally had more ideas, but as the jam rolled on I had to simplify aspects and move on... but that definitely weakened the mash-up.

Your feedback is very helpful, thanks again for playing and taking the time to share your thoughts!

Rhythm games are something I've always wanted to try and make, but have no clue how to pull it off.  You've done a pretty good job here!

The gameplay is fun, though fairly simple in execution. I was impressed at how each level introduced a new mechanic that adds something entirely new, but doesn't change the core gameplay and feels nature immediately. Well, mostly anyway.... I like the idea of the third level, but found it really hard to get a good flow going on that one. Pretty impressive nonetheless. (My level scores were C, C and F)

The music is great! I wish there were more SFX other than just the "missed-note" scratch. Maybe glimmers in sync with the music when you hit a note, a light bounce noise for the jumping. These were probably skipped to keep focus on the songs, but it felt like some extra audio feedback could help!

The graphics were also pretty good, especially Melody who is very cute! Much like the audio, I feel like just a few more elements could take this to the next level. Maybe a visualizer built into the level backgrounds that react to the music, or even some additional visual feedback when you bounce and hit notes.

Overall, this is a fun mashup that came together very well. Great work!

Thanks so much for playing, and for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed this one. (Especially after the Camilla Vs incident)

Your UI feedback is helpful. Honestly, changing the card returns speed is insanely easy, I'll play with that when/if I get around to a post-jam patch. Both the balance and game length are probably victims of it being a jam game. I think I've concluded that balance-wise, it's BAD for a full/commercial game, but probably about right for a jam game. I've seen several players lose rounds on stream, and you had a few failed levels, so it's not quite too easy. But if I was to make this a full release, more play testing, balance, and variety in enemies/abilities would be a priority for sure.

Story-wise, I see this as a character-intro of sorts. (I actually revealed this character, in full, on my twitter almost 2 years ago. Lucky for me my posts aren't popular) So in that sense, I didn't want the story to be too long. But I can't deny that part of it was just the jam-time restrictions. As the clock ticked down, and there were still piles of art to draw, I simply couldn't add any more stages... and I didn't want the exposition to stage ratio to get too out of balance.

And now a very specific response: "Does that ever get stressful?"

YES. I have no idea where to go with this next, though I'll probably think of something. But it's definitely a ton of work, and this month-jams turn into a sort of obsession. Probably the most unhealthy aspect is that as the clock ticks down, I find myself having trouble sleeping because I'll lay awake stressing over the goals I've yet to hit: Stages, story, and most commonly, art assets. I haven't really found a good solution to this problem, because I really love MGGJ, and I also don't see myself scaling back (unless life/work absolutely forces me to)

But lets just say, I'm actually looking forward to TwoGoku a lot. No deadlines, no expectations, just something to make that hopefully will be breezy and fun. It'll also be interesting to see how a non-jam game performs. I think that'll be a first for my itch page.

I gave it another play, the music is a great addition!

Fair enough, hehe. TBH, it's not a genre I have a ton of experience or skill at myself. Plants vs Zombies was my main inspiration, and the only tower defense game I've ever played. (Well, I guess the Fort Condor mini-game in Final Fantasy 7 too... but I usually just let the enemies reach my party and did a normal RPG battle instead of the Tower Defense game...)

Sorry to hear that! I suppose a tutorial mode might have been helpful... Alice's dialogue clearly isn't enough.

It's tower defense at it's core, so you need to place units (towers or magical girls) by dragging cards to the map. You can also use a variety of other cards to buff units, or cast a few other effects such as heal or a special attack. (You can change the deck at the table in the bedroom)

The main problem I've seen some players run into is that you need to generate enough energy to keep casting cards... it's best to start by placing a few glamour-source units first. (These are the "glamour spring," "glamour fountain", and "glamour well" cards.) Without a sustained energy gain to power additional card usage, you'll quickly get overrun by enemies.

Anyway, your feedback has been helpful actually...  I should probably add a tutorial stage that better explains how to play.

Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Shout out to the composer, Facemelting Solos, who always does amazing work. He went above and beyond on this soundtrack. 

This is a cool concept, and with a little polishing/iterating I think it could be really great!

The pixel art is good, and the audio all works well. While it doesn't seem super deep, I appreciate having the short intro story to set the stage! That always works better for me than just a "start" button and then fighting. I especially liked the "comic-style" presentation.

The gameplay itself is pretty hard. i had trouble keeping track of my spells and shuffling fast enough, especially when dodging/avoiding got more complicated. That said, some of this may be on me. I'll probably give it a few more rounds later and see if I can't push further. But I do think the gameplay feels like it needs just a little something else as it currently stands... I'm not exactly sure what, but something to smooth out the main loop of avoid/attack.

I encountered a bug that tripped me up on the third battle screen (i had gotten the "jump" card"). An enemy knocked me into the next screen, with the save-point. They then followed me onto that screen. I could walk back to the previous screen, but then I was stuck there, and the enemies didn't follow this time. I could no longer progress and had to restart.

Overall, I think this game has a lot of potential! What's here is already great work, and with some more dev time it could really stand out! Yet another Construct user too! I'm a big fan of Construct :)

Really nice game! Doubly impressive that it was all make in a weekend!

The graphics looked really nice, along with fitting SFX and music that gave it a great classic SNES/Sega Genesis era feel.

The gameplay was pretty good, though it would be nice to have a little more attack variety to spice up the beat-em-up feel. Also, and maybe this is personal preference, but I would have liked to still be able to move while punching. The boss was pretty simple mechanics-wise, but it worked well enough.

Having a story, or a little bit of background scenario or lore would also help pull me in too.

I think most of my critiques are things you might have addressed if you had started earlier in the jam, so this is still an impressive game! Really great work.

Also, a fellow Construct user! High-five!

I'm glad you enjoyed the art, that was probably where 75% of my time went.

You're the second player to note that placement would be better with a grid... I thought I was being clever with the free-placement, but clearly a grid system would be better. Definitely something I'll remember if I try another game like this one.

I think your comments on the mission preview is spot-on... the "difficultly" is more what I imagined it to be when making the level ideas than how they turned out in the end. After the jam period I may go back and update that to instead list some attributes/hints about the level's design.

Thanks so much for playing, and all your feedback!

(1 edit)

I was watching the updates for this one on the MGGJ discord server!

The graphics and audio are what stand out the most to me. It's got a really charming look and feel that I like a lot.

I'm not sure how much of the SHMUP I'm feeling it in currently. I mean, you shoot bubbles, so fair enough... but without dodging or y-axis movement, it doesn't feel very SHMUP-y to me. In fact, adding Y-Axis movement would probably be my biggest suggestion.  Alternately, if you want the character to be constrained to one location (like a platformer) maybe add the ability to jump to dodge things?

There's not a ton of content currently, but with more added I could see this being a really fun game!. Great work!

This was an interesting and surprising game! It's a little rough around the edges for sure... there could be more feedback when attacking enemies, getting damaged, etc. The controls are solid, but don't stand out. The audio all works well enough, but again, there could be a bit more feedback when battling enemies there too.

The graphics are really interesting... feels almost like an Atari game, but as if it came from an alternate universe  where the Atari could pull off more sprites and animation, plus additional special effects.

What really grabbed me were some of the interesting moments through out... spoilers going forward, so if anyone is reading this who hasn't played, maybe stop here...  The story itself felt very abstract, especially with very minimal dialogue. But some scenes really worked well. The crawling in the darkness for instance. Another thing that surprised me was the whole section after what I thought was the end of the game! I had even closed the tab, but when I reloaded it, the game was still at that that moment! Going into a whole new area after that was both surprising and mysterious.

What I like most about this game was the atmosphere and experimental storytelling. I think this has a lot of potential! Great work!

Thanks so much for giving it a play, and your feedback!

If I was to expand this game I'd probably work more on weaknesses/strengths of different enemy units and towers. For instance, the main one currently is that flying enemies are weak, but are speedy and can pass barriers and towers. I've got some ideas in mind, but being a jam I ran out of time unfortunately.

Everyone seems focused on the basic "build energy, use basic tower" strategy which is fine and to be expected... but I promise that there are much stronger deck builds that can be used! There's a Paisley x Tama deck that's nearly unstoppable, and only involves 3 units total on the map. I'm sure with experimentation there are many other strategies that could be deployed too.

As the developer, it's on me that the game doesn't encourage more experimentation... so definitely something I'll have to think about going forward! Thanks again for the feedback, it's very helpful!

This was a cool game! The graphics had a unique style to the that stood out... I especially liked the sketchy illustrations and the "other world" for the SHMUP sections.

This game begs to have some audio, but you did say that was in progress. The actual gameplay was decent, but didn't stand out too much. The platforming was solid, but could use some more fleshed out levels. The SHMUP was a little better, and gave me some really nintendo-era vibes. My only really issue there was that the player hitbox was a little weird. Felt like it might be a little off-center and to the bottom. I died countless times scraping my feet on walls, which did get frustrating.

The ending in the hospital was surprising and pretty memorable! I didn't realize there was another ending before reading a comment below. I went back and checked that one out afterwards. (The hospital ending is my fav though)

Overall this was a unique and interesting game. You called this a demo, so it'll be cool to see you expand it!

Another fun entry in the Song of Morus series!

I continue to enjoy the unique setting & characters of your series, it has a different feel from most of the other games that show up in MGGJ.

You picked a good mashup, with Rhythm being a bit of a challenge to pull off in my opinion. Overall, I think you did it fairly well! Though I did feel like I could get away with spamming attacks sometimes. As always, the bullet hell element is what makes it the most difficult for me. The basic waves are no prob, but as soon as a boss was spitting bullets at me, it got tough. I failed on the second boss. (I'll probably come back and give it a few more tries later!)

This one did feel a little simpler when compared to the one from MGGJ4, but you did say you had less time for this jam. Even so, I think this came out really well! Nice work, looking forward to more of Song's adventures!

This game has such a great Sailor Moon vibe! I really enjoyed the party of characters and 90s magical girl feel.

Graphically, the art was good overall. I really liked the character portraits and full-screen art pages. The sprites were a bit of a mixed bag. A lot of the background elements were pretty good. The characters sprites had personality, but maybe not the fidelity of the rest of the graphics. In fact, my biggest critique about the in-game graphics would probably be that there were a lot of different styles/resolutions mixed together: Cartoon-y outlines on some things, anti-aliasing on other sprites. The fountain during the water creature battle was another good example.. it seemed like low-res pixel art stretched bigger than it should have been, especially compared to the other elements around it. BUT despite those critiques, I do think the game has a pretty good look and feel overall! Making things a little more consistent would just take it to the next level!

Gameplay wise, I thought it all worked well! The combat felt meaningful and strategic, and kept me thinking without being too hard.

I did however run into one probably that has at least temporarily stalled me. This game is decently long, and I had to take a little break. (I was at the Sudoku puzzle) No prob, I had several saves... I was playing in browser, but usually this is fine. Unfortunately, when I try to start the game up again I get an error: "Error - TypeError: Not in fullscreen mode"  I can't even start a new game, as it doesn't get to the title screen at all.

I'll probably need to play in another browser or download the desktop version to continue. I do want to see the full game, but I'll have to come back to it later as I still have many entries to try, but not as much free time as I'd like.

Even with this setback, I enjoyed what I played a lot. I think this is a really good Magical Girl RPG with a lot of content! Great work!

This seems like a really ambitious game! Unfortunately, I found it really difficult. I'd quickly get wrecked in group battles, and aside from carefully hoarding potions and using them at the right time, it didn't feel like there was much I could do strategy-wise. If you are planning to work on this more, beefing up the combat would probably be a top priority!

The graphics are solid, with a good grimy-dungeon feel. The audio was decent from an ambient stand point, but the attacks and enemy comments were a little repetitive.

It'd be nice to add a skip option to the open, for faster replay. I'll probably give this one another try when I have a little more time!

Ok, the aesthetic on this one was really cool... I had no idea was I was getting into when I started it, and it took a few rounds of failure to figure it out, but the audio/visual experience grabbed me immediately. It's got a unique look and feel that really stood out to me.

The gameplay seems fairly simple (bounce on triangles, only go into the eye when it says you can? Did I miss anything?) But despite (or maybe even because of!) the simplicity, I found myself playing quite a few rounds, getting a high score of 545.

From a theme standpoint, I see the platformer (3d platformer), but the beat-em-up element does seem a little light to me. It's just a charging power bar, correct?  But you know what? I feel like the goal of a mash up jam is to get some weird, unique ideas and this definitely succeeded in my eyes, so I won't dwell on the theme thing too much.

Overall, I had I good time playing this, and the audio/visual experience is on of my favorites so far! It'd be cool if you expanded this game and added more content, maybe a goal, levels, story, etc. But as it stands, it's a cool prototype! Great job!

This game has a pretty interesting concept! I like the idea of integrating the visual-novel elements and the platforming together. The platforming itself was a bit clunky, but I was at least able to complete the magical girl stage.  I initially didn't know how to get Esther to wake up... and I'm still not sure I did it right... I ended up dragging her out of bed by picking up her mouse/keyboard and sort of bumping her across the room. She never stood up in her room, but did start talking to me!

The graphics are good, especially the character portraits.  The overall look was charming, with an attractive, clean UI and good font choices. The story was a little short, but it is a jam game, so I won't dwell on that.

From a theme perspective, it seems a little light on the Ren'ai element.  It seems more focused on visual novel x platformer. I wasn't able to find the romance route, though that might be on me.  Still, for a Ren'ai game, romance probably should be fairly prominent.

Critiques aside, I did enjoy playing this! It seems like it has a lot of potential for expansion too, if you are planning on continuing work on it. I hope you will!

This is a really fun concept! Honestly, I LOVE the idea of a city full of condiment or even food themes heroes and villains. The graphics are good, and I especially liked the portrait of the main character, very cute!

Gameplay-wise, the gravity was way too strong on the jump. I did manage to beat the game, but that jump really was a struggle to use.

The mash-up probably could have been a little stronger. I didn't really get a lot of beat-em-up vibe from the gameplay. I'm not a huge expert, but there tends to be a little more back-and-forth in beat-em-ups, with tankier enemies and slower combat.

Overall, there was a lot to like about this game despite my issues. I'd love to see you continue it post-jam. Maybe even just drop the beat-em-up part then and go full-in on a platformer!

Well, the title of the game says it all... clearly it's not finished.

That said, I really like the artwork! I'd love to see the alpha, or beta, or even finished version of the game with more of this art. Keep it up!

This was a good use of the Card x Turn base combo. The combat really did feel like a card game, and it worked pretty well over all! A couple of the battles dragged a bit long (the scientist in particular) but generally there was a pretty good balance that kept me on my toes, while still feeling like victory was close at hand!

The story was fun, if a little fast... but hey, it's a jam game. I'm not expecting JRPG length or anything. I did enjoy the ending.

Nice work!

Really fun! I'll admit I'm pretty bad at bullet-hell style games, so I found it pretty tough! The shear volume of my own shots made it hard for me to see incoming attacks. I still made it quite a few rounds in though, thanks to the powerful attacks. I eventually lost when I accidentally made my deck setup worse, whoops!

The graphics look nice and the audio is good as well! It's a well made game that's fun to play.  I'd love a story or other goal to keep me wanting to push further, but as it stands it's still a lot of fun. Great work!

I agree that balance is one of the biggest issues for sure... I was afraid it would be way too easy, and maybe it is. But on the other hand, I watched it streamed on discord, and that player struggled quite a bit at times, with many defeats. It may depend on one's experience with the genre.  I definitely agree that more variety/strengths/weakness could help a lot... I had some ideas I wanted to add, but the end boss mechanic was the only one that made it in. I was afraid of introducing bugs in the 11th hour and played it safe...

Speed is something I could definitely consider changing. I guess I defaulted to "fast paced" because it's a jam game, but so far it does seem like a slower pace might be welcome. Probably wouldn't be hard to implement either.

I'll consider your thoughts on the theming as well, though I make no promises haha... at the very least, 2Goku will probably be an action-fantasy lark.

Thanks so much for playing, and all your helpful feedback!

Hi all! My latest game, "Alice's Awakening" has been released! It's free and play-in-browser, with a desktop build coming soon:

This game was created for Magical Girl Game Jam 5, which was a genre mash-up jam. I chose the genres Tower Defense X Card.  As the heroine Alice, build a deck of Magic Cards and deploy them on the battlefield to hold off the encroaching darkness that threatens Basin Lake City. Help Alice uncover the truth behind mysterious events that begin to unfold as she struggles to protect the city.

Featuring 6 stages, hand drawn art and animation, and an original soundtrack by the amazing Facemelting Solos (@Facemeltingsolo on twitter), this game consumed any and all free time I had over the last month. Please check it out, and I hope you enjoy!

For additional game in this series, visit the main collection:

Alice's Awakening Trailer: