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Ok, I got all the endings! I got the Sweet ending next, then went back and got all the bad ones ^^;;

Hoping you make another in the series!

Ah, good old MGGj1! Glad people are still enjoying this one. I feel like there's plenty I could improve on it, but I'm still happy with it overall. Music is by the amazing Facemelting Solos who has composed for many of games. Very talented musician!

Thanks so much for playing!

Had a blast! Looking forward to seeing you continue this.

Well, I only got a dead ending so far, but I'll definitely be back to play the rest! (Last minute game playing and all... it's been a busy month) Really liked it so far!

I'm starting to feel like we may see a jelly donut in 2Goku...

This is a pretty ambitious project! I enjoyed it overall, the mix of 2d and 3d was nice, and flying through the city on rails was cool as heck! The gameplay itself was pretty hard... targeting enemies was tough, and sometimes the on-rails camera movement would through me off.

Still, really cool game and I appreciate that you can continue after being defeated! Great work!

Thanks so much for playing! Chaining is important if you are going for a highscore, as it boost points a lot during the "wave" phases. Other players have found that speed-running by pounding single enemies at a time is a strategy they prefer, so I may add a timer in an update for speed runners. But there's no wrong way to play!

Really nice, polished platformer. The art was charming and well done, both the portraits and the pixel art. It was short, but hey, it's a jam! I actually appreciated the length, as my time has been really tight the past month. I could see this being expanded into a full game!

Ok, that was charming as hell. I didn't know what to expect going in, but I was thoroughly entertained. Love the hand-drawn art, and the story was cute and great length for a jam game.  I enjoyed the variety of gameplay too. The gameplay itself maybe could be improved, and the dialogue probably could use another pass to kick it up a notch.

But despite those criticisms I still really had a great time play. One of my favorites so far!

Super stylish and incredibly impressive for a one month jam! Absolutely love the aesthetic. The gameplay's excellent too. While I'm sure it could be tightened up a bit from where it currently is, it's still fun and engaging as is.

What can I say other than stellar work!

I had a good time playing this! The characters are cute, and the gameplay is challenging but mostly fair. I say mostly because I do think the movement is a little too sensitive and slippery currently.

The music is good, and the 2D/3D look works really well!

Great work!

Thanks so much for playing!

I'm actually think of adding a level time aspect to the game, so that mashing is valid gameplay tactic! Not that it's invalid now, but it does result in a much lower score... but adding time could give it a place as clear speed-running tactic.

I appreciate your feedback! And full disclosure, I've never played a Touhou game either, so this is my best outsider imitation, haha!

Thanks so much for playing! I'm happy you enjoyed my gameplay experiment... while making it I wasn't sure it was going to work, but more players seem to like it than not.

1 continue seems fine hehe. But when I update it with all the stages, you might need more!

Nice, it did load this time! Thanks for giving it another spin, and I'm glad you enjoyed the updates!

Thanks for playing, and making a video! <3

Thanks for playing!

In hindsight I did enjoy blasting thru enemies with an overpowered maid. I guess it doesn't need to be super-balanced to be a lot of fun!

Super fun, looks great, sounds great. I could nitpick this or that, but really, what's the point? I loved it.

I actually found it fairly challenging on Normal for my first play through, but after reading comments and seeing other strategies, Hard mode was a breeze. It does seem that focusing on leveling one character is way more important than balancing the different characters currently. The "Mother of all Omelet" could be game breaking depending on RNG. Some rounds I'd get it 5 times in a row, others it'd take forever to come.

I said I wouldn't nitpick but I guess I just did. Balance is probably the one thing that needs some work, as others have stated. But this is probably in the running for the title of best Tengoku game to date. Still not sure if I like it better than 2.5, but it's probably neck and neck now that I've played it through!

Thank you so much for playing, and all your kind words! I'm really glad to see that people are finding it enjoyable! I was pretty worried while I was building it hehe.

Your speedrun strat is definitely a good one, though it'll lead to a lower score! But maybe I should track time too, so players have different goals to shoot for. Thanks again for playing, I'm going to try hard to get another build out by the end of Devtober!

Thanks so much for playing, and your feedback! I agree, the energy pickups need a re-do to make them stand out more.

As for the stage 2 BG, I struggled with that one due to time constraints. I actually threw out 2 previous versions that were too busy, and finally smashed that together just to get something done in time. I'll rework it for the Devtober update!

Thanks for playing, and your feedback! I really appreciate it. Slow-motion might be a worthwhile power to consider, as I'm planning to add more than just "Void" and "Heal".

Thanks so much for playing, and I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I got that second boss in by the skin of my teeth hehe... it was a tight jam for me.

I'm hoping to add a few more player powers in the Devtober update, a shield of some kind is definitely a good idea!

Thanks so much for playing! I'm working to make my games more accessible, and I'm glad you were able to enjoy this one. (I'm not very good at bullet hell games myself XD )

Hoping to expand and finish this game during Devtober! We'll see what life throws at me though.

Thanks so much for playing! I do have a fullscreen option, press "U" on the keyboard at any time and it should toggle between full and windowed.

That said, I guess there's no reason I can't also turn on the itch button too. XD   I'll do that now.

Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked the eyes, crunched that boss into the last day or so of development, haha. This was a very busy jam for me outside of gamedev....

While the controls are very much geared toward mouse/keyboard, I might play around with gamepad support and see if it's fun to use or not. Thanks for playing, and the suggestion/feedback!

Thanks for playing, and your feedback! The shift key slows the player's movement, to help with precision dodging when there's a dense bullet field. Keeping the gameplay fresh as I expand this will be a challenge, but I'll see what I can do!

Thanks so much! I hope you'll be back for the updates, tentatively next month during Devtober!

Congrats! And thanks so much for playing :)

Yes, both paid and free assets are allowed in this jam. So long as you aren't using anything you don't have the rights to, it should be fine. When you submit the survey will ask about this, so just mention that you used stock assets.

Happy Birthday Dave! Hope you have a great day :D

Thank you so much for playing! Glad you liked the animations... I was experimenting with a lower-res sprite style to see if it'd be faster to work with. Still not sure if it is, but I'm happy with how it came out overall.

This release is keyboard only right now, but I do have gamepad support in an update that I've been working on. Unfortunately, I've been incredibly busy and haven't been able to finish it yet... but hoping to get that out sooner than later.

Ah! I solved the mystery... I was playing it on my 4K monitor, which is set to the windows default 150% scaling. If I play it on my 1080p monitor, it looks correct.

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Nice to see a new game from you!

Simple but fun concept that starts easy, but really ramps up as it goes on. Lovely pixel art, as usual. I wish there was a fullscreen mode... I played the web version, didn't see the option.

Great work!

Edit: After looking at your screenshots again, is the Web version supposed to look like this? (The grey box) It looks this way for me on Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. (All PC) Enemies and objects all appear within this grey area, so it's part of the playfield.

Thanks so much for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

First, thanks so much for playing! And congrats on getting all the evidence. :)

I agree it's a bit too easy, but it was made for a game jam, so I leaned towards making it accessible. I'll definitely work on balance and challenge if I work on a larger game in this style. (TBD)

As for your question about the ending... yes, there are two main endings! To get the "true" ending, try finding a different way to defeat the final boss. Thanks again for checking out my game, and leaving your feedback! I appreciate it.

Thanks so much for playing, and making a video! I really appreciate it! :)

Thanks much for playing, and leaving a comment! I really appreciate it :)

Just a small thought on the collectibles... maybe if score numbers popped up while grabbing them it'd be a little more clear what they are? I wasn't sure if they were suppose to heal you, give you shield power back, or just score. Seeing little numbers popping up as you grab them would give a "score" feel for sure, if that's what you are going for!

As for the final boss arena, I get that it added challenge... it just felt more annoying than fun. I had plenty of challenge from the boss's own attacks. But then again, I'm not a bullet hell connoisseur really, so maybe I'm not the right judge. Either way, I managed to win on "normal" so the overall difficult is probably fine.

I wasn't able to play as much as I wanted due to my schedule currently, but I did get in a good chunk of time. I enjoyed that the main characters were all working adults... that's something you rarely see in the genre. There were a nice variety of characters, though it seemed like the portraits were based off the same template, which stood out to me as the faces changed back and forth, and yet still matched a little too much.

It seemed like there was a good variety of gameplay... battle, story, exploring areas, investigation. I wish I had time to try more, but what I did play was good!

One other nitpick I have is that I found the dialogue font a little tough to read... and considering how much dialogue there is, that was a bit of a problem for me.

Anyway, it's clear you put a lot of time and work into this! Great work, and I'll try to play more when I have time. :)

Awesome game! Not much I can say other than it's super fun and looks, sounds, and plays great!

The intro where all the npcs got knocked out gave me a chuckle, and the transformation sequence was a great touch. Awesome work, definitely one of the best of the jam!