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Cool game! I like the graphics a lot. Has good music and atmosphere, and a decent variety of enemies and areas. Since it's a demo, I imagine there's even more planned!

My biggest critique would be the combat feels a little unsatisfying at the moment. Maybe more impact or variety to the weapon. The first boss was tough, but when I figured out a good strategy to beat it, it didn't feel as good as it should have.

Nice work, keep it up!

Nice start! I'll definitely keep an eye on this. As you mentioned, it's still in an early stage of development so I'll have to see more before I can give a lot of feedback.

So far, I like the graphics! The enemy sprites look nice, I like the cat theme. I kind of want to see the slime be cat-themed too! Maybe ears and face?

The music is pretty good! I liked the track in the Abandoned Mine the best! I'll have to try out Labchirp. The sfx sound like a step up from the Bfxr stuff I end up making.

Nice work, looking forward to the next version!

Nice work! I like these kind of puzzle games, and this is a solid example of the genre. The graphics look nice, and are easy to read. The sound and music work well enough. The puzzles have a good difficulty curve. That last one took me awhile!

Nice work! One of my favorite submissions so far. The artwork is great, I for one really liked the bold color choices. It's busy, but despite that I never had any trouble identifying threats, items, etc.

It did get very difficult pretty quick, but I'm no expert shmup player. Being able to continue helped me keep pushing forward. My best score was 125 on wave 10.

The only thing I didn't like was the music, it was a little too repetitive and simple for the amount of time I had to listen to it. But a minor complaint on an otherwise excellent game!

Ok, when I hit the first guy with the umbrella, I nearly LOLed!

It's a fun concept! I think it desperately needs a score counter to add a sense of progression or goal. The attack is silly fun, but I kind of wish it was a button instead of turning left and right. That does add a level of timing/strategy, but I can't say it felt great. I liked the rain SFX. The hit SFX worked, but could be more intense to add a real feeling of impact. Not sure if you are going for a comedy angle or not, but maybe the guys flying away could let out a scream that fades as they fly off?

Last nitpick, I promise... I noticed white fringing around the sprite and some of the BG buildings. Cleaning that up would make it look more crisp and stylized.

I saw in your write up that this is your first game! Please don't take my comments above too harshly, this is quite good for a first effort. Keep at it and I expect you'll be making great things soon!

It took me a minute to figure out how to play this one! It's not bad, but feels a little repetitive currently. It's sort of like a tower defense game, but with very limited options on how to defend. The different weapons are stronger or weaker, but ultimately feel very similar. Dragging the enemy close was cool, but felt like it led to taking a lot of damage.

One other nitpick, I wish the upgrade screen would freeze time. The enemy seemed to appear right on top of that screen and begin to advance and attack!

The artwork was nice, and the sound design works well enough! Wave 9 was the furthest I made it. With a little added variety/strategy, this could be really great! Nice work.

Thanks for playing! :)

I'll take this as a vote in the "tone down the boss" camp?  Consensus seems to be going in that direction. Thank you for you feedback!

Thank you very much! As it's a (slow) ongoing project, I'll try to address difficulty balance in a future update. The consensus seemed to be that it's a bit too hard right now.

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that... the link is currently locked and wants me to request access. Not sure if that was your intention... I've been running into this a lot at work and online. Google changed a setting and I think it defaults to locked files now.

Well, Construct is waaaaay easier than actual programming. For me that's a plus, but not sure if that's your cup of tea. It's an event-based system. I discovered Construct 2 when I was finding tools for a game-dev class that I taught for a few of years. What I love about it is though it's very easy to use and learn, you quickly run into all the same problems that you would in programming. It's really good for teaching students (high schoolers in this case) the core concepts of programming, without getting lost in syntax.

I ultimately found it was perfect for me too! I prefer art, game design, etc over raw coding. This scratches my coding itch JUST enough without frustrating me.

That said, I use Construct 2 currently, which is going off the market very soon. They've had Construct 3 for awhile, and are switching full focus to that. Unfortunately, it's software-as-a-service vs the one payment for C2. C3 looks really great, but for now I'm holding out. (That may change eventually, I just am not a fan of rental software... urgh.)

I liked what I saw overall! Unfortunately, it ran very poorly on the laptop I play most game-jam games on.  I somehow made it to the end though and even got a decent score, based on the comment I saw below.

I wish it ran better for me, but seems like solid work. Keep it up!

Nice game! Qbasic is where I got my programming start, so this really intrigued me! I mostly made Kingdom of Kroz and ZZT wannabes, and only dabbled any sprite-based graphics. I eventually defected to art over programming, but my background in Basic helped a lot with using programs like DarkBasic Professional, and even engines like Construct (my current fav).

Anyhow, it was a fun space shooter! I found the enemies were super-tough, and it was quite hard overall. There seemed to be a random element to how soon the "boss" arrived. Sometimes I'd see the larger ships first, others times not at all. It seemed really hard to avoid the boss's attack. However, I did manage to beat it after 5-6 tries! I kept coming back, definitely enjoyable.

One other thing I'd like to see improved if you're continuing this project would be more feedback/satisfaction for destroying enemies. They just sort of disappear right now (i think?), it didn't feel as good as it probably should.

Really good overall though, and one of my favorites in the jam. I know it's a small jam, but really I did enjoy this one! Keep it up!

Nice short little game! It wasn't bad on a keyboard, but I do wonder if it feels better on Android. I'm a flip-phone using Luddite, so I guess I'll never know, haha.

I do think the speed on the text reveals could be a little faster. If this was coupled with a larger story, and a little more variety, it could be pretty interesting. Almost like a visual novel or text adventure, but with a more active core game loop.

I also would have loved it if the "wrong ports" gave weird or awkward responses, as if your private message hit some confused other person. (I tried a few, and as far as I could see, it just resets you)

Good work!

I think my favorite part of text adventures is the amount of imagination they invoke. Something about testing commands, reading the short descriptions and response really gets my imagination flowing, unlike, say, a long winded visual novel or even a book. Not that those are bad (I like visual novels in general, and books are fine) but they often tell or show too much for the same level of personal interpretation. 

What I played through was interesting! SPOILERS ------ You are warned, stop here  ------- I got as far as holding the little man, but couldn't really figure out how to interact with him from there. I did try to eat him though, with no luck. ^_^;

Nice work! Even if I'm not very good at them, I do enjoy these type of games.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed my intro story experiment. The game is pretty short still, but when I get more time I'm hoping to complete a bigger update with the multiple levels (and save points) that were originally intended. Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for checking out the update! Glad you were able to beat the boss. I'm getting mixed messages on that one, either too easy or too hard. I'll probably rework it a little for the next update.

I think I was actually a little more drained from the Magical Girl Jam then I realized. I did a lot of back-end work this time around, which has built out the framework,  but doesn't seem all that impressive when you play. That kind of work feels a bit less motivating, even though it's important.

Also, this project has a curse, whenever I pick it up, I suddenly get tons of freelance work! Not a bad thing actually, but seeing as I also work a 9-5, this really limits my extra time. (I STILL haven't been able to finish Magia Record ;-; )

Ah well, hope to see you back for V 3.0, when I find the time to make it! Haha.

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it overall! This is an on-going project, so it'll probably continue to receive tweaks and balance as I work on it.

The boss fight is going to be tough, I'll have to keep watching feedback. I've had at least one player think it's too easy. Be sure to pick up the money on the way through the level, and heal up at the vending machine on the far left on the bottom floor before taking on the boss. You'll retry with whatever health you enter the fight with. I'll considering updating this in the future though, maybe a heal boost on each retry.

As for strategy, there are two phases. On the first phase (the small floating warlock) the best strategy is to quickly finish off the 2 crows, as they actually pack a solid punch if you ignore them. After that, the uppercut attack is probably the best against him, though the 3-hit punch combo allows you to briefly hang in the air, and is also effective. If you find health and power running low, the green seals can be destroyed for 1-3 orbs. If you destroy all 4, the boss will respawn them allowing more harvesting. This only works on the 1st phase though.

Once you get the enemy's health to 75%, it'll switch to the 2nd phase. This part needs some work, but there's a simple strategy right now, assuming you can get here with a decent health pool. Just avoid it's volley of ranged attacks, and once it starts to follow you just beat the tar out of it. It's large, so basic attacks should connect easily. It has a "drain" attack, but if you have the health and keep pounding it, you can beat it! That said, next update (it may be a little while) I plan to change the attack pattern a bit. This being a demo, there's just a little story afterwards, and that's about it. I do intend to continue and expand the game though! Once it's long enough, I intend to build in save slots and other helpful things.

Thanks again for your feedback, it's very helpful! :)

Thanks for checking out the update! I agree that the uppercut is probably the most useful attack in this version. I do intend to have ground-type enemies in future levels, so once I get there I'll probably check the balance again.

Great feedback on the boss, thanks! Maybe the first phase needs a steady glow or some other call-out to draw attention. As for the mask phase, definitely needs a rework. It felt too hard at first... but I to discovered toward the end of the jams that just standing slamming attack was the most effective strategy.

All great things to work on for version 3.0, thanks for all the feedback! Now that a lot of the groundwork is in place, I'm hoping I can push a lot further next when I get to the next update. I hope to see you then! :)

Thanks so much for playing! My slow response was due to this also being in the "Improve My Game Jam #9"!

I've attempted to improve the dialogue box and fonts, hopefully it's easier on the eyes now. It's hard to find small fonts that read well...

There is also a new intro story! This is part of a loose "series" so it had no context for a new player. Hopefully this helps! I tried something a little different for the intro. but there is a skip button for players who don't like it, haha. Also, I've added new story screens upon beating the boss.

If you do try it again, let me know what you think! Regardless, thanks for playing, and especially thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it

Thank you so much for playing! Sorry for the slow reply, I was also submitting to "Improve My Game Jam #9"!

In fact, because of the time I've take some of your feedback and included it in the next round of updates! I picked a new sprite font for the dialogue windows, and doubled the opacity of their backgrounds. I hope this improves the overall readability of the text. Additionally, I've added a new story into (tried to make it different that my usual stuff, but not sure if it was a good idea or not. There is a skip button, haha). There's also some additional story upon beating the boss.

If you do try it again, let me know what you think. Either way, thank you so much for playing, and especially for the feedback!

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Thank you very much! I had a great time making it. :)

Now I need to go finish watching Magia Record.... I haven't kept up with any games/anime since this jam started, didn't have the time to do both ;-;

I saw the lets play on twitter and watched it! Thanks for putting that video together... and thanks for running this jam! I had been wanting to do video game with these characters for a while, so when you said you were running a magical girl jam, I couldn't resist.

Facemelting Solos has actually already added the game to their page in a collection!

I've been digging through the woefully lacking FAQs and help pages, but it seems the only way to add a "collaborator" right now is to make them an admin on the project, which then allows full access to upload, delete, basically do anything to the project. It seems devs have been asking for better (or any) options to fine-tune this for awhile now, but no signs of this to date. :(

I've credited FMS on Youtube, twitter, in-game, and on the page, so for now I think I'd rather keep the admin controls attached to my account, since I'm the core developer. If they ever make that update with more options, I'll definitely come back and revisit this! Something to keep an eye on.

Oh, I didn't know that was a feature! I'll have to check that out, thanks!

I can imagine that would be difficult! I only speak/write a single language unfortunately. (Apologies to my language teachers in high school and middle school ;-; )

My first thought would be to team up with someone who can translate your writing. This would allow you to write the text and dialogue in your native language, and then let someone take care of making it smooth in another language.

If that's not an option, then I'd suggest using something like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. I actually do this all the time. English is my native language, but I'm no master writer. While using Google Docs or Word won't make things perfect, they'll at least perform a basic spelling and grammar check. I do all my writing in one of those programs, and then copy/paste it into the game engine.

I hope that's helpful to you! Keep up the good work. :)

Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Hoping to do more in this setting, when time allows.

Always nice to see more Azumi!

Solid endless runner, the suffering is real...

Thank you for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!  :)

Thank you so much for playing! I'm really glad you liked the end fight... it's something I concepted very early on, before much of the rest of the game. It was one of my driving forces to finish the whole thing, as I didn't want that end stage idea to go to waste, but didn't want it to appear without any context either!

I have a lot of other ideas to explore in this setting... but going to take a little breather and work on a "smaller" project for a little bit, hehe.

That was fun! It was challenging at first, but I got the hang of it. The last level ended up being the hardest for me by far.

The GFX look quite nice, and the audio all works very well. The stalking invisible monster is an effective horror enemy, and fits the theme perfectly.

I didn't end up really pushing or pulling items, beyond ramming through them if they were in the way. The traps didn't seem too useful or dangerous, so I ended up ignoring them for the most part.

Also, a small thing, but each level starts saying bullets x1, but I assume that's actually 10, as it then goes to 9. This confused me for a moment.

Great work!

It's funny that you say that! I was looking for exactly that sort of jam myself, and I found this one that's starting a in few days:

The only theme is to finish or at least continue work on an ongoing project! I have a Devtober project that has been ignored for months now, so I'm going to use this jam to try and finish it! :)

It went pretty well for me! I more or less finished early, with a couple of days to do some promo art, cleanup, and prep the game page! (Usually I do all that stuff at 3am the night it's due...)  Having Facemelting Solos handle the sound design and create original music took a huge load off too, and also really boosted the quality of the final game. I think my wife is glad this is over though, as I pretty much locked down in front of my computer for 2 weeks. Thank goodness she had FF7R and Animal Crossing to play in the meantime, hehe.

The only downside is now I have the post jam  blues... not sure what to work on next. Still feeling pretty motivated, but I really like the community of a jam to keep me hyped.

How's everyone else feeling? I saw I lot of really good entries! Everyone that made it to the finish line should be proud!

Interesting visual novel! The character art is pretty good, and the setting is unique from most of the other entries I've played. I'm not usually a big fan of photo BGs in visual novels, but it actually worked well here to give it a specific atmosphere.

The part where they were playing Quake in CompSci class amused me in particular... when I was in high school, I was part of the computer club, and we installed Quake on all the computers. Our club was disbanded when the CompSci classes found it (despite our hiding it in system folders) and started death-matching in the middle of class. I think our club lasted a whole 3 weeks.

Anyway, nice work! Glad you were able to get this into the jam.

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This is a pretty polished looking entry! I did see that you used asset-store elements, but that's within the jam rules. Some art worked better than others (the story BGs vs the blander battlefield).

The combat was solid, though I admit, I gave up on the final fight. I felt like I was doing everything the game taught me, but still losing. I got really close, like a tick away from winning... but still lost. I just couldn't fight it again. :(  (This was after quite a few attempts...)

Overall, really nice work!

Nice work! This is a solid entry that with some polish could be really good! I've said it before on other entries, but I always appreciate original artwork in RPGmaker games. It really makes them stand out. I didn't even mind the battles with what appeared to be concept art. It seems a little unfinished, but I can see the vision of where this could be going.

The gameplay was fine, if a little difficult at first. The boss was way easier for me then the basic demons for some reason. My biggest critique is in the writing. I really like the story itself, but the actually dialogue is a little rough and has typos. I assume this is related to time, as this was a jam, but it stood out to me.

And as others have commented... darn! A cliffhanger! Leaves you wondering whats next. Hopefully you'll be continuing this project!

I have to admit, I'm not too good at games like these. I found it pretty difficult at first. Seems like a solid little shmup. I wasn't aware of Pepper & Carrot, but looks pretty cool after checking it out.

If this were to be expanded, I'd like to see more interesting enemy placement/attacks. The boss was step up from the level. Nice work, keep jammin!

I played the update! Much better now that it's functioning as intended. Getting the other magic spells was a huge help too, made the tougher enemies and the boss much more fun to fight. Great work!

Thanks for playing! :)

I put extra care into June's animations, I'm glad you enjoyed them. Facemelting Solos's sound design is incredible, it was really awesome working with them on this project.

Short but fun! There was a good amount of challenge. I thought for a moment that I wasn't going to make it, but managed to pull through without losing. The premise was funny, I liked it.

Easily the most complete RPGmaker entry I've play so far in this jam. Great work!

Thanks for uploading this! I was curious how your game turned out, but don't have a VR system. Looks cool! Nice work. :)

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you were able to complete the game :)

I hope the end boss wasn't too frustrating. I can beat it with my eyes closed after so much testing. Some players think it's  easy, others hard, so I'm going to assume the balance is OK for now, hehe.

The sound designer on the project, Facemelting Solos, really went above and beyond! The voice clips were a great idea they came up with.