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A jam entry

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Submitted by GeTechGame with 3 hours, 8 minutes before the deadline

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A lot of time.'s page


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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#854.1114.111

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I like liked the depressing graphics that fits the story.

Also I died of suicide almost straight away :-|


The sprites could use some work, because though I understand the struggle to do art in such a low rez, I couldn't really figure out what is what. Also, the movement can be a bit slow especially when you are inspecting a room. The story was quite good, but I couldn't tell exactly what I was doing, so I only got the gist of it. With some better art, this could be a good point&click title, with a nice story. You have got the main programming done, now it's just a matter of expanding on it!

html5 games dont run for me, why?


It should work, I just found a bug with sound in the html5 build. What does not work for you?


I didn't realise for quite a while that the "hand" icon actually _is_ a hand, so I couldn't do anything. Once I'd worked that out, it helped. I don't understand the gramophone, though; I can put records on it, but then interacting with it just takes them back off again. The game kinda illustrates ennui and loss through actually making the player experience them, which is a technique I can't decide whether I like or not. The graphics for the rooms are nicely implemented; objects not quite so much (I had no idea the records _were_ records until I worked out I could put them on the gramophone, and the dog is... kinda representative of a dog. But when you've only got 15 pixels or so that's probably the best that's doable!)


I found a bug, why there is no sound. I can only make a build for the desktop.


I just added the desktop, just in case, try it.


I can confirm that the gramophone now plays sounds in the Linux desktop build. :)


This was really lovely, if a little short. It took a few seconds to work out what everything was, but even without text, it was fairly intuitive to work things out. Not really sure how to activate the gramophone if it is actually activatable though - the only music I heard was at the very end of the game, and it seemed the same whether I finished the game with a record in the gramophone or with none in it at all.

Really pleasant experience though.


Did you interact with the chest of drawers? It should have records for it.


Yeah, I found the three records. However, I couldn't get them to play - I could interact with the gramophone with a record equipped and it would insert it into it, but then the only actions I could find to perform were ejecting it again or replacing it with a different one. Is there a way to hit play on it to play the equipped record?


Try the desktop version.


The game is very short, but really "touching the soul". How did you came to the idea?

Developer (1 edit)

I have long wanted to make a similar game. Due to a lack of knowledge, I created the game for a long time, and the Internet did not work for a while, and I did not have the opportunity to find an answer to the mistakes. The idea of the game is part of my dream, but a bad dream, so there is plenty of time, and you can do whatever you want, and I wanted to show you that if there is much time, but there is no one, you will either kill yourself or regret it. But still I decided to lay out the game so that the forces that I invested did not disappear, there must also be at least 3 finals or even more. But I was able to make 2 final, I can finish it after jam. (And I have a bad English, forgive me for my google translator :))