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Lovers that Stream!

A topic by josefnpat created Feb 07, 2017 Views: 730 Replies: 8
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So, I usually love streaming when doing gamejams, I was wondering if anyone else plans on streaming?

Even if we already follow each other, post, so we can all follow each other!

You can find me here!


I was actually planning to stream it which will be a first for me.

I still have nothing properly setup or tested so it will be probably a bit rocky.

I usually end up streaming as well, or well the last time I did a jam I ended up streaming, so planning on it for this one as well!

Nonsense will be visible here!

Yep probably going to be my first time streaming a game jam too. Looking forward to seeing everybody else stream too! Good luck!

Jam HostSubmitted

I'm streaming right now! Woo!

I'll be streaming as well!


I've started streaming. FYI I'm in Europe.


hello! :D
I'm streaming too, from brazil.

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I hope I will be able to stream from my laptop. I'm from Romania.