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Toxic Fuerer

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Amazing game. Love the art style. Highly recommend this game.

One Game Jam community · Created a new topic One Game Idea

Post your idea for what the game idea should be down below!

Alpha Jam 2017 community · Created a new topic Teams?
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This would be my first game jam working with a team, and I thought it would be fun. I have some general experience in unity3D and unity2D along with some C# and MagicaVoxel skills. I am pretty flexible on ideas and basically everything else. Although this jam is taking place on school days for me, so I would not be able to work on the game full time...

Thanks for reading, hope to get in contact soon with anybody who is interested

It totally would! Thanks for asking, and sorry I was late to respond.

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Who else is going to be streaming? We love it when people stream their development; its often entertaining and educational, and your viewers can help you through twitch chat! Post if your going to be streaming here and put up where; and this way everybody can find and watch you!

Hello, I am exited to maybe join a team or partner up with somebody for this jam. I realize this jam is very long, so I figured it would not hurt to team up with somebody. I have most of my experience in 3D but could do 2D, and I can do some voxel art + maybe some low poly graphics. I use Unity 5.5.0, MagicaVoxel, Blender, and Mono-develop with C#. I I'm interested in anybody from programmer, sound designer, music composer, graphic designer, and voice actor/actress. Sadly I do not have any of my work up on the internet at this moment, but will soon and if we get in contact then I can show some. Thanks for reading and hope to get working with somebody in the future!

Same with me, no skill whatsoever in art assets. But I can do some voxel art and general low poly graphics... tell me the best way to get in contact and we will be on our way!

Hello, I took a look at your games and saw that I am around the same level/skill of Unity c# programming. It would be cool to work with you! Sadly I do not have any of my work up on the internet, but soon I will. If we were to team in this jam it would be a little hard because of the time zones (I live in West U.S.A timezone) and because my wifi is super slow up here in the mountains, plus a lot of school... respond if you want to work together!

Wow your an amazing artist. Really impressed. It would be cool to put forth some of this art into a game! Keep up the work.

I checked out your work, and its amazing! Keep it up!

Yeah I probably will... and thanks for responding :)

Crap I was justing looking through the main page of this Jam a little bit more and realized my game has to be made in the Love engine. I thought at first it just meant that you had to put some developer love into it. Im using Unity 5 and I've been working day and night for this jam. Guess I can't enter lol...

Yep probably going to be my first time streaming a game jam too. Looking forward to seeing everybody else stream too! Good luck!

Strawberry Jam community · Created a new topic Game Ideas

Anybody know what they are doing? Any ideas? Toss them around in the comments

Also I have a couple questions: Exactly what horny do you mean? And how long is this jam?

Thanks very much for telling your story... I love the way how the drawing were put together.

the end is near jam community · Created a new topic Team

I've joined this jam, and I want to do it with a team/partner. Iv'e participated in many other game jams, but never with a team. I am fairly new to game development, and im using Unity 5 and C##. An artist, fellow programmer, or graphic designer would be awesome!

Also pizzasoda99, can you give some more information about this jam? I like the theme, but I still don't know if there is prizes, voting, what were graded on, etc... If you could add some more info, that would be great! Thanks.