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Intermediate Unity programmer (C#) looking for team

A topic by isilviu0 created Mar 02, 2017 Views: 171 Replies: 3
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Just found this Game Jam and would like to participate if there are any teams left that need a programmer.

Got a few unity videos of games I made in the past, a bit out-dated though : channel.

Lastly, I'll be working from home in London.

Hello, I took a look at your games and saw that I am around the same level/skill of Unity c# programming. It would be cool to work with you! Sadly I do not have any of my work up on the internet, but soon I will. If we were to team in this jam it would be a little hard because of the time zones (I live in West U.S.A timezone) and because my wifi is super slow up here in the mountains, plus a lot of school... respond if you want to work together!


Hey, I was busy most of today and might be busy another day or two next week but if you want to try and make a game for fun and gain xp I'm ok with it but just a warning, I can't make any 2D-3D assets, still at stick figurines stage :(

Same with me, no skill whatsoever in art assets. But I can do some voxel art and general low poly graphics... tell me the best way to get in contact and we will be on our way!

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