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A topic by Toxic Fuerer created Jan 28, 2017 Views: 1,201 Replies: 33
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Anybody know what they are doing? Any ideas? Toss them around in the comments

Also I have a couple questions: Exactly what horny do you mean? And how long is this jam?


I'm interpreting horny as "totally in the mood for sex", but it does say that you can interpret it however you like. So if you want to write about antlers, or the horn section of an orchestra, then go for it probably?

As for ideas... I'll get back to you..

Seems like this jam will last 1 month. (Feb.1st - Mar.1st)

Voting category "Stealth" gave me an idea. It's a stealth game and the goal is to collect all your classmate's underwear without them noticing. I've seen enough anime which this can go "horny". If you don't know what I'm talking about, maybe do some research?... Anyway, I don't plan to make this a game. I'm thinking of making something more like HuniePop since it's the only game I've played which can be described as "horny". Multiple girls, dating, time and money management etc.


But with like dinosaurs instead of anime girls right?? :D

Of course ;-)


I'm working on a dating game/rouguelike dungeon crawler hybrid. There are only four characters for the sake of simplicity but this could easily be expanded to include more body types and kinks and identities.

If you treat them well enough when adventuring; talking to them often, asking them if they want to go down to the next level or need to take a break you will be rewarded with some NSFW artwork.

All the dating hybrid games I've seen are puzzle games and you have to just memorize trivial facts about your partner. I like puzzle games but it doesn't really fit the theme??

Trust me, is not that difficult. I'm making an 8 bit visual novel. Sounds bloody brilliant. (sarcasm)


I'm so exited by this game-jam !
Don't know exactly what i will do for now, but one thing is certain : it will be a card game !.. or at least something printable !
One of my main idea for now is a solo card game, but that can change.
Of course the hornie-est of things (like, let's say the representation of sexuality) pose multiple questions, and challenges almost incompatibles with games...
Here are a list of some traps i intend to not-fall in :
- I won't make a game that display sexuality as something where performance is the goal.
- I don't want to make a game that objectify,
- I will try to make something as not hetero-centrist as possible, something where you can choose what-you like, and also pick opportunies that arise...
... or at least i will die trying ^^ !

...Very impatient to see all the things other will do ♥.
Best of inspiration to you all !

I like your goals-to-avoid, I'm going to keep those in mind!

Is there a coder out there that needs a music and art person? Have one of each here looking for a coder.

What will you be making your game with?

Hi, Trikki thanks for the reply. The artist and I are using programs that cater to music and art needs, like Photoshop and a DAW like Logic. As far as game building suites like Unity, we are completely unfamiliar with those programs since it isn't our area of expertise. .

Hey, what kind of a game are you interested in making, and/or what kind of story do you want to tell? I'm a coder and I might be interested in working with you

Hey thanks for asking. Right now we're going the direction of some hot chicks in a Sunset Riders / Contra style run 'n' gun. Without having a coder there we are hugely limited in what is actually possible to do.

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Yeah, that sounds like I'd be interested. Could you DM (@MadRubicant) me on Twitter? I have a ton of stuff to do today but I'll get back to you as soon as I can

Absolutely! At work now, will message you asap.

Anybody got any ideas for a name, my game is about a psycho girl who likes you but you don't like you. Something bad happens at the end, no spoilers apart from that. I have no idea for a name, if you can help me out that would be great thanks.


I want to try my hand at a small little game where you are a male/female succubi that wants to seduce as many people as possible. You choose your targets and you try to get to know what makes them tick by looking around their room for clues and figuring out what their kinks are to maximize success.

I'm think I'm going the route of visual novel/dating sim. It'll probably be based off of a supernatural/paranormal comic series that I've been planning and give me something to do with some the minor characters that don't get much screen time but I'm attached to anyway. I'd like to have the option to be able to pick what gender you want but we'll have see depending on how long it takes me to come up with a decent story without spoiling the main story for my comic.

Thank god I'm not the only one doing a visual novel

I'm doing a dating sim of the main characters from my comic, Terminal Z! There'll be two main routes with a lot of endings (I think a month is a good amount of time for that.) I'm new to making games, and I've done Twine games before, so I thought to keep it simple while I build my skill set. :D The skill I'm gonna focus on developing for this game is pixel art!

If I end up getting bored by a Twine game though or wanting to do something more snazzy, I might make a Ren'Py game instead.


Possibly maybe making a Twine game called Crypt of the Neck Romancer, where you try to survive romantic encounters with various undead fiends while looking for Dracula so that <randomised Dracula pronouns> can suck your blood.

Haha! I love the name. Good luck!!

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I'm planning on making a somewhat niche bondage-y text adventure using either Twine or Inform 7. The main difficulty I'm having right now is in figuring out how to implement a "struggle system" that allows the player to attempt to escape from their binds. I'm leaning more towards Twine as I'm a bit more familiar with that interface, but I7 allows me to do stuff with the player's Inventory, so I'm thinking of going for that. In any case any advice regarding a struggle/escape artist system would be appreciated.


I'm thinking of some kind of energy or will power variable. Something that you can boost by doing certain activities prior to the escape scene and a higher energy score makes it easier to escape.

But in a text adventure format it may be more appropriate to have the player figure out a complicated (but ultimately useless in terms of actual security) lock or series of locks in a limited number if moves, or commands. Perhaps you could even combine the two and a higher energy score gives you a few more command attempts


"Stressed and horny furries get much-needed, individualized relief in space."


I'm hoping that I'll be able to work on a puzzle-platformer involving being captured by aliens and forcibly turned into living latex goo. (But I am currently recovering from major surgery so I might be overly optimistic about my ability to actually do this.)




omg you can't propose a concept like that and then not do it


I'll add it to the list of games I'm planning on making someday. It is long.

I'm going to use the jam as an excuse to learn Twine! Need myself a little project to get back into the swing of things after a period of solo dev hiatus - been too busy designing stuff at work! Thanks for the push to do this! Less a game, more a visual novel. But hey.


I'm going for a Fantastic Voyage/Innerspace/Osmosis Jones style romp through a teenagers body at the height of puberty

May include some metroid references...


thinking of making a first person nipple licking game on an alien planet but

not sure yet


recovering from surgery has taken longer than I was expecting and now my fallback idea is a virtual pet of a crotch that you have to keep stroking and soothing to keep happy (it is called Tamacrotchi)